Talking About It Can Make A Difference

You can impact how your library is funded. Find people in your community and start a conversation. Talk to your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers and people influential in your community.

Talk about your library to:

  • Local government representatives/officials
    • City council members
    • The mayor
    • City department heads
    • Other community officials and representatives
  • County government representatives
  • State government representatives/officials (including the governor, members of the state legislatures and congress, state department heads)
  • Federal government representatives /officials (including your members of the Senate and Congress)
  • Neighbors
  • Co-workers
  • Your local librarians and library board members
  • Business owners and business leaders
  • Friends of the Library group or other library support groups
  • Library board/library board members
  • Chamber of commerce
  • Community leadership organizations

Everyone in your community benefits from the services of your public library. Start a conversation about what matters most to you and your community. Then send a letter or e-mail, make a call, or write an article and send it to the editor of your local paper. Share what your community ‘geeks’ and remind people that the library supports everyone’s passions.