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Due to ProQuest sites and free library edition, I have found many generations of my family and a lot of history in connection with my husband's family and have made many connections to others in the community who are interested in genealogy.


Alternate universes, heroes who die and come back, questionable science, ridiculously convoluted story lines - I can't get enough of it!


To honor my grandmother's passing our family purchased a paddle board. We have taken to many local lakes, ponds, rivers, etc.... My son Bryan who is 4 enjoys riding with my husband or I. Our 12 year old daughter rides it on her own. The funniest passenger is our 9 yr old chihuahua who loves to ride. This is such a fun hobby because you can exercise and see the beauty of the outdoors all at the same time.


Since I was little Wonder Woman has been an inspiration as I've dealt with hardships. I have always found her courage, strength, kindness and grit inspiring. It's been a nickname of mine for years and I sport star/gauntlet tattoos to match hers.


Owned by numerous exotic birds and fascinated by their characteristics and adaptations in the wild. The avian world is incredibly beautiful and complex in nature.


My father, Eldie Taylor, never saw his father nor any relatives on his father's side. After he died, my mother gave me a card his father wrote to his mother, postmarked Bremen, Kentucky. I went there and found Dad had half-brothers and sisters in Nashville. I visited them and discovered our ancestors were in DeKalb County, Tennessee. I went there and talked to several people including DeKalb County Historian Tommy Webb. He got me in touch with another Taylor family researcher, Ardie Taylor of Lisbon, ND and the rest, as they say, is History.


I <3 singing!


Roller Derby taught me how to learn new physical skills, to challenge myself, and exposed me to all manner of new experiences. I made new friends, and thanks to one of our fundraisers I even got to sit in a helicopter cockpit!


We have recently been studying the solar system in science and as usual, I
sought more information. So I kept researching the universe and I got the theory of everything. So I have started another desire for answers and finally I got it parallel universes. Albert Einstein would have been proud . But even though I will still try to answer every question about The Universe and will, get answers. I plan to be a physicist.


I've always loved cartoons, from the time I was a kid to now as an adult. My favorite is Spongebob Squarepants. I guess its just my escape from reality.


I absolutely love history. It was my favorite subject all through my school years, and that hasn't changed going into my late twenties. It is fascinating to me, to know where I came from and where my peers came from. I fully believe in the old adage that those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it. My favorite is American History, but it is all interesting. From the Tower of Babel to the first railroad - amazing things. I find myself fantasizing about what it would have been like to live in those times and see these things being developed and implemented first hand. Geek your history, folks.


I've always loved food. I grew up in an Italian/German family where everyone shared recipes and holidays were a time to share EVERYTHING we loved and try new foods. We were also a very health conscious household so now that I'm ready to start my own family, I've been trying to learn all I can about nutrition that school didn't teach me. The library helps me gain access to so much information and so many different perspectives I might not have been able to afford to read otherwise. I'm living my dream of educating myself since getting another degree just isn't possible.


The first time I heard Paco de Lucia, I was blown away. Floored. Beside myself. I was a guitarist myself of several years, but I simply didn't know that two hands and six strings could create so much intricate sound. Rest his soul, he passed away last year, as did another favorite of mine, Manitas de Plata. If you haven't heard of these two, do yourself a favor and google them. You won't regret it.


When I was around 13 I started to get interested in Liinux. I'm 31 right now, and I'm trying to continue my education so that I can become a Linux System Administrator. I love the concept of a free and open operating system that anybody can change to suit their needs. I encourage all of the younger generation to at least try to use Linux and learn as much as they can about computers and electronics. Most importantly enjoy playing with computers and explore them as much as possible.


I've always loved movies and books bout vampires!


I Love to tell stories, and have my readers feel every emotions possible.


I geek yoga because it has been an amazing vehicle for self growth and personal development. My yoga practice has taught me mastery of my mind AND my body. I've learned to "let go", not sweat the small stuff, not be reactive but rather be responsive. I've gotten calmer, sleep better, stronger, improved my posture, healed my sciatica, recovered 100% after breaking my back snow skiing in 2008, more flexible and have incredible energy, and my balance and core strength have never been better - at the age of 53, and after a lifetime of competitive sports, and an avid exerciser. The PICKAWAY County Library has been an invaluable resource for me, from instructional books, philosophy books, audio tapes, video tapes, relaxing music, and guided meditation tapes. Before I purchase personal yoga resources I first check out at the library and determine if it's a resource I want to own in my yoga geek library : ). Thanks Pickaway County Library.


As a marketing manager, I was asked to put together an event for contest winners. We were going to a sporting event. I enjoyed the process of organizing, managing, and making the experience remarkable for our guests. I was even more excited to see that we had more photos of people enjoying the event elements than of the sporting event. It was then that I was hooked on organizing and planning events.


I love trying new recipes they are usually something sweet, then bring them to work and have my coworkers tell me what they think about them.


The music of J.S. Bach is so inspiring! I was so blessed to visit the church in Eisenach, Germany where Bach was baptized. It was amazing to stand in the church and realize how his music has influenced the entire world!


I enjoy volunteering my services to my community so it will continue to be a special place to raise a family, work, and enjoy recreation in the beautiful natural landscape of Upper Michigan.


I've played piano since I was a little boy I'm 18 now and I've always loved classical music.I've studied all the composers and the music history.I'm now going to school for music performance.


I love Library class because you get to sit down a read in a quiet atmosphere with no work just you and the book.


I am weird, I am not barbie, I am not smart, but I am not dumb either. Your appearance shouldn't matter, It doesn't to me. it matters what you believe of yourself. They only try to bring you down because you're on top. "Learn to love with all your heart and accept the unlovable, for anyone can love a rose, but it takes a great heart to include the thorns"


Last year I started reading more,especially in the winter months. I purchased an old cassette tape from the tv series Beauty and the Beast (1989) and listened to it over and over. I love the way the poetry is read by Ron Perlman, it made me remember the show and why I liked it. The poetry is like music to my ears.


I love to learn, I read a lot of non-fiction, when I have really enjoyed the book I go through the bibliography and order more books on the topic from the web site, then pick them up at my local branch. Usually taking time to wander the stacks, of course!


In March, I will be 62 years young. Last year, I started playing bass, fell absolutely in love with it. I'm basically self taught. Decided to take it to the next level, started lessons Monday with a 35 year veteran bass player - looking forward to the next chapter in my musical journey.


I geek read, I geek books. I remember when I learnt to read... I have been doing it since that moment :) I'm a librarian, too. And my ebook comes with me ever.


There's nothing more empowering than providing a newborn with the best thing mother nature has to offer. Mothers Milk!


Ever since I can remember I have always been fascinated with skulls and bones. It wasn't until I was about ten years old that I started to collect bones and skulls. Just by looking at me you would never even guess.


I Geek Technology and Libraries so much, I am the Technology Coordinator at the Lyons Public Library!


I geek San Antonio history. Few people know San Antonio is the home of Lasik eye surgery, the Palmaz-Shotz heart stent, the personal computer, the Local Area Network, and yes, Picante sauce too.


I don't have a lot of money but do have 6 children and many grandchildren. Since I cannot leave them valuable antiques I decided to make them quilts and other handmade things. Thus they will have the start of a legacy. The Library has a wealth of resources to help me reach my goal of an "antique-worthy" quilt or stitchery for each grandchild or child in my family.


It is such a thrill to me when patrons leave the library knowing more than they did when they walked in. I love helping others learn!


Gardening is cheaper than therapy! I have found that when I am in my garden I can tune out the world and just watch in awe as things I plant grow. Cooking with vegetables and herbs I grow makes it that much more enjoyable!


My father used to tell me about a school he went to for "colored children" only called the Fargo Agricultural School. I researched this school and found out a lot of history about it and my love for history began. The Fargo School is now a museum in Fargo, Arkansas.


I love building everything - all kinds of things: quilts, furniture, chicken houses, dresses, boxes, tent cities, dioramas...

joshua geekscomputers

When I was 5 years old my pap (best grandpap in the world) bought me a computer. I fell in love with computers instantly. I was always tearing them apart and fixing them. When I was 10 I bought myself a laptop. I learned how it worked inside and out. When I was 13 I built myself a computer and started learning how to code. From then I accumulated tons of computer and other equipment. I have thousands of dollars worth of stuff. I am now enrolled at the GCCTC in the Computer Network Technologies class and out of about 30 students I am in 1st place. I plan to become a computer network technician after I graduate.


At a point in my life, I didn't have many friends. I was kind of okay with it, but i wanted to make more, and I didn't have many interests to share with others. This one girl (who is currently my best friend) told me about anime and suggested some to watch, and an entire world opened up to me. Suddenly, I got more into drawing anime and cartoons, I read Japanese styled books called manga, I made more friends, and I got out more than before. I wasn't afraid to express myself before I knew about anime, and I'm so glad that anime has done so much for me.


Ever since I found out about instagram that's all I go on. 24/7 you will find me on Instagram.


I majored in linguistics at my local university, and I fell head-over-heels in love with the rich history that the English language has.


The Miami-Dade Public Library System offers a wide variety or programs and services that are designed to assists our patrons with the tools they need for study, career planning, test preparation, tutoring; the list goes on and on. We have databases available on line free of charge that covers everything from learning a new language to how to fix the brakes on whatever car you own. I geek customer service because it gives me no greater pleasure than to make our patrons aware of these programs and services and see the expressions of surprise and delight on their faces when I share this information.


I have been collecting books for 15 years. Some call me a hoarder of books, some call me a book worm. Books are knowledge and knowledge is power right? I now have over 700 books ranging from new to ancient, medical to novel. Some are from the late 1800's. I am fascinated with every book and the story it has to tell. I just don't understand why more people don't geek books!!


Jeffrey Batt, age 30, became a reenactor in 2011 for the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. He joined at age 26, the common enlistment age for a soldier. He is keeping a diary and a sketchbook of his experiences, and maintains a weekly blog about interpreting history. Jeff has volunteered at Fort Delaware and Hagley Museum, where gunpowder was manufactured by the Dupont Company for both sides of the conflict.


I am an entrepreneur in training. I am training to be a home stager. The library is a great resource. They have books on everything I need to know about real estate and home staging. As well as entrepreneur skills.


I am a huge unapologetic nerd. I love anything and almost everything nerdy.


My weekly homework is about spelling, reading, math, and vocabulary. The most fun is to finish quickly and then have lots of fun playing outdoors. I like to play Duck, Duck, Goose.


I like to Google about different things such as a product before I buy it. Countries that are different from the U.S. Our history, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington. There is so much to learn. Knowledge is power. Keep on learning.


In 2011 my love of all things Geeky reached it's peak when my wife and I started our own event called "Geek Mob". Since then it's grown from 50 people to nearly 300 and it keeps growing. Check out "Geek Mob Roanoke" on FB and come to the next event.


Since I was little I have memories of my family telling me to be quiet because I was constantly singing. I performed when I was young and continue to. It's so fun because in the cast at school we all love music and are really tight with each other and make jokes all the time. The stage is like a home and the cast is my crazy, hilarious, awesome family!


i love the "HP" series... (no trademarks). I live for it.


All my life I've been interested in sleep.


I have been in the nursing field for 10+ years. I love helping people and showing compassion. Our library has been very helpful with assisting me in studying material for my career.


My Goal is not about becoming famous but the opportunity to do what I love which is modeling (Fashion/Promotional/ Commercial print) because it is my happy place


When I was a little girl, around the age of seven, my parents took me to the carnival while it was in town. I still remember picking ducks in the little kiddie pool, riding on the ferris wheel, all of it. I still remember the look on my dad's face when he told my mom and I to go ahead to the car. When he came back he had a puppy in his arms. Bartlby was my very first pitbull and I will never forget him, ever. We have owned many pitbulls since that moment eight years ago and it is something that I will always cherish.


I'm 12 years old, and I have been a writer since I can remember. I know I'm young, but I've written plenty of stories that people want to read more of. I'm very passionate about writing.

rubén geekslatinamericanlit

I geek Latin American Literature especially the post-boom writers.


I have kept a Jane-log, writing in my journal, for centering purposes and for gratitude and for original poetry and for purging and sorting my emotions, for most of my life (40 years of it!) I add all kinds of symbolism, images, artwork and notations to my paper planner which also serves as my journal side-car. I reread, reflect on and send to others what I notice. It is a lifeline, a part of my blood, too, to write. Journaling is not separate at all but an inner dialogue that becomes universal and divine.


Ever since I was a little kid I've loved music. I mean, it helps me get through tough times. I also play the flute. It's just beautiful. I think music is gonna be the only way to bring this world together. I listen to all kinds of music. I've just always been passionate about music. I always will be hopefully.


I have traveled since I was a baby, it is a part of who I am. My heritage is very diverse. I have traveled for pleasure and for work. I have traveled to learn about my family and open my mind to other worlds and cultures. I am the multicultural librarian that embraces all kinds of people and places. I geek traveling.


I actually lost my library card when I was about 11. It didn't bother me because I could never find a book that I really wanted to read, and my grandmother was a serial book shopper. When I moved out, and realized that being a serial book shopper was extremely expensive, I decided to revisit the library. It was amazing. I had every DVD I could ever want to watch at my fingertips, I started getting into hobbies and there are ridiculous amounts of book on every hobby you could ever imagine. Sometimes I just leaf through pages and absorb information via osmosis and pictures.


I love to doodle and when I started embroidering I thought it would be neat to transfer my doodles into colorful works of art. I got many great ideas from books about embroidery at the library. It has become my favorite stress relieving activity after a long day of work.


I have been a fan of comics ever since I was a little girl. I would read anything I could get my hands on Superman, Batman Catwoman, the Xmen you name it I've probably read it. My passion for comics drove me to write my own, i now illustrate and write for a few comic series I plan to get published in the future. comics are what I geek.


I love to travel!


I always had a fascination with superheroes while growing up I would all the TV shows. It wasn't until recently that I've gone back and starting reading popular story arcs that I've only heard about from others. Now I get to experience that for myself!


I've been playing video games since I was two years old and have grown up loving the stories they tell and the challenges they deliver. Video games are my fairy tales and my sports, a source of wonder and food for thought. I shall never outgrow them.


I was camping before I was 1 thanks to my sister. I love it. I also love technology and I can use any electronic device even if i have never seen it before. I'm age 12 and that's what I geek.


I love history, its part of the reason I come to the library. No one has history like the library does!


Since going into the underground, I've dedicated myself as a real caver. I've been caving for 7 years, and I am a National Speleological Society member. I studied a lot about caves and the karst geology during my undergraduate at East Tennessee State University, and I still can't get enough.


I started drawing at age 6. Little by little as I got older I started drawing again. I got better with it by the age of 15 yrs old. In Tucson Az I started doing my passion for art again only this time I got more creative with it.


I am a librarian or at least one without a diploma. I really love stories. Any stories that inspire imagination whether they are good, bad, long, short, popular or not. If it makes me think, I like it.


Music sets me free.


I have been cooking since I was 6 and now I am 11. My dad inspired me to cook. I cook to show passion.


Since a teenager I have loved traveling on my 10 speed bike from one town to the other with my group of friends. I love the smell of fresh air, visiting new places and meeting people as I travel in my bike.


Books are fun to read.


I have been around libraries my entire life. It's where I found myself. I have been working at the library since I was 16 and I love it. I met my best friends and the love of my life at the library. It's where I got to expand my love for music and arts. It is also where I got my 1st dose of comics.


I get classic TV shows like Shazam, Bewitches, and I Dream of Jeanie.


I've always loved reading and television. These two formats of entertainment allow you to fall deep into a story and that specific world and escape reality. There is no greater hobby of mine than that. Books can save people. Television can help people. It's what I love and what I want to dedicate my life to.


When I was in 5th grade I moved to a different county. We didn't have chickens when we lived in the city but we do now because we live in the country. I love them they are so weird. An odd creature but it's cool that they produce what we eat almost every day. So that's why I geek them.


I like games where you build worlds, farm, feed and breed animals. It is kind of my thing. I play games for a living. I kind of a game-a-holic. I also play racing, shooting, running, puzzle, challenging, and scary games.


I love reading about golf and how to swing effortlessly to produce the longest distance possible. There is a science to hitting the ball a long way. It is a science using centifical force. It is all about relaxing the muscles and timing the motion perfectly with rhythm and finesse. Golf is one of the most unnatural sports movements there is. To hit the ball up, you must hit down on the ball. To make the ball curve left, you must swing to the right, etc. It was one of the hardest sports I have ever learned and I love it.


My grandmother got me to love birds and watching them out of my window. I feed them in my backyard and i love them.


I spent 30 years trying to reach to USA to be free , But finally I realized I had to stay in my country to fight the extremist and radical groups to liberate my people from these groups.


A quiet place to get on the computer to print out anything from shipping labels to petitions to information for my neighbors. I suppose I could read my Bible there, but for some reason, I have never seen this topic at a library since kindergarten when I was 4. That makes me sad! The Holy Bible gives me hope!


All my life I have been interested in sci-fi and thrillers. I enjoy reading all the new sci-fi books and our library usually has a great selection. And this is so much more affordable. Now I work at a library as a library assistant in Muleshoe, TX. I love my job!


Being a gay man growing up in a small town LGBT topics were something that were hard to come by in the library growing up. They were there, but I didn't know where to look. Now I'm getting more involved in my community and reading anything I can get my hands on!


I started a family history project in 1999 & have been doing genealogy research ever since. I discovered in my family, doctors, teachers, farmers, officers/soldiers, governors, ministers & various skilled craftsmen. It helped me see that we're all related & that all families have strengths & weaknesses. I went to the public library for tips on how to start & how to organize a genealogy project. I also found a local history room which had a great deal of information that was helpful in discovering my roots.


I love reading YA Fiction. It is an escape from "adult" life, and lets me connect to what is going on with my younger patrons (I am a librarian). Some of my favorite books are YA, and going back to re-read them helps me remember what was going on in my life when I first picked that book up.

miah geekslizards

I geek lizards. They are so fun to play with .I have one of my own at home and my sister does too. I GEEK LIZARDS SO MUCH!. Especially when they get big they are so fun to play with.


When I was in elementary school we went to our Library. I believe I was 7. I was shown the many books that were there for us to use. For some amazing reason fictional caught my eye, and I have not once stop reading fiction since then, and now I am 30 years old.


I was introduced to Risk® and Monopoly® at a very young age and wen Dungeons & Dragons® came out in the late 70's I was hooked. I love all kinds of tabletop games and use them with adults and kids to get groups working together, learn to work as a team, think strategically, communicate, use math skills, and so much more. Tabletop games are fun, educational, and more than people think! Also throw in Dr. Who, Star Wars, Stat Trek, fantasy fiction, graphic novels and cooking.


I was only 13 the first time I traveled outside of the United States. Ever since then, my whole life revolves around my next trip. My public library has information about all the places I want to visit which help me plan my adventures to the fullest.


Somedays, I do not have the time nor the energy to exercise and read. So, I have been lucky to find an area which has great sidewalks. I take my e-reader with me and am good for a 2 hour walk/read! That's what I geek!


I have loved bats since the age of 8 and was relentless in pursuing my passion as I grew older. My dream came true when I got a job as a Bat Conservationist/Lead Keeper/Presenter at the Organization for Bat Conservation. I have since worked on & off with Bats in some capacity for over 20 years and have watched the Organization earn nationwide recognition and our Bats become incredible ambassadors for their cause. I have had the unique opportunity to work with many different species of this amazing mammal and travel all over the country with them. It is gratifying educating the public on how beneficial bats are, how we can help protect them, and in the process, helping to dispel all of the myths and misconceptions that are often associated with them.


I started to noticed when I was 23 I was getting heavy weight-wise. So one of my favorite sports is boxing and I started going to a gym where I knew some people. Now I don't go to that gym because it closed its doors because the owner didn't pay the rent. I wish I could have my first fight against another heavyweight girl.


I love to dance to anything; I would like to raise money with my dancing but I don't know if I am allowed to do that.


Culinary Arts is an ever changing world. People all over the world have a common relation to food and the art of preparing it. All cultures and all people are connected through culinary arts. Try new recipes from different regions cookbooks. Have fun playing with your food.


I work in youth services at a public library and just started a Dragon Book Club for 3rd-5th graders. We make paper dragons, clay dragons, glitter dragons and read books about dragons. I'm living the dream!


I started reading books when I was 3--starting with the pre-primers. By the time I was in Kindergarten, I was reading at a second-grade level. I haven't stopped reading since.


I love making things. I'm an only child, so I had to learn how to entertain myself, that's when I learned how to make thing at first it was making up stories and putting on plays for myself, then when I got older I learn to cook and bake, and finally I don't know when I fell in love sewing things, I love mending and making things in sewing.


I got interested in learning about Ancient Egypt around my 14th birthday. I find it very interesting to learn about.


About age 7, I started sewing with short sharp needles. The treadle sewing machine tried to take over but the hand stitches were much more satisfying and kept my hands busy. Needles and thread can involve miniature or gigantic projects like beading, quilting, knit and crochet.


All my life I've been interested in flying. When I started actually flying, the Internet was still pretty young, but I figured-out how to find information on my own. I used my beloved local library to access many great books I discovered (often via interlibrary loan). I enjoyed the information-hunt very much; that's one reason I became a librarian in 2012.


I'm an elementary school librarian and have noticed that my students just can't get enough when books are in a comic format, whether it's fiction or non-fiction, a super hero or kids club or legend they get hooked. I recently discovered a multitude of adult graphic novels and now I'm hooked on GN too!


Doctor Who, Sherlock, MLP (yes, My Little Pony), Divergent, The Fault In Our Stars, The Hunger Games, VIRALS, Harry Potter, Homestuck, Disney, etc.etc. etc. If you can think of a fandom, you can put good money on the fact that I'm into it or want to get into it.


Parkour is found in a lot of books now, and I like to seek out and find the type of books that have action and vaults and chase scenes in them.


Well...I am a huge reader of the two Percy Jackson series and THE BLOOD OF OLYMPUS came out the day I am writing this so I hope I can read it soon!!!XD I am so excited!!!


People don't see me as a person who would really like black history but I love it!


I take piano lessons and l love it!!!


I am an early childhood teacher for the New york City Department of Education. I currently teach a kindergarten class in Jamaica NY. I am a mother of two sons. Cooking, singing, and helping others are are some of my many interests


I love to have fun with code. I am using it to make this world a better place; to leave cheer, live, and make it as beautiful as our imagination. Coding is a way to express yourself without damaging trees. It is social and global.


Art brings out our true selves because you can draw whatever you like. People say that drawings dumb and it doesn't bring out your inner dragon like karate well it doesn't matter. I'm Nikya (Nick-IA-h) Jefferson and I'm ten years old and I live in South Point OH. You don't have to show your inner dragon all that counts is how you feel


Books are my number one hobby . I read all different genres and enjoy the fact that I always learn new things. I love how reading can take you to another world outside of real life stresses and worries.


I like to write about matters that sometimes only matter to me. I enjoy reading books that I usually would not read because the discussions are lively and the comrade is rejuvenating. I've taken about 30 of their online classes and enjoy downloading their music. I very much like that the library is a place for the entire family. The staff is always helpful and knowledgeable and take care of my needs. I've volunteered 2 years as a greeter for one of their outside community assistance programs that set up space inside the library to attend to the communities needs.


As in South Walton County, FL. I recently moved here and love the beachs with their emerald waters laid back vibe and thequaint communities along Scenic Highway 30A .


I am not a mother and now too old to become one but babies just bring out the best feelings I've ever known. They just have a way of capturing my heart. I love animals too, all of them.


Everything with life is what I "geek' Take every moment as your last to live life to the fullest! Just breath, have compassion for others and enjoy our beautfiul world. it's really that easy.


My friends are the solace I desire, the peace in troubling times, the cool breeze on a warm summer day. My friends mean the world to me. Who is your best friend?


I am an Indian classical dancer who was born in India. I am also in high school.


Creating,inventing, building. Anything that involves taking what is and making something new. This includes brainstorming solutions to problems. It can be an individual or a group effort, and many times the process is more important than the result. It makes me feel powerful, and vital.


When I was little me and my brother grew up in a foster home and one day the foster leader brought home some cards which is the game Yugio. I remember that was our only escape from the outside world when hanging with my little brother it would make my day if I could show him that his name got to be in the paper.


At the library I can rent a popular Italian tv show to keep up on my Italian, or borrow Spanish audio CDs to listen to on my commutes. There are also weekly community Spanish classes.


I try to keep in top technologies, like Computers, Audio & Video, and now Android Systems. I used to have my own business before and got more than 30 years of experience on my shoulders. I love to help people anyway I can!


I really like the ocean, and now I want to study it and the animals in it. I find it fascinating and now my room is ocean themed.


I have played violin since I was five. Then I continued until around third grade, when I added in piano, and started teaching myself. In fifth grade, I started recorder and handbells. I also got interested in banjo and play some of it too.


There is nothing like having an encounter with the worlds most renown person in history and eternity, and his name is Jesus the savior of humanity. I soooo geek Jesus.


My high school offered an astrophysics class I took as an alternative to cutting up a preserved cat in physiology and I loved it, been hooked ever since! Black holes, black matter, seti stuff, the lives of stars forever far away- yeah!!


I have always had a fascination with what mainstream culture found to be odd or taboo. It makes me wonder what makes someone want to do something so different from the rest and why do we think it’s so weird. It's not what has been done that is such an interest to me, it's WHY?


I love to travel, but half the fun is in the planning. Sometimes, I simply research places I hope to visit someday.


I've "lived" in libraries my whole life, from the time I was a small child. Books are life to me. <3 The library in my home is extensive but I always find some treasure in my local library.


Outside of my passion for reading, art, and writing, I love music. I am a cellist and I am a singer. My hope is to learn guitar, keep up with cello, and get better at singing through concert choir. I think music helps make all of us who we are even if it's just something to listen to or sing along with the radio so we don't get lonely.


I geek believing in something that is not tangible. I believe in the word itself. Believing inspires, empowers, and transforms us. It allows us to escape within our hopes and dreams. So find something to truly believe in and .....let your thoughts soar.


Love yard sales and garage sales and auctions. Collecting them is my bag and selling them for a profit too!


I am a librarian at a small technical college. One of my major passions is collecting video games. While I have been a lifelong player, I began seriously collecting about six years ago and never looked back! I love a good story and so many games both old and new deliver just that, usually accompanied by great art as a bonus. These games are a part of our collective culture and I would love to someday work with an institution to preserve them for posterity.


I work at Houndstooth Coffee, but more than that, I get to host hundreds of people a week and serve them fantastic coffee.


I am a 16 year old that writes music, and books. I love to Read, watch movies and much, much more.


I am in love with reading. I can never pass up an opportunity to buy a book every time I go to the bookstore. I am also a SuperWhoLock (if you know what that is, you're amazing!). I support the idea that everyone is their own unique person and should boldly show their differences to the world. Be yourself and embrace your individuality!


I love to write, whether it's stories, fan-fiction, poems, songs, scripts or inspirational quotes I just want to sit down and write what's on my mind.


The characters are generally around my age and are relatable and the stories keep me on the edge of my seat. The futures, although some seem impossible, many could happen.


A few years ago, I decided to start trying to eliminate commercial skin care and household care products (with all of their toxic and damaging ingredients) by making my own. The whole process of finding what works for me has been fascinating and I am proud that the end result is not a financial burden but very affordable.


I love to learn new and different things everyday. I am currently enrolled in my local community college and the library helped me to find funding for my classes. I was able to go back to college for free.


The answers to life's big questions, the meaning of life, the bigger picture, and the ways and means to find all that you seek, including knowledge of truth and happiness, philosophy provides. If you disagree, don't worry, there are many philosophers who agree with you! The answers are out there. They're waiting for you to find them, to enrich your life and set you free, as they did the teenage me, and still do today. Philosophy to me is both a treasury of truth that remains pure and unchanged and a tool that I carry with me every day to smash false beliefs, including those of my own making, and rescue and preserve truth from obscurity and ignorance, including my own. Finally, and above all, by reading philosophers dead and living I get to to have many wise teachers and friends.


I believe theatre gives us a voice. It teaches compassion, acceptance, self-expression and diversity, and enables us to see that no matter where we're from or what we believe, we are all equal.


Running is freedom from the problems and stresses of the world. When you're done, you feel as if you can conquer the world and problems don't seem so big anymore! Running is my sanity in an insane world!


I am always reading about 10 books at once. I love always learning and showing my kids that I love it!


I love music, I can recognize a song by just listening to the first 3 seconds. I also love fictional characters whether they are in books,movies or TV shows. Oliver Queen and Sherlock Holmes anyone!


What I mean by Jesus is great deal from where I come from to now. I believe through him we will always find peace,comfort and love.


I use the library to share and meet with other Linux and open source computer users.


I love to go out into nature and take pictures of flowers...especially the small flowers that might be typically overlooked. By finding these small beauties and photographing them so close that they look larger than life, I can share their unique design with others that may have missed them!


I am simply obsessed with film making. It is my dream to be a director. I love everything about it - the camera, animation, CGI, the storyboard... I could go on and on.


I Geek R5 because they are my inspiration, my life, my loves, my everything. I discovered R5 a little over a year ago and they have completely changed my life for the better, I love R5 with all my heart!


I love my God and everything He does for me, my family and my friends. I am also addicted to yarn, crocheting and kniting. Hence the hooks and needles.


I love going to the library, it is so relax and comfortable, it is so quiet; the best place to relax and the AC is not too cold or hot, it is very nice


I like them, collect them, and fly them. I show other people's children how to make them, get them off the ground, and keep them in the air. None of mine are costly or unique, but controlling one up high in the air lets me ignore mundane things down on the ground.


Nature includes anything living. I especially love animals, trees, flowers. I can be amazed at a tree trunk, the way the back foot of a cat is long like a rabbit's hind foot, or a cloud formation as it crosses the face of the moon. I am also passionate about talented humans and poetry.


Anglophilia means someone who has a particular love and devotion to the English culture. That would be me. Hello! I love British television and music, most of all, as well as the actors and musicians that come from such a beautiful country.


I love physics! From studying the oddities of quantum mechanics to using classical mechanics to describe my other love of roller coasters, I just can't get enough!


My local library is the coolest ever - full of people of all ages and cultures from morning till night, and I always stop and people watch when I pick up my books on hold, which is almost weekly!


I geek anything I've never done before. My new thing is roller coasters, any type, count me in. I'm not the person you'll see rereading a book (although there are some movies that just never get old).


I really love music. Throughout a lifetime of abuse and disappointment music has always been there to cheer me up. Music can put you in a good mood or a bad mood. But if I didn't have music I don't think I'd be alive right now.


My wife is manager of a library branch in Davidson County, N.C. She went back to graduate school to obtain her Master of Library Science degree. She's done a great job managing the branch and making it more appealing to patrons.


I geek reading because it's a way to express yourself and be you. Reading makes you feel like your whole life is a fantasy. Reading is like my fantasy world.


I love reading books like Rick Riordan and James Patterson even though I'm only 9 1/2.


I was interested in the Victorian Period ever sense I read PRIDE & PREDJUDICE by Jane Austen, I became interested in World War II when I read Diary of Anne Frank, and Was always interested in the Arts since I was born.


This covers everything from Nancy Drew in her blue roadster to the Women's Murder Club to the Dark Knight.


I love to write. Stories and places swirl around in my brain until I write them down on paper. I walked around with this passion since childhood.


Bees are an amazing insect that enables us to survive because they pollinate everything we eat! We can not survive without them! Learn more about them at your local library and Bee Keepers club.


It is writing that carries the weight of the world's knowledge and wisdom, and through it we can pass down these irreplaceable gems. But it is not only limited to this, and through it we can form a better and brighter future, through the inspiration and wonder it passes on.


I was unemployed for about 3 years. I didn't want to fall into negative society by feeling sorry for myself so I spent my days at the Public Library learning different computer programs and everything I could about public information. I was able to identify with individuals and their personal struggles for a better life. So now I work at that same library assisting patrons with career research assistance and job fairs! None of this would be possible if it weren't for the Public Library System. Thank you!


I love American History. Discovering about our country and how it was established is awesome!


I grew up loving to read and discovered the public library! Now I am a disabled vet that loves our local library system.


I would go to the Royal Oak, MI. Public Library almost every day after school to learn about how antennas are built and designed. My goal was to work at NASA building and using long range antennas.


I love to read and I have been since I was little (age 18 now). I have over 150 books. I have also gotten my younger sister addicted to reading as well!


I've always liked superheros, but when I watched Superman the movie with Christopher Reeves that's when I really started to like superheros and I've liked superheros ever since.


I suffer from depression and social anxiety, so making friends is not an easy task for me. I often find myself alone with no one to go to. So I turned to reading manga and watching anime. It helped me through some of my hardest times and I doubt I'll ever give either up. :)


I love going to the library for the really good book. Then I sit up all night to read it.


Before I started school I said I did not want to go because it would be boring. But as soon as I got there I loved it.


Learning is a passion for life. Enriching yourself and those around you.


I love Football. I go to a lot of High School and College games. I am a big stamp collector. With thousands of stamps collected US and Foreign stamps from all over the world. I geek my libraries. I support them too.


I like to make my own healthy lacto-fermented foods like milk kefir, water kefir, kombucha, jun, sourdough, sauerkraut, kimchi, brined lemons, etc. Just to name a few!


I love to read teen-fiction, I'm always looking for new books to read.


I like reading but I can never get into ones that are young adults, they always lose me. But while reading the teen fiction I can understand everything, it is easier for me than it is for most teens my age to get into teen fiction books because they think they've grown so they read adult fiction but teen fiction will never lose me ever.


I love sitting on a comfy couch on a rainy day or sitting outside on a sunny day reading books. I visit my local library multiple times in a week. It is my home away from home. I love selecting movies to watch and watching them with my husband or friends. Many times I love to order Chinese takeout and watch movies by myself! When it comes to music, I really enjoy listening to amazing bluegrass. I love all kinds of music, but bluegrass fits. So grateful to have such a wonderfully stocked library with great people who work there. The library needs to stay put!


I believe that the written word is powerful and vital to growth. I learned a lot about myself reading and writing.


I love Dr. Who because it is suspenseful, but also because it taught me that you always need friends.


What I mean by my friends is that they'll always be there for me, and I can always count on them. I give a shoutout to them!


I view tutorials and read about fixing cars and enoy being able to take that knowlege home with me.


I love being creative and making things with my grandchildren. Going to the library helps me find inspiration through the craft books there.


I think going to the library, choosing books, and reading with others (for me it's my kids), is one of the great freedoms we have in this country!


There's always something new to learn and see in the world. It's never dull, all you have to do is go out and look around.


I love wrestling 'cause I'm a wrestling manager.


I wasn't sure who I was or wanted to be until I started writing. Even if it was just a couple sentences, I understood it. That's something I like, reading something I get, I FEEL.


The military has helped me become successful in life, not only providing me with education but also reminding me that I should not take anything for granted. Being in the service gave me motivation, discipline and strength. I love helping others and this is one way that helps citizens by fighting for this country.


I'm writing a superhero origin story of Latinos and I wouldn't be nearly as dedicated if it weren't for my group of fellow writers.


I have been knitting for years and belong to a local knitting guild. I have improved my knitting and made many friends. It is relaxing, fun, educational and at times involves travel and retreats! My local libraries are wonderful resources for knitting and other needle art books, magazines and videos.


I'm a Government Documents Librarian and enjoy showing students and the public about all the great sources including documents, websites, and videos available for everyone.

anaiah geekssuperheroes

For the longest time I have loved superheroes and drawing, so I've been creating my own superheroes and giving them background stories. Also, I loved horror books and films. So sometimes I create Superheroes with very dark backgrounds.


I like reading because you can learn stuff and sometimes get a good laugh. Read on, peoples!


I geek more than just tattoos. I geek lots of things such as reading. My favorite genre is medical mysteries well all mysteries. I love to daydream. Although it used to get me on trouble when I younger. I geek family. I geek love. I geek vacations. I geek good food. I GEEK ME!


We love our self-sustaining life style and have learned most from books checked out at our local library. The most valuable tool you can have is a library card!


I grew up with a family of bookworms who believe in reading and learning. Francis Bacon had it right: "Knowledge is Power" and we should always learn something new everyday!


I began marching band as an 8th grader, and now starting my senior season, I couldn't be happier. It's where my friends, my passion, and my interest all are.


I love bringing my kids to go online, read the fab books and watch movies at the library. I have also found the notary so beneficial along with being able to fax and print papers.


History is my favorite thing to read up on, and I have just recently become fascinated with World War One info and and all the many stories from that time.


I've kept a journal of my nighttime dreams for over a decade. I'm in the lifelong process of teaching myself to lucid dream. I get asked by others to interpret dreams all the time, and get told that I should get paid for it.


Since an early age I was always outdoors exploring and performing my own investigations. I have been trying to instill a love of learning about the world we live in to high school science students for the past 19 years.


I love the blending of myths into modern day epic stories. I can't just leave it alone and enjoy the story. Instead, I have to dig for the original sources and I love it.


I love finding the perfect book for my students and then hearing "I hate reading!" change to "Reading's not so bad!"


I love everything that celebrates life in all its fullness. Literature, movies, nature, friendships, family, learning. All of these are things that I celebrate and pursue with a passion. Because life is too short and too precious, I believe that every last minute of it should be squeezed and flavored.


I'm a photographer and bookbinder/bookmaker and I like making books of photographs and giving them to the library.


I love to read. Harry Potter is my all time favorite series. I love young adult fiction of all kinds, love stories, thriller and suspense. You name it! The library is my safe place. Somewhere that I know I can go and always feel relaxed, thirsty for knowledge, and return to my childhood.


I am a cheerleader for Judice Middle and I love to do swimming!


I remove and relocate feral honey bee hives by hand without the use of chemicals in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas. We rehabilitate every hive we rescue.


The healing power of laughter has helped me in so many ways. I especially like stand-up comedians because it's raw story-telling that takes courage.


I've been into magic for years. My friend and I always bought the little magic tricks the kids are always into and would look up card trick tutorials on YouTube. We made YouTube videos of a magic show we would put on. We kinda took a break from magic for a few years. But after season 9 of America's Got Talent and a new favorite magician Collins Key, my love for magic has been rekindled. I know multiple card tricks and have been doing them for family and friends for years now. Everyone is amazed by them, it's a great way to make some new friends and impress some people.


Learning new languages, exploring and seeking to understand different cultures, learning how to cook and budget my savings, how to knit and craft, how to sew, how to sell my projects - for as long as I can remember, all I've ever wanted to do was see what's out there.


I read all the books when i was 7. That's when I fell in love. I own all the books and movies. Potterhead forever!


For as long as I can remember I've lived with OCD. I think it's good to be aware of mental health because 1 in 4 people have one. When you see someone you never know what battles they're fighting. I've been able to fight my OCD through the love and inspiration of God.


The library's summer reading program is a great way for parents, grandparents and guardian to bond with the children in their lives.


I've loved dancing and music since forever and it's a big part of my life.


I am a Pentecostal and I study bible doctrine. I have a 2 Greek and Hebrew dictionaries and a collection of bible references.


I love everything about gardening. The plants, the dirt, the community it creates, and especially the food it produces!


Ever since I was a kid I have huddled around books or magazines in a library, reading about games of many different kinds. Now, board games, card games, and games of all kinds bring me back to the library to connect with others and grow more playing games greater than before.


I converted to Mormonism in 2011 and ever since I have never been more open to people and their beliefs.


My college friend introduced me to Al Lacy novels, and I instantly fell in love with them. I think I have read more Al Lacy than I have any other author.


I really love the Hunger Games books.


I really enjoy well-written historical non-fiction. It has made my work commute more productive and educational, as well as informative. I download them to my smartphone and I can listen to them wherever I am. A great service RCPL!


I am really interested in anything related to infectious diseases. I hope to someday get a Ph.D. in epidemiology and an M.D.


I run the kitchen at a nursing home, work at a LIBRARY part time, and run an at home bakery. I am just enjoying life!


I geek this because it has so much history, details on Greece, all the Greek gods, and how everything was made and why it is made. It's REALLY interesting, I started "geeking" this subject because my friend recommended Percy Jackson and The Olympians, but soon I started "geeking" it and literally picked up anything with the word MYTHOLOGY. Now I know Greek Mythology AND Egyptian Mythology.


I'm not really a geek. I am an educator and love to see people learn. It has come to my attention that there are LOTS of people who want to learn how to USE their computers, iPads, phones, etc. I can help them. I speak techeze and english and I am very patient.


I believe in telling the stories of those who have died, the family,the community, the whole human story of the person, so I spend a lot of time telling those stories for obituaries and the census, and other places Ancestry will take me!


What I mean by inspiration is a great deal of things. I collect anything that inspires me: song lyrics, quotes, pictures, books, and much much more.


I was born transgender Female to Male. I believe that through education people will understand me and the issues I face in life with this disorder.


I fell in love with ZUMBA over 3 years ago and now I am an instructor. I also enjoy creating my own choreography, and I created an alumni newspaper for my High School which sometimes appears in the local weekly.


I am red-headed geek who loves Dr. Who, knitting, reading and movies. I love entertaining myself with whatever piques my interest.


I geek being me.


Edgy Christian Speculative Fiction (ECSF) is an under-the-radar, non-mainstream subgenre of Christian fiction that doesn't focus on what the typical Christian audience expects, but have more creative freedom to explore Biblical elements and themes in genres most think of un- or anti-Biblical (sci-fi, horror, epic fantasy, dark fantasy, etc.). This is why I love it more than mainstream Christian fiction.


I love to read and write poetry. I like sharing my poetry with other poets.


I love being an activist. Plain and simple. I love getting the chance to help right the world's wrongs, despite what the naysayers think and say. Activism (especially online activism) is something that I feel is still sorely needed in our world today, and I'd like to do anything I can to help out with that.


I am over-obsessed with mystery and fantasy books!


I love to cook and I'm always looking for new recipes.


I like getting my hair and make-up done and wearing the dress.


Spending time with my grandkids brings me great joy!


I am a 10 year old in love with Forensic Science. I am learning about bones and other body systems. At the library I can check out books about these subjects.


I am an outdoor girl. I love to explore our natural world and photograph it. I love to check out nature guides from the library. The library has an array of books and magazines for both.


Jaiah and I love coming to the library to check out books and movies. Jaiah loves participating in the summer reading program.


I began photography when I was 12 as an escape after a loved one died.


Well, it all started with my friend,he has always loved Star Wars, and he got me into it. Ever since then I have loved Star Wars because: It is sci-fi; It has everything a kid/adult could love; and it is just amazing with all the eras and light-sabers and characters etc!


I ran my first marathon in 2013 after finding training materials at my local library. I also check out scrap-booking magazines and love to expand my culinary skills by finding new recipes.


Knowledge is valuable. It can be the catalyst to overcome poverty. Intelligence is sexy!


I love Zumba! I need this form of exercise when I have allergies and can't walk outside.


I'm almost 11, and I love My Little Pony! Cause, my friend introduced it to me, ever since we share the same love for it! I totally geek My Little Pony. Friendship Is Magic!


I have a brother in the hospital and my parents are divorced and a lot of things so reading and music and writing help me escape this world and go to another world filled with horror or romance or humor. Another place from here. I think I annoy my friends because I would rather read or write than hang out with them. Reading, Music, and Writing are my home away from home. :)


I love comics, because first of all the animation put into the comic books is amazing. The comic turned TV shows and movies try to stay as true as possible to the comics they came from. And they all have a moral to the story. Being good triumphs over evil. Standing up for what's right against the overwhelming amounts of evil that is in our world. This is why comics are very good reads and to see them projected onto the TVs and movies makes it a bigger impact.


I have loved reading ever since the young age of 2. My love for reading has only increased with age. For the past 18 years I have devoured over 500 books. I will continue to read for as long as I live.


I am a recent college graduate for middle childhood education and using Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Harry Potter, among all the other geeky things I love, I was able to create relevant, relatable lessons for my 7th graders, giving history a present day, pop culture reference to help them understand. Geek all the things!


From an early age, I've been obsessed in musicals. I used to see the high school students perform their yearly musicals and then got involved myself. I have since seen many on Broadway and have see other local performances of any musicals that catch my interest.


I am an Airport Manager at a busy and beautiful general aviation airport in PA! I love every aspect of airport management but especially teaching children all the fun things that happen here on a daily basis.


I love music, and I absolutely adore boy bands. I couldn't help falling in love with One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer. I even tell my boyfriend about them!


I just purchased a 104 year old church for $1 and am turning it into a LIBRARY along with four other friends! Books won't be the problem, but funding, ayep, that will be. But we WILL PERSEVERE!


My mom instilled a love of creativity in my life from the time I was bitty slip of a girl. I have decoupaged, collaged, quilted, and hot glued my way through the years. Now that I'm all grown-up, I've had the opportunity to share my passion with others by teaching them to explore their own creativity...and I can't wait to keep doing so.


Empty nest ... what to do. Searching for a new "hobby" on Google. Stumbled upon genealogy. Hobby has now become obsession. Nothing better than putting together a family history puzzle. My local public library has provided wonderful resources and a place to network.


I love reading or experiencing the spirit of adventuring. I love exploring and discovering new things and learning new skills. I love stories that have the main character evolve into something absolutely amazing. I am obsessed with how the experience of adventure can change a person into something new and awe-inspiring.


No big story, I just love to cook healthy tasty eats and run run run!


I love teaching about the heart. It is one of the things in life we can't live without. I like finding new ways to make cardiology easy, which can be a challenge but fun at the same time. Its cool to be a nerdy RN that has heart.


I'm an avid reader, I always have been. Photography is just another form of writing, and another way for people to read. A story without words.


I discovered Linux in 2008 when I was back home in Ethiopia, and instantly fell in love with the OS! Now at Wood Library in Canandaigua, I get to request books, and use their amazing space to keep "geeking"!


I love fashion and one day will work in that field.


I have a serious love for anime, it's almost scary.


I teach in the Accelerated and Continuing Education Program @ Philadelphia University. I geek teaching these students who have returned to college to get their degrees. We have great discussions filled with life experiences!


Theatre people are odd, caring, crazy, and the finest folks you could ever know! Trust is a huge issue with most people but with your theatre family it's all about bearing your heart and soul! I could not love life without them!


I am incredibly obsessed with film, just ask my boyfriend. I can quote lines in a film, I can tell you what the film is just by a snapshot, I can tell you random facts about an actor, actress, or director. I love everything that has to do with film and the trivia and information that surrounds it. I enjoy researching film and the joy I get from it!


I love to research the original literature on a topic and also love to delve into the latest ways to help students.

sarrah geeksthecrusades

I love the Crusades and King Arthur. He was so kindhearted and loyal and he had his values straight. With all theses admirable traits how could a 15 year old optimist like me not look up to him?


I love reading mangas, watching anime, playing video games, cosplaying, and learning about Japan. My obsession started with watching Sailor Moon when I was 8 years old. I'm a total geek and proud of it!


I always loved writing stories about anything and I still do. I love music because it helps me concentrate and reading because I learn more and it's amazing.


I love music. It's religion. It speaks the words that people can't. It brings so much meaning to life in songs. I love music.


I have a huge passion for reading and writing. I geek A LOT of stuff, so I guess I have to narrow it down to just a few things. I mean, I geek video games, lots of sports, reading, imaginative things, fantasy, photography, writing, etc.


I am the Library Media Specialist at Stockbridge Valley CSD, which is a rural PreK - 12 school in Munnsville, NY. I am passionate about learning whether it be what my students are learning or what I am learning. There is always room for more knowledge!


Everything about art I love, especially the arts of writing/books, photography, and more "traditional" art. I want to get my works published someday. Creativity is so important in this world - I strive for my own not to be tossed aside.


Since John Green novels couldn't be found in the local library, I requested to have them in stock so now we have Looking For Alaska; Paper Towns; Will Grayson, Will Grayson; and Let It Snow which is written by Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle.


Family, friends, colleagues and strangers sharing love, support, skills and/or life's lessons get credit for my personal and professional development. Their generosity challenges me to pass on the gifts I have received and nurtured to others, and is the most meaningful legacy I can have.


I work for an organization that promote civic engagement. I geek voting! I dress up on election day and just love showing up at the polls. I love to read about history and get others excited about it too.


Pasta is the best.


I love finding sheet music and figuring out how the music and lyrics go, or adding a harmony with friends to something we know, but haven't tried before!


When it was my 11th B-day, my friend got me Minecraft. At that time I didn't know about it, but after I played for a little I was hooked forever onwards.


I love training dogs and teaching people how to have better relationships with their dogs.


Since I was a kid I have always enjoyed learning about the world around me. Whether it is written history, biographies of important figures, Civil War maps, Local History, or Genealogy research, one thing is certain - History is the one thing we all have in common. And all of it can be found at our local library.


I have been an educator for over 10 years and am now teaching English at Reinhardt University in GA. This year I co-founded the Etowah Valley Writers Institute while also establishing my own education and consulting company, Rabid Writers Studio, that "Artfully Inspires Literacy." I love what I do for a living and am passionate about teaching others a love of reading and writing!


Ever since I was little, I have played 8-bit video games to the current HD video games. I enjoy story progression as well as multiplayer fun!


I just love laughing, crying, and fangirling over this series.


I LOVE Doctor Who! David Tennent is my favorite, but I still don't know if Matt Smith is attractive or if I'm just in love with the Doctor!


Who doesn't get choked up listening to the theme song and seeing athletes do their best to overcome great odds?


I love to read! I would rather read than do anything. I also like writing. I don't write as much as I read, but I like to write a couple short stories occasionally.


I love school because I have all my friends there.


Before I was born, music is what I was raised with. My first song I ever heard was when I was in the womb, and it was Metallica. Ever since then, music has been my passion. At five, I remember watching the TV, and seeing a commercial for Broadway, so I called my grandfather up and told him that he needed to supplement my mother's income so I could be on Broadway. Ever since then, I have wanted to be in the music business, but most of all, singing. Singing is my career now, and because of music, I am living the best life ever. What do I geek? I geek Music.


Library workers make libraries happen! They are helpful, informative, and have a positive attitude! Go library workers!


My first job at 15 was as a page in the library just so I could read all summer. I love to learn and it was so cool to be able to read both non-fiction and fiction that whole summer. :-)


As a first year mentor and alumni of Holland C.H.A.O.S. Team 74, in the teams 20th year, we went to the Robotics World Championship in St Louis and became World Champs! Teaching some of the things I know was amazing, but getting to know some amazing teens was the truly awesome part. If you can, get involved. This stuff is so COOL!


As a children's librarian I love promoting comics to my little patrons. They are fun to read and help kids with text to picture comprehension. I also love to dress up as different sci-fi and fantasy characters!


It was through my local library and school libraries all through K-12 that made me love reading, and it was my love of reading that started me on my path to study history!


Since I was a little girl I was interested in reading and information. My grandmother used to give private classes and I organized all my books to lend to her students. As an adolescent, I grew up researching on the internet, collecting, organizing and sharing, through my personal blog and virtual communities. I am a Librarian, an "infomaniac", a collector, and a contributor. I was born to do that. I totally geek Libraries and Information Science.


I absolutely ADORE reading, and my book list is as eclectic as the world I live in! Each story allows me the chance to experience an adventure I would otherwise never have.


I am an entertainer and a professional dancer and I try to get my hands on anything and everything about dance! I love everything about it! I feel the most alive when I'm moving to the beat! :)


I love writing stories, I started since I was in 1st grade writing stories and I still is my passion. If I have free time I you would most probably find me writing. I also do cello, ever since 3rd grade. I do these books called Suzuki and I love it! I would either be writing or playing cello!


Now that I have a son, I enjoy reading books about child development. I like learning about how my son sees the world. I also like reading about how my dogs perceive the world in books like Inside of a Dog. I want to know as much as I can about the people and animals in my life. They are fascinating!


Anything technology related, I'm there. Making movies, 3D animation, designing prototypes, programming, computers, techno music, etc. Can't get enough of the DIY tech stuff!


I've been fortunate enough to travel from a young age, and experiencing different cultures has never failed to captivate me. From the different sights, sounds and smells, to exotic foods and unexpected climates, culture is something that I have a real passion for and will never tire of.


The library is an addition to the foundation of my life. The library allows for me to learn about the world and the people who help to bring out a better world.


I am an audiobook addict, I love audiobooks because you can multi-task and do so many other things while still reading a book. Narrators are my rock stars.


When I was a child, I got scared easily. One episode of Law and Order made me sleepless for two nights. Then one day, I read a good scary story. I didn't sleep for a couple of days. I slowly realized that I was being drawn to the horror tales when I started to read more of them. I realized that the reason I loved the frightening tales was because of the excitement I got. Now I'm constantly looking for good stories to keep me up at night with the lights on.


I love spending my time collecting and identifying rocks, the library has been a great place to research them. I also loving cutting and polishing them for my husband to make into jewelry. We transform earth's treasures for others. and enjoy doing it. I have reinvented myself by doing this.


My wife and I have no kids, and we love to travel and see the sites.


I have read the Shark Attacks of 1916, The Bombing of Pearl Harbor 1941, and I'm reading the Nazi invasion.


Colors are more than points on a visual spectrum; when combined they harmonize, sing, work together, and support or enhance one another. We as a society should live more like color.


Everyone who knows me well would quickly announce that I love books, music, movies, and art. As a writer, I am truly in awe of the transformative power of the written word, the complexity and beauty of language, and the magic of it all. Music is for everyone and it's the elixir for the soul like love. Art is illuminating and dazzling in its own unique and sometimes inexpressible way. I am happiest with having all of these essential things in my daily existence!


I started watching the BBC Sherlock and fell in love with it. It was my gateway drug to all the other renditions and adaptions of the great Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. I enjoy Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law's adaption, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman's obviously, and Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce, etc. And of course the original characters from Arthur Conan Doyle's stories. I am just absolutely consumed. And I love every moment of it.


I've loved skating since I was three years old. I now share my passion for skating with my students and I continue to skate for myself, just because I love it. :)


I am an advocate for the library and talking to citizens of a town. I raise the awareness of how the literacy, events and programs have an impact on the community. Especially on the students and their grades so they have a chance to get into Ivy league schools to further their education. I am also part of the Friend's group of the library. Every year the group meets early in January and begins to meet with the Library Director to learn of the needs for the Library and then the Friends group meets with influential officials in the community. Next the Friends group has meetings with elected councilors and they present the money needed for the library to cover their need to better serve the community.The Neighborhood newspapers cover and presents the interest of the Library and supports the need of the Library with great articles. The Friends group is also present just before the decision is made for the delegation of the budget. The Library has been successful in obtaining its request for an increase in its budget to better serve the community for its needs.


I've been interested in other languages since I was little, maybe because my granddad was Polish. It was funny hearing all these strange words and I wanted to know what they meant. In primary school, I was in the French club and French was my favourite subject all the way through secondary school. I started studying German when I was 12 and Spanish when I was 14. I decided to do French and Spanish at university, then started Arabic in my second year. While I was studying abroad in France, I took classes in Polish and Mandarin. I'm trying to teach myself Japanese at the moment, and I've also done a bit of Italian and Greek. I'd like to do a Masters degree in documenting endangered languages next year. Public libraries are a really good place to find information about different languages and cultures, and get started learning another language!


For as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed history. In fact, I enjoyed it so much growing up that I majored in it later on. My ultimate goal is to someday work at a historic site or in a museum. History is something we all have in common, it's important we preserve it.


I've been taking in 2-6 at a time (to give them 3 months of mentoring, good nutrition, and document help) for about 20 years. Not non-profit yet, but I'd like to open a hundred-bed center for women and host support groups and classes in the daytime. Send taters.


At my library, the James V. Brown Library, there are books, movies, music and WiFi, all for FREE!


Greek myths are exciting and educationally great for kids or adults. You can even make up your own myths, or read the Heros of Olympus series by Rick Riordan which has some truth but not so much that it gets boring.


I love the library. I love books and reading and studying all sorts of areas, from art to current events. It is my favorite place to go and get everything free. I do primarily check out books on artistic subjects, however our local system is amazing and has so many libraries that house so much information. Awesome.


My husband, Tyler, and I have a passion of working on cars together. Though it sounds unusual for couples to do such things as dates and such, we have found it as an interesting way to bond and let off a little steam at times! Tyler has worked on cars since he was very young with his father. Since his dad has passed, we use cars as a way to grow together as a couple while remembering his father!


Yoga is the time I meld my mind and my body to come to new daily self discoveries.


I waited 20 years to become a nurse. I just can't get enough of it now. Nose in the books and back to school to continue the education.


Ever since I read Harry Potter about a year ago I've been reading and collecting books.


I love visiting my granddaughter who is ten months old! I also love children's books, flowers, and traveling! I also geek my local library and the staff there. They're great!


I am very fond of knitting, and enjoy finding books on knitting at my library.


I can't pick just one thing to geek. I love cake decorating and sports and hot rods.


I love to read and have ever since my parents introduced me to the love of books and reading when I was a small child. And for over twenty some years, I have worked in a library in two different states. So I am happy to be able to work in my chosen field.


I have two granddaughters that love to read, so I am always looking for colorful picture books with a good story-line. Our library has beautiful displays of children's books that makes this very easy and every month has a different theme. I am well on the way to mentoring future library geeks!


I like knowing that I can express myself & my feelings even if it's not in English. How other people felt this way, so much that they needed to make an phrase for it.


I love everything techie, but when it comes to books, I'm still in love with the real book, fighting the digital book. The smell and feel of a book is thrilling to me. Love old and new books.


I taught myself how to knit using youtube videos. Now I go to my local library for a monthly knitting club and to checkout pattern books to see if I like them before I buy them! I also use the library for audiobooks. I work 30 miles from where I live, and they help make the commute more bearable!


I LOVE audiobooks - just working, exercising, driving - and enjoying a good book! I love a good read, when it can be a good "listen".


I've always been fascinated by forensic and criminal psychology. Growing up my mom could barely keep me away from the psychology and crime sections of the library. When other kids wanted to read about princesses and dragons, I wanted to know what changes in brain chemistry were responsible for Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia. My current library has a wide variety of books on these subjects, and it has really helped me get into the mind of a serial killer and learn more about what I geek!


I have 17 guinea pigs and love them all dearly. They each have their own personality and like all different things.


I worked at a living history museum. Besides participating in historical school programs I found my "niche' in tatting. I continue to teach different types of needle-crafts through the Parks and Rec Department and always use the library for research. :)


When I was in 4th grade my brother told me about this organization that he joined at school and every aspect of it filled me with desire. Once I got in high school I was able to join, and boy am I glad I did! I am the reporter hopefully soon to be president of our ffa chapter. I get involved in everything I am able to with this organization and I hold it dear to my heart as a wonderful experience and as I learn life lessons.


I am 28. I have Asperger Syndrome, and want to help the world understand how to better understand others like me by sharing my story. I can only speak for myself but I hope that by sharing my story, it inspires others to share their own.


I am into contemporary romances and can hardly wait for my favor authors to come out with new titles. I mark a calendar with their street dates.


Growing up as a 3rd generation Italian American, I got to hear all of these fantastic stories about Italy -- the food, the scenery, the culture! When I got old enough, my parents took me to Italy for vacation. Since then I've returned as often as I can to live la dolce vita!


Since I surrendered my life to Christ, I have found peace and joy that I never had before. I geek sharing my faith and the joy they feel when they hear the Good News that Christ loves them and wants to spend eternity with them.


I'm a artist and I geek painting. It's an escape and a way to voice things that I cant say in words. It's pure joy.


I have never ending book list - literally! I keep one on my phone and just keep adding to it! And when I find a good book, I read and reread it over and over again and that's why I've started my own mini-library to share my fave books with others. I also enjoy writing my own stories when a story I've read sparks an idea. The library truly is my favorite place to be!


At work and at home, I am an absolute FIEND for my label maker! Don't stand still for too long, or you will get a label attached to you!


Harry Potter had and continues to have such a profound impact in my life. It teaches the value of a good education, the virtue of courage, and most importantly the meaning of true friendship and love. All reasons why, when my best friend and I married last year, we themed our wedding to Harry Potter.


I geek Star Wars and have good grades in school.


I write for a local newspaper and take photos to go with my stories. I have written several stories about my local library.


I'm absolutely obsessed with collecting quotes. I love reading them and writing them down into my quote journal. I also geek about fantasy action novels and movies! Ah the excitement!


This book series reminded me how important friendship is with our without magic on your side.


I have been involved in flat track roller derby since 2005. I am now a referee so I have to know every single rule inside and out in order to make the game as safe and fair as possible. I love the community and inclusivity of the roller derby world.


I've always loved books and art; combine the two and I'm in hog heaven! From a young age, I recall watching superheroes on television, reveling in their caped crusades. When I learned that I could get this in my favorite form of entertainment - words - it was all over. Now I'm a certified nerd to the bone.


Dad got our first boxer when I was 5, there has been Fantom, Brutus, Bachus, Penny and Purdie since then. All gorgeous - full of joy and perpetually enthusiastic. Very bestest dog in the whole wide world.


I've found that as one grows older life can get harder. Having a deep understanding of my lifestyle, brain, and body while maintaining willfulness and will power help to create mindful and meaningful life. Self help books that help you to maximize your full potential, succeed or help you achieve your goals and books on how to are imperative to growing into who you are.


I am a music lover, but all of my music loving bases from the computer. I go from video making and music writing, to animating and being a video watcher.


I love vintage photographs - it's almost like traveling back in time to look at them. I want to know the stories behind the photographs!


Benedict Cumberbatch is cool and he plays Sherlock.


I am a twelve year old girl who wants to follow her dream. I love singing and all music. I want to spend my life doing what I love: music. I support everyone who wants to follow their dream and who doesn't care what people think. I want to be one of those people, the ones who persevere and make it through all the trouble and become someone great. That is my single goal and I will do anything to achieve it.


I geek over all of the Doctors. My most favouite doctor is the tenth doctor. I dont know why but he is just so great. He set his standard for the next generation very high.


I love to play and read trombone music.


There is nothing I enjoy more than learning about the people who helped to shape the place I live. I'm a historical tour guide, and love it when I find something new about my hometown.


I love hearing about people's success stories and imagine others hearing about mine in a few years.


Milk, Dark or White...we geek it all! As long as it's chocolate!


I lived on the streets when I was a teenager. Now as a happy librarian, I help, host, feed and solve problems. And study Sociology so I can be better at it. People rock.


I like Elmira Steele Memorial Library because it's easy to get to and close to the bus station. I live in Elmira Heights and I hop on grand central bus ride, get off and go across the road, and I'm at my library. They have great books and a lot to pick from.


I love reading books about different worlds or this world where magic exists.


I've been interested in history since I was very young, dog earing books and encylopedias. As I got older, I specified what I was most interested in.


I saw the movie and wanted to know more about it, so I got a bunch of books and read about what happened to the Titanic. I know many facts about the Titanic. I have even met Robert Ballard, the man who discovered the Titanic at the bottom of the ocean.


I grew up watching the show and reading the books back when it was obscure.


I love to dance. I think that all movement, no matter how small, is dance. The universe is always dancing. I'm sharing this mainly because I want libraries to continue All-Ways; yep, I spelled it that way because I want to emphasize my point. Libraries are vital for a healthy community, for all the reasons listed in the Geek the Library campaign. I geek libraries! The library was a part of my life from toddler to now at 64 years of age. The library was the place my father would meet with his other senior friends for "solving the problems of the world"; the library is the place for keeping resources available for all people, the library is the equalizer in a community. When managed without censorship, and focused on civic responsibility, it ranks right up there with police, fire, recreation, and other public services that protect and enhance a community.


I am an Engineer, Scientist and IT consultant. Now I constantly feel the need to learn advanced stuff about Data Analytics and BIG Data. I especially miss the access to books after I got out of University. I love the public library, that's where I can get the books I need to read for my professional and personal development. The public library is also an awesome place to meet with people who share my quest to learn. Keep the funding going.


I suffer from a lot of severe chronic pain and depression; watching Doctor Who helps me escape and always brings a smile to my face.


I started my passion for making a documentary when a church in Austria asked my mother to come to her former hometown for a week of Reconciliation. I depended on the library to research my mother's genealogy and her story. Then I made a documentary about healing from the Holocaust. Whatever I needed to learn for the journey came from the library. I then presented that movie to libraries. (Angels of Austria: The Church That Reached Out To Holocaust Survivors.)


I have always liked history; not for the battles and wars, but for the way people lived and interacted. I guess I could say historical anthropology.


I watched Doctor Who for 16 hours on Christmas when I got it along with my new head phones for my games!


Scale Modeling is one of those things that is easy to do but hard to master.


While reading, I always have an atlas or tablet open to maps sites, and I sometimes spend more time following the book characters on maps than reading the novel.


I love Disney. I have memorized all the parks and know the rides like the back of my hand. My friends get annoyed because I quote it so often.


I have an intense love for books, TV shows (though not reality TV), learning, and teaching. I have come to embrace my geeky/nerdy-ness and wear it proudly, rather than keep it quiet.


I have never lived in a town as long as I have lived here in Rosebush, Michigan. I am so glad to meet so many people and make so many great community connections while volunteering in the area.


Ever since I was young I have always been around computers and technology of all kinds. I love to create digital art with the latest in digital art software. I love computers and technology.


I love collecting anything Marvel! Mostly figures and pictures. I love the Hulk because I can relate to him. Our illnesses are the same, anger and rage seems to drive us beyond control. The only thing thing that helps is calming down and staying relaxed. My first favorite hero was Sgt. Rock. Ever since then I have been hooked. I can watch Marvel movies all day. The library is the only place that I can find out about each hero and their origins. I am forty nine years old, but I will always be a kid at heart. My dream is to play a part in one of the movies; any part, I don't care what. Please don't take the library away! We all need you!


Spanish is my first language and it's my passion. I am the Spanish selector at the Austin Public Library and my goal is to spread the word among the Latino community about the services and materials we offer for free for their benefit. The concept of libraries in Latin America is quite different from the one here so people usually don't know they can get tons of great materials for free.


I was born in a rural African village where there was no library. We go to school without knowing why. I passed from one level to another just because I hate failure. I became aware of libraries and their importance when I got admission into university. I became aware of the door to all doors of opportunities through libraries, and am yet to recover from that truth.


I volunteered to be an event supervisor for a Science Olympiad event and ordered some Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) specimens. When they were delivered to my house I cried when I saw how beautiful they were and couldn't part with them. Within a year I was running around like a lunatic with my net and my field guide. Now four years later, I will be sharing my collection by displaying them at the Clinton Macomb Public Library in June.


The poet W.B. Yeats asked, "how to tell the dancer from the dance?" I love ballet for its expression of emotion through movement. The music, costumes, and sets all add atmosphere, but it is the movement of a sole dancer or the interaction of dancers together that makes a dance. When they stop dancing does the dance end?


Ever since I was a kid I loved to read. There were many nights when my parents came into my room to tell me time to stop reading. I thought I was so clever because I would be reading with a flashlight under my covers. I learned to love classics and certain types of history, such as the holocaust. I took a speed reading class which helped me enjoy reading even more.


From a very early age I remember watching hundreds of movies, some great cinema but so many were low budget horror or sci fi or noir. If there is a film cliche I have likely seen it. I won't claim any expertise, just an abiding love and irreverent respect.


Obviously these two topics aren't related. I love the fast-paced, action-packed, sometimes comical storylines that are only available in a manga. And I love learning how to grow my own food organically. There's nothing like biting into a tasty veggie that you've grown from a seed.


I really enjoy taking family portraits for people and helping them to preserve memories.


I'm a currently unemployed grandma, who loves spending time with her grandkids, reading paranormal/fantasy fiction, and learning new things. I've always loved libraries, and your website is listed as an important resource for a MOOC that I'm currently taking (Library Advocacy Unshushed).


I am a 30-year-old Malian who likes to be involved in activities that put a special emphasis on others' needs. I care about nature, the world, and my neighbors.


Critical thinking and creative writing have been my starting point in English language since the 4th grade. Utilizing the resources at my school's library then and now employed to a media library institution has given me the opportunity to expand my borders and not just limit myself to books but to transition to online forums and network effectively.


I've always loved books (the look, smell, feel, and the wonderful stories). I have been a Librarian Director for 20 years and still enjoy most of the job. I did not go to Librarian School, but I have learned so much and continue to learn from all ages and educational backgrounds. One part of my job I enjoy the most is saying "Yes, we have that book" or finding a book the patron really enjoyed. Our library is very small and has a very small budget to go with it so pinching pennies, writing grants, and trying to reach as many people as we can is the crux of the job. I love the children and hope to provide great memories of books, a safe and respectful place, and much knowledge. I could go on and on which means I must GEEK BOOKS and PATRONS.


I have always had a huge passion for photography. I love the feeling of looking through the lens and being able to make art or memories out of something with just the click of a button.


I love reading books written in the past that were set in the future, the future we live in. It amazes me what was envisioned and how true, or not, it turned out to be. There's hope for us yet!


I've always loved creating things with my hands, so when my nephew was on his way, I taught myself how to crochet since my Grandmother's hands could no longer do it. I crocheted him a baby blanket and a teddy bear; now crocheting is my stress reliever!


I have been singing since I was four. I am only ten. I also love music although I don't play an instrument, I still love listening to music. Singing and music is my life.


I am so lucky to work at the library here in our small town. I realize what a great community we have and how smart people are when I help them find a book. And my favorite moments are when I get to talk about cats and books, or even better yet, cat books!

Christina is a librarian from Pennsylvania.


I love reading and sometimes a story or movie just doesn't end the way you want or has a lot of different possibilities. Fanfiction is the alternative. I love it.


I love to write, whether it be stupid little one-liners or short stories or novels.


Not only do I borrow books about minimalism and simplifying one's home and life; I also borrow materials related to my hobbies and interests that now fill the time that voluntary simplicity has helped me to find.


In May of 2013, I was blessed to start a testimony outreach for youth in Union City, TN, to promote a drug-free, alcohol-free, lifestyle. Also, I geek computer techs at the library because there are times when I don't have an inkling of what is going on with different things I have to do on the software or function of my laptop. Thanks Mr. CJ for being so patient and kind; you are appreciated very much!!!


Because they are my life and my family, so I geek my family.


I love computers. Ever since I was little I knew automatically how to set a computer up. At one of my schools I have fixed a computer for my teacher. I love every computer alive!!!


I love mangas because they have variety and are easy and fast to read.


I have always been into arts and crafts. Knitting is my first love. My second is learning. Those combined I have quite the knowledge base for intricate and detailed knitting techniques. You can never learn enough.


I love history because mine was not the best.


I know a lot about congressmen and I love to read about different kinds of armies and minutemen.


I didn't like to read until I got into my English class with my teacher, Mrs. Bladerson, who told us we need to read a novel and she let me get the first novel of the House of Night, which is marked since now I love that book.


Ever since I was a young girl, I have always been interested in psychology. I remember reading every book in our local library on the subject. I went on to get my B.S. in Psychology and I still take every opportunity to read Psychology Today and every type of material on my favorite subject!


I love learning how video games got their starts. Like how Rockstar got its start and all the trouble they went through and how Street Fighter got its start.


I learned to knit to relieve stress in college and in the 5 years since then, I can't get enough. I love reading pattern books and crafting new projects.


I am a teen who just is addicted to these. It gives me time to just be in another world where I can be happy and it relieves me. Thats just what I love about books. <3


I know a lot about military vehicles, including air craft.


When I was younger I loved reading quotes from famous people then my third grade teacher when we were learning about the Civil War showed us a book with the last words of some of the people from then and I was hooked.


I am a Multimedia Specialist from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and bringing tangibility to the ideas of others in the form of visual and audible media is not just a passion, its an extension who I am and what we all can be.


When I was in the 3rd grade, my class was talking about mythology, Greek to be exact. I wondered more about it, so I went to the library, and I was interested. Now I love it! It's my most favorite thing in the world to study about. I geek Greek mythology.


My earliest memories include music. To this day I love anything heavy, symphonic, or beat heavy (heavy metal, punk rock, orchestra, hip hop). I also love the idea of all that space has to offer, both outerspace and innerspace so the concepts that are explored in all types of science fiction spark thoughts I love to ponder!


I graduated high school at a young age then decided to spend the next four years serving in the Marine Corps. Today, I am 30 years old and working hard toward my BA in Psychology. Thank God for the library!


Exploring history, culture and geography through organized "adventure tours" is my passion. Perhaps it all began when my parents decided I would be named after two explorers: Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong, who was taking the first steps on the moon the day of my birth in July 1969. I have been exploring ever since and now I am developing the American Millennium Project to bring this educational experiment to students at the Middle, High and University levels across the Americas!


I use the databases for networking and job hunting. I sit on the library board to learn how to present ideas and develop business skills such as management, fiscal oversight, personnel evaluations, and publicity.


Whenever I was a young child, I used to be afraid of practically everything. But with a burst of bravery, I read some scary stories. Then I started to love them; they always made my heart pound with excitement. Soon I got to watching scary movies, yelling out cliches and whatnot. I always love to stay up at night and listen to short horror stories that make me want to keep the lights on.


Anything that's not normal real intrigues me. Fantasy, supernatural, fanfiction; anything that you wouldn't find in your everyday state of mind.


I've acted on local stages for more than 30 years, and have also directed, coached, and done a lot of volunteer stage crew work. Last month I added playwright to the list. I was asked to write a short play for a 24-hour play festival in Sheboygan, WI. Twelve hours after I submitted it, I got to watch it performed in front of a live audience. Now I'm hooked! I have my local library to thank, for I went there first to research playwriting techniques. I've worked as a librarian for 10 years, so it goes without saying that I also geek libraries!


I first got my sweet tooth for decorating when my Mother In-law asked me to help her with a birthday cake she was making for one of her grandsons. I checked out books on cake decorating at the library. I learned some new techniques, took classes, and started practicing on family birthday cakes. My favorite cakes that I've made have been for my grandchildren. I made Christian a Pixar Cars cake, Brody a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake and a John Deere cake. What do you geek? Check out your passion at the library.


I have been with these stories since I was in 7th grade. They made my life so much better when I was down!


It was in primary school that our headmistress encouraged us to visit the school library. I did and never stopped. I read my first novel, Sugar Girl, and got hooked on books. I read everywhere: in the toilet, in the bus, in waiting rooms, everywhere, everywhere. We were told about the public library and fortunately for me it was in my neighborhood. Every Saturday, seeing other kids entering the building, I joined them and no one ever stopped me or embarrassed me. So I became a regular. We would play, sing, and dance with little reading. It was just good for me. My English is super, my writing’s admirable, my reading sweet and discussions with people amazing. Interestingly, I read Library & Information Science and love the aspect of community information which my job focuses on. I took my children to the public library and renew their memberships every year. The last one always participates in spelling bees in the children’s section and comes out tops. I still read my novels and visit libraries. The public library is good for my soul. It must be allowed to exist. Long live public libraries!


I have been collecting cards since I was 6. My favorite Pokemon are Pikachu, Oshawatt, Tepig, and Snivy.


I geek words because without them, you would not be reading this. Words are miracles. They weave stories and enable us to communicate to tell the stories of our lives. Words come in many forms. They allow us to convey our feelings, hopes, and dreams. Words have the power to know our roots and history. Words allow us to travel to the past, the present, and the future. Words give us meaning. Where would we be without words? I am passionate about words!


I have loved carousel horses ever since I was a kid. Now I collect them and have for the last 20 years. I eventually would love to get a antique life-sized carousel horse.


I started watching Doctor Who when I was in seventh grade way back in the 80s. There was almost nothing available in the U.S. except the serialized episodes on public television then. Now, with the internet, and British television on cable, my favorite after school thrill fest is everywhere, and my kids are second generation American fans. Our library is jam packed with DVDs of the series (old and new!) books, audio books, magazines and even comic books and music CDs. We can even check out e-books and e-audiobook downloads!


I love mustaches! Everyday everybody would be talking about them, so I got a couple of mustache shirts, a wallet, and fake mustaches. Now I love them so much!


No one would have described me as athletic or fitness-inclined for 30+years of my life. In fact, I was a bundle of poor health habits. Finally one day, the results of those bad choices wreaked havoc on all levels of my life. I had little choice but to make changes. Over two years, I started a daily walking habit, built up to jogging and now (years later) I run marathons and lead a group fitness program! Resources from my local library help me with every step in my journey. I am forever grateful for those resources and the knowledge I gained from them!


I have been a book lover since I was a just an awkward, shy, kid. It was my elementary school librarian who helped me develop a love of reading when she took the time to introduce me to The Hardy Boys. Now I read almost anything and reading is such an important part of who I am, and it's all because of a few minutes in a library.


When working through my family history, I came across Native American background. Now it's my new Geek thing.


I'm a tarot card reader. I used to keep this a secret. Now I tell everyone and anyone. Most people react one of two ways: with an enthusiastic overflow of questions; or with an enthusiastic eye roll and snort of derision. When I was a teenager I read the entire 133 section of my local library (where all the occult books live). Thank you Sunshine Library for fostering my unusual passion!


We have a book club and read several different authors. I also love that our library also has guest speakers.


Books, DVDs, audiobooks, e-books - I love them all. Regular user of the library - everyone should be! Such a great resource and learning center for the young and old alike. I Geek the Library!


I love technology and I love fashion.


Once I was taught to understand prophecy, I now understand that the Christ returned in 1844, exactly when and where he said that he would. Because people as a whole continue to ignore his teachings, our world remains in a chaotic state until the next Great Purification, which the Hopi prophesied of, the same tribe that prophesied the World Wide Web over 400 years before its advent.


I geek anime because of the multiple types of genres, all kinds of storylines, it can be very emotional, it can be funny, dramatic, and romantic. I have been watching anime since 1998.


I geek movies because of the animation, graphics, special effects, the story lines, the plots, the characters, and the emotions they evoke.


I love connecting the past with the present. It's a hobby that never ends. It is the story of people who persisted and endured and transformed so that I could be here today. It's a beautiful story of life and love and death and everything that happens in between. The library gives me history, databases, census records, newspaper archives, city directories. The library fuels my passion.


My interest in the colonial history of the nation of Guyana between 1790 and 1835 led me to explore its newspapers. I usually transcribe them from microfilm and place them on a web-site with the title noted above. Among the many resources at my local library, its microfilm readers aid my project.


My love of the game is passionate! It's like it's in my blood!


I know a great deal about Love. I learned it first hand from the Bible and from my heart.


I love to take fabric, whether new or pieces of old clothing, and make quilts. They are so nice and warm on a cold winter day

michelle geekshomeschooling

I'm a homeschool mom, professional homeschool blogger, and home education consultant.


I teach a preschool class of children from 2 1/2 to 4 years of age. Everyday is a new adventure with them. I LOVE to read to them. I try to turn each book into an interactive learning adventure. I geek reading to my kids!


I'm so glad I know Jesus and I love getting to know Him more and more! Like a familiar story that never gets old, I love knowing Him and his story (the Bible).


When I was a child, we rarely visited our public library, unless there was a project due. When I started taking my children to the library and checking books out for myself as well, my passion for books began. I geek all genres and even started working in our public library. I love it and feel passionate about the yesterday, today, and more importantly future of our public libraries.


I love the football game: Michigan Wolverines vs Michigan State.


I am 6 years old but my Daddy explained it all to me and I wanted to share!


I've always been a fan of myths, legends, and stories of the fey, wizards, witches, magic and all things supernatural.


I love all kinds of music and decided at the young age of 45 to learn to play an instrument. My daughter found me a banjo for $50 and that is what I am learning. My library had several very good books about learning the banjo and the variety of styles. I also check out music CDs to play along with.


Since I was a boy, with my family watching my Grandpa's 35mm slides up on a screen in his living room, I have loved photography.


Donating platelets, and prior to that whole blood, is one of my passions. Most of us aren't involved in curing diseases, but it is within most everyone's power to save lives, simply by donating blood. Blood cannot be manufactured. It is only available because of generous donors and one-in-four people will need a blood transfusion sometime during their lifetime. To quote one of the Virginia Blood Services' slogans, "If you really want to lend a hand, lend an arm." Please take my challenge & make your appointment today! Thanks!


I love the personal connection to history that my family history gives me.


I am in my late 30s. I hail from North Providence, RI. I'm very modest, reserved and sensitive and a life-long passionate music lover, movie buff, and I appreciate a theatrical production and a good novel.


I got hooked on the HP series thanks to a friend of mine. I was going to have a weekend off and was wanting something fun to read. She suggested Harry Potter, to which I asked, "Isn't that for kids?" She assured me that it wasn't just for kids and it was a great read. I bought the first two books and figured if I didn't care for them, I hadn't lost a lot of money. Needless to say, I had my face in a book all weekend, only stopping to eat dinner with my family! I returned back to the bookstore a couple of days later to buy the third book and then the fourth a couple of days later. Needless to say, between the books and the movies, I became a major Harry Potter geek and I'm proud to say that I still am! My husband and I just returned from England and I went to the Leavesden studios for the Warner Brothers Harry Potter studios tour. When I first saw the Great Hall, I literally started sobbing, it was the most amazing moment of my life. I thought any moment I was going to be called forth to be sorted, even though I already knew I would be in Slytherin! I'm a Potterhead for life!


I've always held a talent and interest in creative arts, whether it would be art, music, dance or pinstriping, I love to look, create, and use my and other's ideas to express.


I'm a full-time college student/part-time pizza delivery driver. With work and studies, I don't always have time to read a 20- or 30-chapter novel. So short-chapter books, like "The Christmas Candle," by Max Lucado, are great books to read.


I've used the Star Wars cycle to tell the story of the Gospels again and again. No, Jesus wasn't a Jedi, but there are forces beyond our understanding and meaningful patterns in our lives that benefit from the classic archetypes. Joseph Campbell made that clear, and his best works are found in my local library.


I am into fiction, both fantasy and mystery.


Exercising, along with nutritious eating habits, is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While I am fond of more vigorous workouts, like zumba and aerobics, walking is simple, free, and a great way to become more active. In my library, there are several books, both for children and adults, that outline some of the most beneficial exercising techniques and tasteful recipes that promote healthful living.


I am passionate about packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child! Anyone can join in and make a difference in a child's life.


I'm a geezer, but also a lifelong learner. The actuality of our world and it's inhabitants is an always-exciting theme for me. Classic Sci-Fi, from the Golden Age has been helping expand my horizons for about sixty years. Libraries at the different places I've lived have always been blessings and oases. Support your local library...for the help of it!


I check out the history dvds and audiobooks that are very informative in the literature that is readily available to me, without the library...I would not have this opportunity at all, to advance my knowledge!


Not just computer technology, although that is my job. I love technology in the underlying sense of the term. A collection of techniques that allow feeble humans to do amazing things. And where do we collect all these sets of instructions (technologies)? Of course you know the answer, at the library!


Life goes by so fast and we are always rushing around and about. The library has always been the perfect place to go to slow down and enjoy myself. Reading helps me escape life and go beyond into my imagination that seems to sometimes disappear if I'm not careful. In finding my dream career the library has been there to better my understanding of web design by having the books I need to read.


I am a pencil pet sketch artist! Using only graphite, I draw animals from photos so that an illustration is personal, and unique resembling the old black and white photography of times past. This is a keepsake that lasts a lifetime. I have shared my passion through people I meet at various programs I attend at the library, and my business has been booming! I also cannot wait to see the latest illustrative design techniques used on new book covers! Yes, I love art, and firmly believe that most people have never stopped to realize that art is everywhere in your local library. From book cover design, to paintings, to graphic arts, to architecture and so much more! If you are an artist too, then I expect to see more of you at the library! We never close our eyes to the wonder of it all!


I am a graphic artist by trade. I use the magazines, and study book cover layouts, and illustrations at the library. It saves me money on buying subscriptions, and I am able to view some of the most updated material. Staying abreast of the latest trends is necessary in my business. I am also fascinated with the collection of art, and the collection of art-related materials at our local library! If I have heard of a title that I think would benefit the library community I appreciate that the staff listens to my suggestions for purchasing materials.


After watching an artist pinstripe classic cars at a car show this summer, I started pinstriping random objects around my house to learn. This year everyone got a coffee mug with a pinstripe design for Christmas. I checked out books from my library to learn the correct techniques and what kind materials to use.


Been a very logical thinker from the youngest of age and as a result 'have been deeply interested in education in general. As a result, I've had a burning in my heart to learn a wide variety of subjects (math, science, history, geography, sociology, the Bible and just about everything in between). As the study of the molecular world through chemistry and physics as well as education in general all have a beautiful place in the study of the brain (of which I am, therefore, most fascinated), I geek neuroscience. And the library has proven to be one of the finest resources of this education I've sought, due to the provision of printed books as well as free internet access.


The library has a lot of nice books to read and internet computers are great. Writing down stuff in the class helps me remember. Our new looks library is pretty cool. More rooms and seated for anyone to kick back and relax here.


Books are how I forget about a bad day. They are my escape from reality. Without the library, I would have no way of getting books, as I have no money. With the library around, I can get one with the flick of a wrist! Also, with the new OverDrive program where we can "borrow" books from home, it's all even easier!


I've always loved reading and when I was old enough, I started volunteering at my local library. I saw how desperately the library needs funds and tried my best to help in every fundraiser I could. I couldn't bear it if my local library closed. That's why I geek volunteering at my local library.


I geek my small town library which is the Lee Ola Robert's Library. I love reading!!!


Ive worked at our library in high school and am working there now! The library and its staff and patrons have been my second family for years and more to come!


I started out as a kid who hated to read growing up but my grandmother told me reading can be fun and can open your mind to a lot of fun and interesting things. I first went to the library when I was in high school. I started volunteering after college and I finally got a job at the library.


The library has helped me to obtain jobs, update resumes, study for an Insurance license, provided aids for my son to read. I LOVE THE LIBRARY. It is a much needed resource. Free DVDs also. ~love it~


Dance is the one place where perfect doesn't exist. There's always a new goal to aim for.


Feminism is for everyone. Many people have misconceptions as to what feminism is. It is not about women hating men or not shaving their legs. Feminism is about breaking systems of oppression. Feminism is an avenue to bring social justice.


Ever since my grandfather and I researched our family history at Waynesboro Public Library, I have been fascinated and intrigued by genealogy and local history.


I have always been interested in him. He has awesome powers beyond compare and he's pretty handsome.


I love trying new things, meeting new people, and going to new places. Everything in life is an adventure, even walking outside your door.


I just passed the CPA board exam in my country and I am starting up my career, first stepstone, being an auditor.


Victorian era + steam-powered high-tech gadgets = the coolest sci-fi I have ever read! It's exactly the kind of place I wished I lived.


I have always been fascinated with other languages. Learning even just a little bit of another person's language makes me feel a little more connected with them.


Children's classic clothing has always drawn me in because little ones and their imaginations remind me of how big the world really is. To sew is my way to create and what is cuter?


Photography became my therapy after my divorce over 4 years ago. Finding God's fingerprints on nature and people calmed/calms my soul. Today I have a Facebook page for all my photos and enjoy the beauty of Holland.


I think that the art of anime and manga is beautiful. I have always loved cartoons as a kid and anime/manga is my favorite type of genre. I love the way the artist make each character look, and how much detail they can put into a story. If you look at the books I have checked out this year I can tell you that 75% is anime/manga.


I love my job! I'm the new public library director for Macon County, TN and I love it! Even though there has been some "You've got to be kidding me!" moments since taking over the directorship in the middle of a construction project, I have great support - not only from my staff, board, and regional staff, but from our community as well. I'm very blessed and I thank everyone for their patience and unwavering support!


I strongly believe in angels. I am able to see little white and blue dots of light anywhere and anytime. That means that my guardian angel is watching over me.


I love to sing because every time I sing I feel alive and free and there's nothing better than singing.


I started blogging a few years back and I fell in love with it. I have always loved to write and it's even better when I'm writing about things that people enjoy reading. It warms my heart to bring enjoyment to others.


I did not think I would end up homeschooling my children, but I cannot separate myself from them for seven hours a day, five days a week. I could not breathe. So I looked into education at home. The library is where I started my offline research. They had an amazing assortment of how-to-homeschool books, which I had read about online. The librarians get me books I want through ILL and/or find me equivalent titles in their collections. We love our local library. I was on the board for six years (max term). :)


As a middle school English teacher, I love words, literature, word games, and the power of 26 little letters.


I love everything about ballet and still take class. I am obsessed with pointe shoes.


Because what's life without a little magic? My dad also geeks fantasy, although he tends to go slightly more for the sci-fi than I do.


I like to knit, easy stuff, but I also like to do chalk painting and make my own Christmas tags. Upcycling is fun. I like unique and wacky things.


My life is reading and theater and when the two come together, it's better than any cherry on a cake.


I love to read christian fiction. Some of the authors I enjoy are Tracie Peterson Judith Pella.


Glee even though to some is just a silly musical show is everything to me. It helped me grow as a person and believe in myself. I love all the characters and creators of Glee and how they helped me find me.


I have taught preschool for fourteen years. My first class is graduating high school this year! We love going to the library every month because they have time set aside just for us! We feel so special to have Playschool Storytime at the Mineola Library each month with Mrs. Mary!


I love Dubuque, Iowa.


My library is the best community meeting place. I can check out the latest book from my favorite author then meet up with my friends at a program and then go for a walk on the walkway or have lunch in the park.


Music is in every walk of life. Christian music helps me connect with God and strengthens me, rock helps me to exercise, piano and bagpipe music helps me relax. I love music!


I love older people. They are so precious even if they have lost a lot of their faculties.


I've read every John Green book and you should too. END OF STORY.


We have a four year old grandson in HI and a three year old granddaughter and 10 week old grandson in TN. Seeing the world through young eyes makes life fun again and brings back wonderful memories of their parents' childhoods.


Because without him, I would be nothing. He has brought me through everything and he is my all and all!


Newfoundlander by birth; I miss the sounds of my childhood!


I was hoping to share my unique story with you that the media has referred to as The Detroit Fairytale. I started out in the assembly line at Ford at the age of 18, where they noticed my creative abilities & I became a resident artist; painting murals within the factories to boost company moral. Twenty-three years later, my efforts are focused on spearheading, what has been referred to by (art) critics, as a "post-industrial renaissance." I use salvaged architectural and industrial materials to create works of art that I believe are relevant to the times as well as region. These creations not only integrate raw, repurposed materials, but also incorporate applications such as floor stains, varnishes, enamels, and oils; materials that either survived or were designed for industry. This IS my life, if I am awake (even in dreams), this is what I'm doing. ;) My art has been receiving media support locally and internationally. PBS has begun production on a sort of documentary of my story and in 2011 I was the featured in Ford Motor Company's "Go Further" ad campaign. More recently, I have completed the official commissioned portrait for Lady GaGa, as well as a piece for Jay Leno's private collection.


I started playing an instrument in 4th grade. Since then, music has been an important part of my life. I've made great friends and have had amazing teachers!


I geek soccer because I have been playing since I was 4 years old.Since I was little I have been making the winning goals for my team and even now I'm still making them.


In addition to being a professional librarian, I am completing my second term as councilwoman for the city of Butler, PA and will be moving forward as I just won a third term in 2013 elections. Both passions are the perfect way of being a part of community solutions.


I am an Electronic Technician. Ever since I was small I use to watch my dad repair all the electrical appliances in our house and I thought that was so cool. I said one day I wanted to be cool just like my dad!


I never knew I was a "dog person" until I adopted my beloved doodle Jack. He's been a great addition to our family.


I am a huge supporter of marriage equality! I like to see everyone comfortable in their own skin - no one deserves to be hated for who they love. Communities need to come together and celebrate all the diversity, rather than ignore it! I grew up in a family that did not embrace differences and some of my family is completely against gays. I want to do something HUGE for the LGBT community! Going to PRIDE events is such a great way to see and connect with the gay community and I want to do something myself that is huge and spreads the word about marriage equality!


Because it's the best.


I love losing myself in a good story. I find an author I enjoy, get a book list, and make a point of trying to find the titles in my library.


In 2011 I saw the trailer of Breaking Dawn part 1. I went to see the movie and from that point I was a twihard! I read every book of the saga and have seen every movie. I am totally in love with the Twilight saga!


Feyenoord is my favorite club.


I have always had a strong desire to help others because of my love and concern for people. That is why I love nursing so much, because it's hands on! In addition to nursing, I also love writing poetry, because you get to put all of those feelings on paper and share with others.


Every year as soon as Halloween is over I am ready to celebrate the Holidays! I start putting up trees in every room of my house. By the end of November, I have up 8 trees, with only the family one left to decorate! I "geek" all the wonderful Christmas ideas I can find in my library.


I love math and I wish to someday do something with math or with art. I just geek both. I bet everyone wishes they could be in a career that has to do something with what they geek. So hopefully I get to.


Ever since I can remember i have been enveloped in the world of animation! Not just the TV shows but the art behind it too. My mom always tells me, "You're going to rot your brain," but the likelihood of that happening is slim to none. I love creating my own characters and letting my imagination wander.


I love the piano. The pitches and the keys. I like to slide my fingers up and down the keyboard. Sometimes I listen to famous pianists like Beethoven,Chopin,Racmanioff, Franz Liszt and my favorite Mozart. My favorite song to play is Piano Sonata No.11 in A major, K 331 I. Andante grazioso.


I grew up in a mysterious world. I liked to look at everything that was bad and good. Like dead roses in the front lawn, I would say they will bloom some day. I turned everything into a mystery so I could some day solve it.


Whether it's aardvarks or ancestry, I love to research it! The library is the best place to start!


Music is my biggest passion, hands down. I have always had a DEEP appreciation for hip-hop especially. I listen to it everyday and write about it on my music blog Hip-Hop is a truly underrated art form, and I truly geek it.


So fun to pick up a knitting book or book that's filled with crafting ideas. If I love it, then I will find a way to buy the book - new or used.


I love to find the most random things and re-imagine or re-purpose them. Showing younger generations that nothing is useless makes me happy happy!


Blogging is soul cleansing.


I like cars because I can push them around.


I started reading in kindergarten. I find books very interesting. I read the whole Harry Potter series and I have read the tales of Beedle the Bard. I geek drawing because I can draw out my emotions.


I've been reading books since I was a very little girl. They taught me to live, to dream, and to believe in happy endings!


I love to watch zombies and I also love to read books and go to the movie theaters. :)


I like that working with needle and thread helps me relax and also creates a beautiful piece at the same time. I wish I had more time for it.


If you love to read, you will love audiobooks! Convenient and compact and you can take it with you everywhere! Audiobooks are my go-to so I can "read" a book wherever I am!


This fall, my Blue Jays have been collecting peanuts preparing for winter. They are hilarious to watch, sometimes collecting a peanut and coming back to get another before eating or storing the first one. I really "geek" feeding them as it is very relaxing watching their antics.


Something about science has always fascinated me. Libraries (in person and online) help make knowledge available when people are ready to learn it.


I like penguins, cheetahs and zombies.


My mom has been taking me to Knoxville Ice Bears games since I was three years old. I even won a fan photo contest and got my picture on the front of their ticket packs one year. I love cheering and singing along with other fans every time they score a goal.


I geek history because I'm passionate about learning where we come from, how things happened and how the future will form.


Since I was very small, I have always loved going to the family cemeteries with my mother, grandmother and great aunts on "Decoration Day" (Memorial Day). They would tell stories about family members and reminisce about days gone by. They are all gone now and my sisters and I have taken on the tradition of planting flowers on all the graves. Not long after my last living great aunt passed away, I became a member of our local historical society and library. The volumes of local genealogy were astounding to me. I traveled the back roads and found so much information in the little cemeteries and I owe a lot of my most successful cemetery searches to our little local library.


I love using the recipes that my mother and mother-in-law gave to me for making family favorites, like stollen bread at Christmas. It reconnects me with that past. Being able to go to my public library and check out books on ethnic cooking allows me to discover new aspects of my own culture but also others. This is something I can share with my two sons.


I can spend hour digging in the dirt planting or transplanting flowers. Also it's a joy to divide perennials and give them away. And the smell of a florist can make my day.


Knitting is my one true passion in life, and the library provides me with research into techniques and materials, historical background, and information on other mediums that help to craft my skill and design work. Without the library, I'd be stuck in stockinette!


I love cars. Old cars, new cars, small cars, I don't really care. I just love cars that go fast. I love the roar of a V8 in the morning. My Corvette makes my 45 minute commute a joy ride. Cogito Ergo Vroom. ;) My library system not only has books about cars, oh no, we go one better. We have a database with all the repair manuals for most (not Lamborghini's etc) cars made since 1984. Need the service manual for your car but don't want to plunk down a healthy chunk of change? Stop by your local library! They may have the same database. It includes printable diagrams! Which is how I fixed my passenger side window issues. Trip to library = $5 of gas, figuring out how to repair window motor with tools in garage = priceless!


I have heard Shakeseare since I was a kid, thanks to my dad. After seeing Twelfth Night performed, I knew that I had found my obsessions. I read Shakespeare all the time and I have even memorized the All The World's a Stage speech (from As You Like It).


If I like anything in life, I geek it. There's no middle ground for me, from Sci Fi and Fantasy to board games to Shakespeare. I also love being around other people who are just as passionate, even if I don't share there interest. Nothing is better than listening to someone talk about what they geek.


Music has always been a thing I turned to no matter what. Through good times and bad, music is always there.


I got hired in a library in my late thirties and I started to love reading. I just can't stop.


I geek cooking and trying new dishes and formats for cooking. Even more fun when you include it in a party and share the experience with others.


I set up a "preferred search" in my state's library catalog for "guitar music," so that any time a public library in RI adds a CD, sheet music, book or video with that subject, I get an e-mail and can request the item to be delivered to my local library. How cool is that!?


I'm in love with studying abroad in the UK. There's so many people here - not all British, and I can't help but fall in love with the lifestyle around my Uni! There's people everywhere dedicated to getting a degree, and it's an atmosphere every geek should experience. Our Anime Society has a ton of members this year, and trying to get to know everyone has been a blessing. I geek this place!


I'm so sick of watching people get bullied at school! I am on a mission to end it. I got with the principals and I'm starting my own Support group. It's time to cut the crap.


As a songwriter I like to make the connections between music that is popular today and music of the past. The more I learn the "language" of music as it was written years ago, the easier it is to understand and share the language as it exists today.


I am an artist helping to save animals' lives in a kill shelter city.


The Public Library system, available to all US residents, has provided me with the greatest array of facts I can research and put together to give realistic and diverse information to the people that I have been "life coaching" and teaching for the last 30 years. The library has been a better friend to me throughout my entire life than some of the humans I have run into.


I love classical music. I love film scores. Everything from Handel to Holst, from Webber to Williams. All my life I have been surrounded by excellent musicians, great teachers, and people who just love music. Some day I hope to compose and/or sing/play trumpet professionally.


I work in a small town library. I love to read and help others find what they want to read. I also love audio books and eBooks.


Ever since the 4th grade I have had a fascination with history. It didn't mater what time period it just had to be old.


I am a mother of five and a grandmother of four. I enjoy family with all the blessings, drama, ups and downs. Spontaneous activities revolve around our way of life. The best things in life are free and so are the happy times and smiles that come our way.


I'm a graduate student and professional Tarot reader from Providence. I geek TAROT!


I'm a library specialist at a community college in southern Louisiana. I love books, and I love reading. But even more so, I love writing. I love writing so much, that I geek it!


Sometimes I visited the library, though working full time most of my life, I often purchased my books. I was injured in 2009 and couldn't keep up my home computer, a laptop I couldn't carry. The local library, Woonsocket Library, saved my life. The librarians were friendly; if I made a dumb, sometimes really dumb mistake, they had someone to assist with the 10 computers. Sometimes it would take several hours to type a communication, then it went blank, they could rescue it from the taskbar, or would sometimes come over to remind me to "save" my work as I typed. I showed up in all conditions, clean though injured, my eye was cut, I couldn't see correctly, Sometimes my shoulder was distorted from operation, always I used a cane for help. It was essential to pay some expenses with the library computer, as paying by telephone incurred $30 expenses. They tried to assist me with the National Grid, I could never log on right. Often they slowly talked me out of literal panic and/or acceptance when I couldn't perform the task I was there to do. They would calmly ask, "what is it you're here for, what are you trying to do." It was a welcoming fashion, they tried to help. Asked me to wait ten minutes they'd be right over, sometimes it was two, three minutes, their expertise with the computer helped me enormously, so much, I am so very grateful. They could go in, access things I didn't understand, ask me the things I wanted, and complete tasks which require advanced computer tech knowledge. I did have computer courses, knew how to navigate my needs, though they went beyond in helping me in 2009, and 2010. I moved, and before I made a permanent home, I often go back to the local library, to set up my home accounts, to fax, to feel secure I can accomplish the things I need. The last move, National Grid kept rejecting my faxes to get the accounts in my name. By this time, I am slow, doggedly slow, persistent to a fault, in trying to fax, going outside to call, then going in again to fax. An elderly man, the father of the library's director, asked me "is there anything I can do?" I asked please, let me call National Grid confirm i am sending these faxes, getting a "ok, sent successfully" confirmation, then National Grid says they don't have the fax or it isn't the document I faxed. He went in, talked to the National Grid until his voice was an octave higher, he reviewed my faxes, finally asked if he could access my folders, which have the information, use his email, and personally/professionally email the documents. He also vouched for me, saying he knew me to visit the library for over two years, what was their concern. The weather here is very cold sometimes, I was weakened from the move, couldn't get the National Grid into my accounts. This man helped me, whenever I can, there is a collection "purse" at the counter, I can leave dollar bills with no problem, if I do have them, rather than get a latte, or treat myself, I do know using a computer at Kinko's is costly. Though I may not be where I was economically, the usefulness of the library, the economic integrity it allows, the humanness of the people who work, attend for their children, help people keeps communities surviving. I am very grateful for the libraries here in Rhode Island, I try to visit the same library, though right now I cant carry books home, I can stop in rest, knowing I have someplace where I started over successfully, with extra help, then normal concerned help, too. Thank you very, very much. If ever they settle this car crash, you will be the recipient of about 10 percent of it, thank you very, very much. I appreciate all you've done, my elderly mom helped me until she is now too old, with advice, home skills, my son was also injured, has begun his own family, thank goodness. He is embarrassed I am not as skilled, though struggling, he is a good dad. His injuries show at times, where I need to help him through parenting, he does like his local library, takes his 3 sons to it. He has two new sons, did have one, making a larger family for himself he says now with a smile, in case I didn't make it. Thank you, GRAZI, to you, the local library, I did.


Passed down through hundreds of generations, the Word of God is awesome! Its history is overwhelming and the stories are mind blowing. I was raised in the church and I spread the message of our loving God to all I encounter.


I love to share information and encourage others. Everyone has something to share; we all have knowledge and sharing is caring. I love teaching adults in the GED program and seeing them grow.


I came to running later in life but find it is a great outlet and opportunity to energize and clear my mind. I coach a Girls on the Run team at my middle school and enjoy sharing my love of running with my students, too!


My 'babies' have left my region for this year, BOOHOOHOO!!!! But I look forward to their return in the spring. Shreve Memorial Library has kept me well supplied with material while the 'babies' are gone.


I love to knit and find most of the best knitting books and magazines at my local library!


My local library is not only a great resource for books on photographic technique and great photo books, it also has nice landscaping. I like to take photographs there, especially in fall.


Painting, drawing, crafting, photography, theater, music, I geek it all. It has defined who I am.


I have always had a fascination for locs and afro-kinky hair. In Spring of 2013 I founded Locs Revolution with the mission of erasing the stigma against dreadlocks and Black hair.


G-Dragon or by his real name Kwon Ji Yong, is a South Korean rapper, singer, songwriter, dancer, lyricist, producer, model, endorser, fashion icon, and is the leader of BIGBANG - a Korean Boy Group


I have been singing ever since I was a little girl, and reading earlier than that. When I was little I went to my cousin's farm about 5 times a year and rode his horses. One day I want to be a professional singer.


I always love to write something, whether it be a children's book or a fantasy story. I hope to one day make people happy with my stories, giving them the joy of reading that I have always had.


My dream is to be a rescue swimmer in the United States Coast Guard. I "geek" them because they are a huge asset to the effort of Search and Rescue. The glamarous part of their job is jumping out of helicopters and rescuing people in severe danger out on the water. On top of that they have to be able to give medical care to anyone they aid. This is a tough job, and they do it for very little pay.


I grew up at sea level on Maryland's Eastern Shore and made regular visits to our town's tiny cinder block library. After a stretch in the city, I moved to the Hudson Valley where I now work as a ski instructor and serve as a volunteer (as a past trustee) at our little library. Libraries connect people, ideas and places. They are open and free. There's no possible downside.


I love God, family and reading!


I love programming and making things work, whether it be applications for mobile devices, web sites, or robots on embedded hardware.


I love anything that has to do with books, movies or TV.


When I first read it, I hated it! Then, I tried it again and it became a huge part of my life. I'm always making references to it, and I learned so much from it! I geek Harry Potter.


And I didn't see one this summer!


I geek words because I am fascinated how we use a couple dozen symbols to explain the myriad ideas we have in our heads to try to get them into other heads, and how each language has its own style and habits, so not everything translates, but we try. I'm so geeky about words I became a medievalist as well as a novelist.


I almost fell in love with a vampire once. Well, if vampires where real I would definitely fall in love with one, but that is just me...ha ha!


I've wanted to catch serial killers my whole life. I've spent hundreds of hours reading about the most famous ones and the many lesser known ones.


We have an artistic side and I express mine on paper through my poetry.


Books are the knowledge of the world, it tears me apart to see a book destroyed in any way. And the word bibliophile is a pretty cool word.


I love ride in new places. Just going out for hours to clear my mind and get some exercise!


Oh the wonders of the woods, but one cannot always access the woods. Finding fairy house books at my local library connects me to nature and creativity and inspires the sense of wonder in this kid at heart!


Game nights are a fun way for local adults to meet new people, have some great food, and learn to play new games for free.


I love music all different kinds of music. My family is the most important thing on earth to me. And I try to carry God with me always.


I work at my local library. In my spare time I like to read YA novels. In the past few years I have been writing YA with the hopes of one day being published!


The genre is a playground for people to share some of the most creative and exciting scenes in film history. The sheer ingenuity of special effects crews are always amazing!


I love being a mom and being able to care for and raise my children!


He is my soul mate.


I have love the Disney movie The Little Mermaid and have fantasized that I was a mermaid like her swimming free in the ocean and having many ocean friends. There would be no rules for me to follow and I could do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I write stories about sea creatures that are like mermaids and I simply love mermaids and the ocean. It is the greatest. That is what I geek at the library.


I greek music because it has always been a part of my life. Singing and listening to music is a pickup and get up to my spirit.


When I was a senior in high school I received a leading role in a musical called Hair Spray as Motormouth Maybelle. My choir teacher gave me the courage to not be ashamed of what may happen and just go for it.


I just started school and I'm truly excited about the things I'm learning. I share with my husband and son what new things I did in school. Learning makes me feel empowered and self efficient. That is something that I am happy to pass on to my child.


A lifelong geek, I always took photos of weather and nature from my geeky point of view. I am always amazed when what I saw came out on film.


I love to cook and am always on the hunt for a new recipe to try. Libraries are wonderful places to find just about anything that you are looking for!


With continual budget reductions and library staff cuts, more and more libraries are forced to operate on smaller budgets, smaller staffs and with less resources. It is my goal to provide knowledge through social media for my community all for the same low price of a library card...totally FREE! Your library card is Information, information is knowledge and knowledge is power!


I geek video games because I am good at any video game and I just like playing. I mostly like killing and driving games.


I like to draw pictures every day especially if I feel depressed and sad.


I feel like an important part of something, like I'm needed in band. It makes me proud, and feel like I have a talent.


Self taught in elementary school and still folding in college.


I help customers buy, sell and rent property in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts.


I like old and different, I even like making my own stuff. Things that really pique my interest are things like streampunk, cosplaying and making all my outfits myself. Streampunk is a theme of the Victorian age with stream and gears; it’s fun because it’s just like cosplaying where I can become something else. With making outfits myself, there won’t be a copy of me anywhere. It’s my retro theme that fits.


I love to play music and dance.


I started writing poetry as a way to cope with mental illness and later shared it with my dad as we both coped with the grief of losing my grandmother (his mother) to Alzheimer's disease. Now it is how he and I connect with each other, it's our special thing.


I believe in supporting your local economy and we have lots of wonderful things made in Louisiana that most locals don't know about.


It's like exploring something that only a select special few get to see. Every dive is unique.


Whenever I feel sad, happy or angry, music is there; it helps me feel better.


Photography filled an empty spot in my life and became something that I love. I devote all my free time to this passion.


I love to play basketball whenever I can. The feeling when you don't let your opponent score is rewarding. But when I score it gives me more drive to play harder.


Geek, nerd, call it what you want, I love any form of doctor from the old ones to the new ones, it's all Whovian to me. David Tennant being my favorite of course, it's all very winnly, wobbly, timey, wimey stuff.


I love cars, they are my favorite thing. When I see a car parked, I check how fast it goes. And when I get older I want to own a Lamborghini.


I'm always looking to try a new recipe.


As a kid I was always the one to dance everytime a song played and I still do it to this day.


I am an assistant librarian in a small small town and I love to read. Fiction, nonfiction, young adult juvenile fiction and juvenile nonfiction and all the way down to easy readers. I like to look at encyclopedias, how-to books, cookbooks even the phone book.


I love reading! I wish I could do it all day long.


I love vampires. The different stories that people come up with is what got me interested in reading books. If it hadn't been for books, then I don't know if I ever would have been so passionate about reading. The differences in writing styles is absolutely amazing. Some say vampires just get weak in sunlight, others that if they don't wear a spelled piece of jewelry or sunscreen that they will burn up. And some vampires just can't stand it because it makes them ill. All of these different twists and turns is what makes vampires so amazing to me.


I love pretty much every fictional book I've ever read. If there's a chance for me to visit a world that I can't access anywhere else, I'm all in.


(Still being written) I geek Doctor Who.


I love the deer, the ducks, the herons, the eagles and the egret.


I love Lake Cadjaw in Honesdale, PA. Lake Cadjaw was formed by the D & H Canal Company that brought coal to NYC in the 1800s. It is a georgeous place to sit back and relax. Mother Nature at her best!!


Pottery, writing, photography . . . these are the things that get my geek on and make me feel creatively fulfilled and satisfied!


I just love studying it!


I love ordering books online at my new ocean view library in Encinitas. They email me when they are ready to pick up and I read all sorts of authors. My library can locate books from all libraries in California and it's great to see when I can look forward to receiving them. The pick up area is tagged by last name and really fast when checking out with their new computers. I love the drop box outside.


The more I learn about biology and the chemistry behind it, the more amazed I become! There is still so much more that we do not know - an entire frontier within our genes and inner workings.


I'm a hometown Oklahoma girl and I love anything creative...movies, photos, the written word, music, art. You name it! I share this love with my 6 year old daughter and anyone who will listen.


I take yoga at the library. I meet nice people at the library and can find all the books and DVDs I can check out at the library. Most mornings you will find me at the library doing something I geek so that is why I geek the library.


When I was younger I used to stand on stage a lot, mostly with a microphone in my hand. Still I feel the prickling feeling when I get near to one.


Anything that has to do with lovey-dovey-mushy happy endings are my favorite. Who doesn't love a good romance once in a while?


I love performing and expression as a mime!


I learned to knit by watching my grandmother and aunts. Across from my grandmother's house was a small rural library. I loved to go there as a kid and would habitually check out copies of The Magic School Bus and as I aged, I continued to scour the library for everything they had. That teeny library is responsible for my love of reading, I'd say.


I work at a few libraries in Rhode Island and I am loving promoting geekthelibrary! When I am not working, I find myself watching shows like Haven, Doctor Who, and Supernatural. As far as books go, I love Michael Crichton and Neil Gaiman!


Better than a vacation. Rain falling, snuggled in bed or some comfy clothes, phone off and a good piece of fiction. Ahhhh.


I start my day and end my night creating with polymer clay. I went to a week long summer camp and learned to use polymer clay and haven't stopped creating.


While I think our society is amazing and wonderful in its complexity, I also believe it makes us very vulnerable. I love making myself more self-reliant by learning to grow and preserve food, cook with a solar oven, and keep food, water, and fuel on hand "just in case". The family joke is, "After the zombie apocalypse..."


Not just any board game. There is a whole niche market of board games for board game enthusiasts which has largely been underground but has been growing of late. Board gaming stimulates the mind, provides outlets for social interaction, and unlike video games, they often don't lose their value with a new system. And they're fun, challenging, confrontational, cooperative, simple - whatever you're in the mood for. There is a game for it.


I just moved to this community a few months ago and quickly discovered the local library. I had opted not to have cable TV but do own a set which includes a built-in DVD player. The library has been a wonderful, friendly, helpful place to find great movies, TV series and documentaries for me to enjoy in my spare time. I also have discovered a love of painting and drawing and of course, find plenty of reference and instructional materials at the library. They know me on a first name basis, and I them...what a welcome to my new neighborhood!


I think it’s very important to learn about the history of your own country as well as the countries your nations had a war with over the years. I think we should forgive them for they cannot be held responsible for what their forefathers have done and not argue with each and not to look down on one and other.


The sun has always regenerated my spirit. I love everything connected to sunshine. The beaches, sand, water, warm air, swim attire, the families laughing and having a good time. The plant life that beautifies the planet during the seasons. The festivals playing all through the year. And just, laying out under the sun's warmth, and just enjoying this life.


When I prepare my own food, I know what I am eating. Therefore, I can be certain I am not eating processed food and it's also more economical.


As a new, online addition to the public libraries in Rhode Island, we're passionate about helping others geek what they geek!


I geek computers.


It's pretty legit.


I have no major league team loyalty, I just love everything about watching live baseball. I've even been known to keep a scorecard on more than a few occasions!


I love my library. They support me and know that I love to read. They all know me by name, and read there twice a week even though I take home five books. I love to read. I have also started volunteering there. My dream job.


It all started when I was in my high school's choir; I was an alto. When we would learn a new song to sing, I would write the notes. Later I would try and play them on the school's piano. When my parents saw that I had a interest in the piano, they bought me my own keyboard. Now I'm taking piano lessons and learning how to play sheet music.


Since I was a child, my fascination was with mimes and how they send a message with actions and movements. In college, my theatre major got a chance to see a famous mime do his performance...thinking maybe someday that's what I’d like to do! Now I'm a young senior baby boomer who does my own mime routine and continues to use the library as my geek source! You can find out more about AmyBeth and pictures at AmyBeth Parravano/


With good tires, clear sunsets and great music, why not geek a relaxing drive!


In books, films and television, I love a good plot that makes me think about what happened and why. I guess it's the English major in me coming out; stories are a lens through which we view the past, present and potential future. Stories are a medium for philosophical discussions, warnings and hope. I geek them hard.


I read almost everyday. It's my chance to escape to my own little world. I become the character in the book and no longer remember about my everyday struggle. The public library gives me this chance to be someone else for a bit wheb I can't afford my own books.


The Cybils awards are given each year by bloggers for the year's best children's and young adult titles in various categories, nominated by the public. This year I'm the blogger in charge of the Middle Grade sci fi/fantasy!


I love tryng to solve them.


I drive one hour every morning to my teaching job and another hour home each night. I love the public library website where I can organize my reading list and request books on CD. I receive a phone call and then drive by and pick the book up—simple and no loss of valuable time. I'm sharing my love of listening to books with my students as well when I bring the books into class and play excerpts of our high school novels for them. The library has made reading come alive for me again. Yeah!


When I was little, I read my first Marvel comic and fell in love with all the superheroes. My particular favorite was Captain America. The goodness that was in him and his constant willingness to sacrifice himself for everyone else was a reminder that some people can still truly be good.


I find the tradition that began in Dartmoor, England, to be fascinating! The hobby has transformed in North America, and has just celebrated its 15th birthday! So carve a stamp, open your logbook, and go plant a lock and lock with them inside for others to find—in the woods, near the shore, or even at your local library!


Recently, I've become more and more intrigued by musicals—of new and old origin. The stories in them are just beautiful and they're gorgeously portrayed.


I recently fell in love with 'Doctor Who' and have been completely obsessed with the entire series. David Tennant and Matt Smith are amazing! When I was a kid, 'Harry Potter' was my escape from the bullies in school. Harry, Hermione and Ron saved my life. I have always had an obsession with felines and currently have five. And hopefully one day I will become a writer and get to share my own stories with the world!


Did you know the city's official Latin motto (written after a catastrophic 1805 fire) translates to 'We hope for better things; it shall rise from the ashes'? How beautiful is that?


I have been curious about my family's roots as long I can remember. I love doing customs like high tea and pulling christmas crackers. My friends like to tease me by calling me 'Lady York' because I know fun facts about the royal family, about England and about English and Celtic history.


Learning is important to me, and always will be. The libraries in my life have always been an invaluable source of research and entertainment for me, and I plan on working in them to pay back that favor!


I can't save them all, but in a country this great there is no reason why thousands of innocent animals should be euthanized every year. We as a country are better than that. I believe we must care for those you can't do for themselves.


I love Cimarron, New Mexico a small green community nestled into the Rockies at the beginning of the plains with streams, horses, bison and honest people. The mountains and horses give me gratitude to God for the gifts in healing I can share. I need horses, their smells, dark eyes and power to give me back energy to help those God gives me in their bodies.


Hello my name is Mike. I have an interest in ephemeral film, non-fiction films usually made for educational, industrial, or promotional purposes. I particularly like ones made between the 1940s and the 1980s The different ideas and issues in these films always turns me back to the library.


I love writing. However, with most writing I do there is an audience on the other end that is influencing how express myself. Not so with blogging. When I blog, I feel like I am writing into the limitless void. I do not know where my writing is going and I do not know what it does when it gets "there". But more importantly, I am awed by what treasures they pick up on their journeys and the souvenirs they bring back when ever they come back for a visit. As you can see, I feel like once I write them, my blogs take on a life of their own.


Ever since I was young I'd do flips and the splits. One day I stumbled into a dance class signed-up and I've been doing acro since (approaching my 4th year). I love performing and practicing acrobatics, it is the best thing ever!


My husband bought me my first dirt bike in January 2013. I'm hooked! At first I was scared, but after practicing every weekend I really enjoy riding. It forces my mind to focus on just one thing and I find that to be very therapeutic. We took the bikes on vacation and had a blast! I can't wait for more adventures in the future!


I have a fascination for the language and have been teaching myself for years.


My sisters read anime, so I picked one up and I just love them. It doesn't really matter which type they are, anime is just so fun to read.


I LOVE Harry Potter!


I'm mainly interested in the history of NYCs Five Families and Sicilian heritage.


I love to learn how to do new things from crafts to technology to fixing the sink. There isn't much you can't do with a little knowledge and the will to try.


I am a teenage otaku who fell in love with Japan when I was 10 or 11. I have learned a few words in Japanese, and I love anime and manga. I am a fanfiction authour for the things I love and I like to meet other otakus (Japanese for geek/nerd) like me.


When I was eight, me and my older cousin would go skating at a roller rink. I was horrible at it and I thought I would never get the hang of it. But I pushed myself to the limit for six years. Now I'm like the best skater ever. I love skating so much it's like addiction.


I went to my friend's house and met her chickens while I was there. I instantly fell in love with them and started begging my parents for chickens as soon as I got in my mom's car. Now I have four beautiful chickens (Kiki, Lola, June and Sumer) that I love!


While I am a dog person, I recently discovered parrots and just cant get enough of these wild, beautiful, comic creatures! We now have 3 parrots living in 'our flock' and every day is an adventure with these special birds!


My mom had got me into braiding hair and I enjoy it so much I decided that is what I want to do for a living. Braiding everybody together.


I was once a person left for dead, no one believed that I would ever have a purpose. I've found that I can help others to recognize that with a little help they can do anything. Even read! Adult literacy tutoring makes a difference.


Lobsters & steamers & corn on the cob & sailing & waterskiing & swimming & saltwater taffy & beautiful sunsets & beaches all on the one island where I grew up.


I have been teaching and performing piano for over 40 years and have been able to learn something new every day when I read a piece of music.


It's something that my whole family enjoys and we do together!


As a young man, I got into Tae kwon do for the challenge of it all. It became apparent to me early on that it would be my true vocation in life; to become a master instructor. With over 28 years of teaching this empowering art form to thousands of students, I have learned as an instructor that your students are the reason you can continuously better yourself. The student forces you to learn how to grow and be better. Helping students, both young and old alike, learn how to empower themselves to realize their own dreams and achieve their own goals, is the best gift you can ever hope to receive out of life. It is the greatest give and take.


The Harry Potter books became a phenomenon as I was growing up. My father and I would read the books in a single sitting, and discuss them for hours on end, until we had made "official" predictions for the series. These books piqued my interest in fantasy as a genre. Rich in symbolism, character-development, magic, and lyrical prose, fantasy epitomizes great literature. Soon, I learned to write my own stories and read critically. I finished college with my B.A. in English, and started working at the library. Currently, dad and I are discussing "The Song of Ice and Fire" series by George R. R. Martin. I hope we never stop sharing those magical tales with each other.


This is not so much a story as an ongoing challenge. For a "super senior" type person (way over 65) I am constantly amazed by the weird and odd things computers do AND can do; I’ll never learn even a quarter of it. However, I geek talking computers with geekers far more advanced than I in how to get around and foil the idiosyncrasies of computers while cursing computers and their crashes, blanking outs, warnings and just their foibles. Thus, do I the Captain of my Compu-Ship claim my geeking spot as, El Camino Real geeks geekers! Ho-le!


I'm a huge vampire fan. The Silver Kiss was the first vampire novel that I ever read and it gave me the love for vampire books I have today!


Years ago I took up running. Among other things, I loved the feeling of euphoria I received from the release of endorphins. Older now, not wanting to tax my skeletal structure and inspired by both Bryson’s book "A Walk in the Woods" and the movie "The Way," I have begun hiking. I must admit the slower pace was a little difficult to get used to; however, the multifaceted benefits are there. I especially love being out in nature for long periods of time in all kinds of weather.


For as long as I could remember I had a passion for music. Now that I'm older I found a violin class at my school and instantly fell in love with the orchestra. Now I have my own violin and I will always play the violin.


I started writing poetry when I was ten years old.


I am been in love with horse. I have ridden a horse more than 40 times.


I love to write. I have finished one novel and I'm in the process of trying to publish it. I am also a teenager.


I stumbled on to Sudoku puzzles. I have solved other kinds of puzzles and I love numbers; Sudoku’s contain both. I can do various types of puzzles. I do puzzles daily, whether they are in books, in newspapers or online. I introduced these puzzles to my family and they do them regularly as well.


I received my first preserved butterfly several years ago for Christmas. It was a Charles Darwin butterfly. I was enchanted by such a thing as I am a lover of the natural world and butterflies.


I began decorating cakes several years ago when my children were younger so that I could bake them beautiful and creative cakes. Then the whole cupcake craze kicked in and I was hooked! I love how one little hand held sweet can put such a big smile on faces. The flavor combinations are endless and I can show my creative side! Every day I look at Pinterest for ideas, and I have closets full of sprinkles, cupcake wrappers, candies and decorating tools. About two years ago I made a French toast flavored cupcake and my sister-in-law gave me business cards with my new nickname, The Cake Architect. The library is a big resource for cookbooks, design inspiration and guidebooks on how to photograph my cupcakes and make them tastier. I geek cupcakes!


I have loved books for as long as I can remember and have always had a library card. I don't know what I would do without my books!!


I fulfilled a life-long dream when I moved to the country. I wanted to try my hand at raising farm animals, but didn't know where to begin. A rural library program helped me realize I was not ready for the expense of horses. The conversation at the library's coffee hour introduced me to the idea of goats, small, docile, and great eaters of unwanted brush and brambles. I borrowed every book I could find on goats, narrowed my preferences down to Tennessee Fainters, and now thoroughly enjoy raising goats and spending time in the fields while they munch down the poison ivy.


I'm not old enough to have experienced Radio's Golden Age from 1930 to 1950. I can however discover CDs of the old time shows like Superman or Suspense by checking them out at the library. I can also read about the radio stars and how the shows were put together, especially the great sound effects that motion pictures still use today.


Ever since I was little I always loved the anime lifestyles of every single character I came to know.


I am an aspiring writer that will be getting a book published very soon. I am also a teenager.


I've been fond of stories about magic ever since I was a kid. Places filled with powers that you could call upon and save yourself. I later found that my magic was reading.


After watching a few soccer games and seeing the energy both on and off the field, I WAS IN LOVE. I found more than a sport; I found a passion. I saw that passion in the fans more than any other fanbase of any other sport. That passion and intensity flows through anyone involved, whether playing or watching. If I had to compare it to anything, I'd compare it to finding a religion. Something touches you, you find it healing, and you start to base your life around certain foundations of that religion.

It's not called "The Beautiful Game" for nothing. The sport itself is beautiful. Beautiful plays, beautiful goals, and yes, beautiful players and (some) fans. Nothing has demonstrated the equality sports can provide more than soccer. Anyone can play the sport. It doesn't matter if you're scrawny and 5'2", or muscular and 6'5". You don't even need proper equipment. You can play anywhere with any particular round object! You can play by yourself, just by juggling the ball. I have seen soccer break down the barriers of language, race, politics, creed and color, that we otherwise buildup.


In the past century, there have been governments that have burned books, outlawed certain literature, and even closed all libraries. Even in America, there are uncountable cases of schools banning books, even classics like Huckleberry Finn. Despots recognize that literature, and the reading of it, is one of the most powerful tools for spreading ideas, public awareness of issues, etc. I geek the liberty our forefathers promised us. The liberty to read and promote the ideas that are important to me, and the values I hold dear, without censorship or monitoring. The library is one of those liberty links that cannot allowed to be broken.


My whole life, since the day I was born, I have loved to learn and explore. Every day I am acquiring new skills! I am always bursting with questions about the whole world around me; I want to unlock the world's mysteries.


I have always been interested in technology and computers. From a young age I was always tearing things apart to figure out how they worked. This severed me well in my ten years as a United States Air Force and the library was always a place I could go to lean more.


Blogging is a real place where you can express yourself and let out what is on your mind without feeling like you're bothering someone.


When I was seven, I found the old Boxcar Children series in my library's kids' section. I WAS HOOKED! I think everyone has to find one series in their life that they love and the library can help with that.


I love letters, words, communication, the beauty and power of typography and design, and everything we can build and bridge with letters as our building blocks. Letters are the fundamental particle of our emotional, intellectual universe.


I've always loved comics, books, cartoons/anime, and costumes. I went to my first convention in 2003 and was blown away by everything, especially the costumes. Several years later, I bought a costume to wear and became addicted to costuming/cosplay. Not long after, I taught myself how to sew and now make my own costumes. I've even made a few for others! It's become a way of life!


I love to coupon! My passion began during my graduate school years when a classmate of mine introduced me to the couponing world! I saw how much one can save and being a student with loans...I needed to find out how to save! This has been a great hobby of mine and I enjoy it! Every Sunday I look forward to the newspaper and even search online for coupons.


I geek Pretty Little Liars even though most adults see it as merely a form of entertainment for youth. I see it as an outlet for teens to gain more confidence in themselves. They're also more likely to pick up a Pretty Little Liars book on the go and compare it to the show.


I love to take pictures of the smallest flower to the biggest mountain.


I picked up my first uke at a pawn shop and couldn't put it down. Learning how to play was fun and exciting and it has only gotten better!


I am eleven years old, and love to write! I am a huge geek for it. Writing is my escape, and whenever I can I make up stories. I hope to be published!


As a kid I always loved riding my bike around. When I learned to drive, my bike was forgotten until I started dating someone who liked to stay fit. We bought bikes together and I rediscovered my love. I no longer am with the person I dated, but still have the same bike frame and have added more bikes.


I think everyone should have a passion whether it is reading or excercise or helping others. Find what moves you and MOVE THE WORLD.


My library is a great source for finding out about different breeds of horses, stories about horses, how to work with horses and different training methods. It's my one stop reading place about horses!


I started playing and my dad said let's go to the library and check out the books that you need for school. When I got done checking out and got to get a bookmark and found this website, that's how I got here.


I love animals, they are so cute. I would love to ride a horse one day!


My grandmother was an artist drawing illustrations for department store catalogs. She has always been my inspiration to be an artist. Using her inspiration and my love for art I try to pursue my dreams as well as acknowledge others.


I have loved helping people since I was a little girl. I became a nurse because I like to help people. Every day I know that I am helping some living a happy life. Putting smiles on faces and seeing laughter makes my day.


Worked as a proofreader for over 5 years now, love reading and grammar, linguistics and research! On my way through library science now!


I love shoes. "Love" would be an understatement; a problem is would be the right way to put it. Food makes you to fat, clothes get worn out, but shoes always fit and they always look good. I love inexpensive shoes even more than brand names, colors and styles. Shoes are fun and look nice and they are what I geek.


I have loved photography since I was eight years old and wanted a camera for my 9th birthday. I got a cheap $1.00 camera from the Dollar Tree. Then I gave up on it for a while until it came to my 7th grade year. I started 4H and one of the clubs was a photography club and that restarted my interest in photography. I entered three contests – after much encouragement from my mom and grandpa – and won second place on three of my entrees.


I am passionate about crocheting with all kinds of threads and fibers. I saw my grandmother crochet and know it's a great way to express creativity. I started crocheting when I was a child. I feel that every fiber of my being revolves around it; I'm lost with out it. My life flows when I feel productive and can produce something of beauty. I hope I inspire others to crochet. The library has so many books to teach you how to get started. They also have the advanced and more creative books as well, which show new teachings and innovative ways to use crochet. Some books even have free patterns. What else could be better that getting free patterns? Peace, love and crochet.


I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt and all of his movies and TV shows.


I have a cat while all my friends have dogs.


I have been a fan of horror novels and movies since the age of three. I've been called weird and accused of being obsessed with horror and death. As for the supernatural, I also love those kinds of books, movies, and TV shows. I love ghosts, hauntings, stuff like that. Oh, and I also absolutely LOVE anything to do with vampires!


I love fonts. I love the shapes of letters and how SIZE and s p a c i n g change the message. I love how a typestyle can evoke a feeling and alter the weight of a word. Letters, l e t t e r s, LETTERS!


I love to take melodies--any melody, classical or current--and work them in jazz, blues or straight performance. A favorite composer is Borodin. It's fun to play his melodies straight, then gear them up to jazz, blues or even Caribbean rhythms.


I listen to books at work while others are listening to music.


I am six years old and I love animals. We have cats at home and my friend Debbie has dogs and horses. I can read about all kinds of animals at the library and sometimes they have a programs and bring animals to the library to touch and learn about. Miss Heather at the library helps me pick out books sometimes.


I love everything scrapbooking. I love the paper, flowers and family memories. I know that someday my grandkids will look back at these photos to enjoy the art and story of our family. I do it to preserve our family history and express my creativity. My kids love looking at themselves and remembering the fun we are having during this thing called life. The library has scrapbooking books and cricut cartridges you can take home and return. The average cartridge is $39.00 in the store. Free is a great bargain during these economic times.


If you geek genealogy, the library is the best place to be. As more and more records and indexes get digitized, it becomes very expensive to keep private subscriptions to all of the database providers. The library subscribes to multiple databases which you can access for free. Also, the staff helps with guidance on sources online and in print.


Quite a few years ago, I took a Zumba class at my local YMCA and loved it. However, I could no longer afford membership there and missed my Zumba classes. Years later, one of my friends posted on Facebook that she was going to a Zumba party in a nearby town. So, I decided to 'crash' it. I had a great time and after the party, I met the instructor and she informed me about when and where her classes were held. I've been a regular for years and I geek Zumba because it's fun. I love socializing, dancing, and it's stress relieving! I take classes five times a week now!


I'm obsessed with music. I'm the only 19 year old I know who listens to NPR for fun and travels over two hours to hear Mahler's 2nd symphony performed live. My library has a great CD section! I've also spent much time in their music reference section. I've gained so much knowledge there. I'm sure I will continue to utilize my library's resources my whole life.


I have just started quilting in the last few years and the library has provided me with contact info for local quilting guilds, the best videos and books that teach different techniques. I could never afford all these items on my own, and with my library card the library supports my love of quilting in different ways.


This summer has been very exciting. First we find a baby duck, which got stuck in a tangle of weeds and didn't know how to get out. We obviously couldn't leave it there so we had to get it out. After two hours of trying he finally got out. We then called my mom to come pick us up and to help figure out what to do with this duckling. We decided we had no other choice but to keep him until he can defend himself. We have housed him for about two months now. He is happy and loves following our dog around. He is now fully feathered and is learning how to fly. Our Dino duck is ready to go to the local pond with all the other ducks to see a lady who feeds them every day. Dino, like most mallard ducks, is going to fly south for the winter. Maybe, after his flight south he might even pay us a visit!


I'm a freelance artist, I just love reading comics and making art.


I don't worry too much about where I am or who sees me; I'm a guy and I love to work with yarn, whether it’s knitting, spinning, or the occasional crochet project. I love yarn's tactile qualities; it can be soft and sensual, it can be rustic and a bit 'granola,' it can be vibrant or soothing, it can be pliable and shaped into anything I decide, and at times it can be a challenge to use convincingly. Yarn inspires me with both its simplicity and its possibility. It teaches me about the process behind the things that we buy and own, and connects me to different segments of society I never would have imagined – teachers, retailers, designers, farmers, bloggers, artists, fashionistas, biologists, mathematicians – men and women of many backgrounds, children and elderly alike. Working with yarn has made conversations with complete strangers possible, even for this shy guy. Yarn allows me to multitask; it has even helped me sit still long enough to read a few books. It connects me to my world, as well as giving me my own little place to go and hide. I love that my local libraries make some excellent knitting and spinning resources available when I need them.


In high schools, community groups and in libraries. I love open discussions were people talk, listen and learn from reading books.


I geek Harry Potter. I've gotten so into the story that I listen to the books on tape now. The copy I borrowed from the library was subsequently eaten by my bulldog, immediately after I had put in an application for employment. They did hire me, but I of course had to replace the copy.


I am a nurse and I love helping the ones that come into my life. I love helping all my family and friends when they need me.


I have always enjoyed the library. I take my nieces and grandson there now. I have even read the "Box Car Children" to my adult child and my grandson. They loved it. A good way to spend quality time with kids, build reading skills and it opens a child's mind.


My name is Francis and my story starts about a kid born and raised in Ireland. I grew up by the ocean and my best memories where fishing and camping and these memories tie me to my beliefs. I believe the best things in life are free. If you look back to your best childhood memories chances are nature was part of it. Back to my story, I left Ireland at the age of 13 kicking and screaming as I loved Ireland and missed my childhood buddies. In Ireland I owned the block and there was not one person that did not know the Smyth family. I got lost as a child when I came to Canada and due to a learning disability I lost my voice. That being said, I was not always welcomed by others and for those that took the time to know me, I compensated with humor and love. My mother was a gifted writer and loved reading and my father was gifted with self pride, stood his ground for what he believed. He was a strong minded stubborn person and it took me to the age of 42 to totally understand why standing for what you believe takes a strong man.

So why join the geek club at 43? Well, because I am on a journey that does not have an agenda and it involves a motorcycle, a hammock and nature. As a kid from a family of 4 boys and 1 year growing up with little money we were blessed with freedom and nature. From tree forts to homemade kites we learned to use our hands and imagination and everything we learned was from trial and error. With that said, my motorcycle has taken me to places in nature that reminds me of my childhood. Today I sit at the Zion Public library in Utah and for the first time in my life (my mum will be smiling) I have realized that libraries are amazing. A peaceful place that promotes healthy living and again like best thing in life it’s free. My last stop was in Sedona and every morning I would go to the Holy Cross Chapel for prayer. Now that I am in the Zion Canyon I will go to the public library to read in silence.

Let me leave you with a prayer from my grandmother whom I miss dearly. If you have food on your table and a roof over your head let you pray you have nothing less and let you pray you ask for nothing more. Thank GEEK for taking the time to allow people to share their story.


I love to learn about our world through the words of other world travelers. Go beyond the ordinary life - read books from your local library.


Lived in Sitka, Alaska (from NY) on an internship for my Art History degree, where I got my first tattoo, a Tlingit raven. I camp every summer, read like crazy, travel as much as I can, and can't live without music.


I love theater because it's a great outlet. I don't have to be myself for a couple hours and I get to hang out with outgoing fantastic people with whom I share the same interests. I love theater because it's live entertainment. All the magic is happening right then and there. I love theater because I can relate to a character when I'm down or sad. I love theater because there is something for everyone. Whether it's acting, singing and dancing onstage or working with lights, music, costumes, scenery, makeup, hair and more backstage. I love theater because it has brought me out of my shell and made me discover what I want to do in life and what makes me happy.


I like to read, a lot. I read science fiction, and I read fantasy, and I read mystery novels, and I read romance novels, and I read adventure novels, and I read adult contemporary novels. I read non-fiction. I read YA fiction. I read picture books. If I owned all of the books that I have read, or wish to read, I would quickly run out of money and then space. As a result, I love libraries. Access to a library, for me, is not a luxury, but a necessity.


I love salsa dancing with a passion because it is exciting, riveting, romantic, passionate and much more. I'm learning Spanish also to make me more one (if that is even possible) with the dance.


I geek a bunch of things: music, books, LOTR, Firebird, Starwars, mysteries, sci-fi, poetry, writing, dancing, my siblings, my friends, knitting, crocheting, Finding Nemo, and many more. I love listening to music any time of day. LOTR, Firebird, and Star Wars are my favorite series. I love reading books, especially sci-fi and mysteries. All the rest of the things I mentioned are thing I love. To be truthful, I think that everyone has more that one thing to geek about. They just need to stop and realize it.


I love to cook because it is the most important job in the world. I love to cook because I love food. I love to think about combining textures, flavors and colors; I think about it a lot. I get ridiculously excited when I come up with an idea for something new to make. Cooking dinner is one of my greatest pleasures in life. I believe cooking is like creating art, you use your imagination and creativity.


I love to take pieces of fabric in various colors and watch as they transform into a beautiful quilt. It's really relaxing and it makes me smile.


I love to listen to music. I visit the library every day and grab a CD. I even listen to music while I read!


My husband volunteered at our local library teaching computer classes. I had always been a book lover, but thought of libraries as dated and "fiction only." Now I work at the library because I love being there so much!


I love gardening, canning and the idea of a self sustaining homestead! My husband and I help our aunt and uncle with their small farm. We raise cows, pigs and chickens (both for meat and eggs) and have vegetables galore - plus fruit trees! I'm learning what it takes to care for our own bees so we can not only enjoy the honey but also assist our garden in producing its best fruits and vegetables. Now, if we only had time to add a dairy cow or two I could make my own cheese!


I am a writer and I read the dictionary by keeping bookmarkers in 4 or 5 different letter sections; i.e., words beginning with the letter "S" and that way it is not a daunting task. It's interesting to learn word derivatives and I enjoy reading vocabulary books because it's learning via osmosis--the words just pop out (usually appropriately) as intelligent, articulate conversation.


I am a mechanical engineer working with robots in factories. I also enjoy getting kids excited about technology and engineering!


I love working a piece of polymer clay in my hands and transforming it into something fun and whimsical that will make people smile.


I love to read them because they are so easy to get into.


I love getting tattoos and piercings. My first piercing was when I was 16 and once when I was 18 when I acquired five more piercings. I got my first tattoo when I was 18 and after it healed I continued to visit my favorite shop in Cadillac, Michigan called Perfect Tattoos. I now have seven tattoos I want and need more, but it costs money to do them. That’s my story.


I love spending time in the 582.16 section of the nonfiction collection at the library. It's fun to learn to identify trees and find out how they are so important to our lives. Trees symbolize strength, courage and endurance to me. I try to encourage others to care for trees too.


I am a nurse and I love to help people who are sick become well from the medicine and comfort measures that I provide. Helping healing hands.


I love being a mother. I feel guilty about working so much and not being available to send quality time with my daughter. We have mother and daughter day and that seems to help with spending quality time together.


I love painting and I like to read about all kinds of art. Recently I have become interested in Salvador Dali and everything about his life. I also like movies and I believe I have seen all of Brad Pitt's movies, he is my favorite actor.


I love salsa dancing! I go out salsa dancing at least three times a week. As well as teach private lessons and sometimes group lessons. It's a great way to express yourself, let off some steam, meet people and have fun with friends. One of my favorite things about salsa dancing is that regardless of what language you speak we can understand each other on the dance floor!


I'm obsessed with the gym. I love to workout seven days a week. I once weighed 65 pounds heavier and now I'm a healthy new person. I love the feeling and sense of accomplishment leaving the gym sweaty, but strong. Whenever I feel like skipping I look at an old picture of myself and I'm off to the gym again!


Everything about the ukulele, from its warm tone to its vibrant sound evokes feelings of love and happiness. I have been playing for just under a year and already know almost all the chords and can play anything I want.


I geek music because it has a lot of different beats and you can also make your own kind.


I geek designing; my dream is to one day become an interior designer. I want to create new spaces and transform them into unique and different spaces. I love drawing; it is one of my biggest passions in life. I love to express myself and play with colors, textures and different materials used to designing something new! Drawing also relaxes me and develops my imagination to create new spaces and experiment with new ideas in my art. My dad has a small construction company and my dream is to be a great designer so that he and I can start a company.


I love Urban Style Ballroom Dancing. I participate in the dance at least two to three times a week. I usually dance at Al's Place which is for mature adults. It's good exercise, you meet great people and have loads of fun. See you on the dance floor!


I am three and a half and I geek making up my own stories since I could talk. My mom would make up bedtime stories for me and now I make up bedtime stories for both of us. It is a fun way to learn new words and use my imagination.


Beanie Boos have been my passion since I was six. I've always liked them and I now I have 15 Beanie Boos. I care a lot about them.


I love the feelings of being a mother. Since I was very young, I always hoped to be a mother especially since I have no brothers or sisters. Now I have two daughters and I love caring for my daughters. I give them everything they need without expecting anything in return. They do not need to say “thank you mother” because they are part of me and I always advise them to do better in their lives. I geek being a mother and these feelings often overcome me and happy tears fill my eyes. Hearing my daughters say “I love you” to me and seeing kindness in their hearts every day with honest feelings are the most pride I expect in my life. Being responsible for whom they are become and their value fills me with confidence. It is a wonderful thing to be a mother because my daughters are the lights of my life.


I love to learn everything that is useful in my life because every time I learn something new, I feel like I am the happiest person in the world. Therefore, I love going to school every day because it has many subjects that I have to learn about such as history, math, science and etc.


I love to crochet and tat for charity projects like the 1st Covenant Church Hat and Mitten Pantry, Project Christmas, and Northern Lights Church. I also make baby blankets for friends.


Most people wouldn't be able to tell by my appearance, but I absolutely love anime and video games. I'll leave out copyrighted names but in the last month alone I've watched over 200 episodes of a particular anime. I used to pick on my older brother for his love of this stuff but sure enough the more I watched it the more I loved it.


I've always been infatuated with vintage trinkets, not like 90s vintage, but like 40s and 50s vintage. I hope to have a vintage inspired wedding one day.


The Lord of the Rings movies has brought my dad and I closer. I love the movies so much that he and I have a movie marathon every month were we watch all three movies and The Hobbit.


If you want to learn about tractors buy one. Then get some books from the library about that tractor and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. There is also a lot of information on the internet, which is also available at the library.


I am a sucker for designs, especially clean, minimalistic designs. The use of white spaces always catches my eye because it makes you focus both on the vastness of the white space and the space occupied by the main subject. Nothing is neglected in a minimalistic design. You appreciate the nothingness and the existence of the whole piece. Simply brilliant!


The first time I watched a kid was when I was three years old. At the age of twelve, I volunteered at a day care. I have been caring for children all of my life. I enjoy spending time with kids as they make me laugh and I learn from them.


I will admit that I like a lot of things, but I absolutely LOVE being a mother. Bringing my son into this world and nurturing, teaching and watching him grow is amazing. He is the greatest gift that I have ever be given; and for me, giving and getting unconditional love from my son is the most awesome thing ever!


I started reading (my geek) when I was in sixth grade. I was a nerdy kid, and reading was my escape from the 'not so kind' teasing from other children. I read so much that I ended up with a 12th grade reading level in sixth grade, which was impressive to me and my family. My love of reading started with the book, "The Indian in the Cupboard", by Lynne Reid Banks, a book recommended by one of my sixth grade teachers. After that book, and the other ones in the set, I couldn't wait to read more books.

My favorite hideaway in school when I was a student was the library, and the librarians were my good friends, which is still the case today. My passion for reading is as strong today; I love to lose myself in a good book, and I am always looking for any good book suggestions. My friends know that, wherever I go, there is always a book tucked under my arm. You never know when there will be an opportunity to read. I feel sad when I finish a good book because it becomes like a good friend.

I now have a one year old daughter, and I am taking her to story time at the library every week to show her the wonderful world of books. My daughter and I have reading time at home, where we look at the pictures; and I hope she grows to love books as much as me. If anyone has any suggestions for a good book to read. Pass it along and Happy Reading to all.


My geek is extremely broad. I am not a religious person, I am possibly more leaning toward the spiritual climb to enlightenment; encouraging and motivating those near to me to understand that we are all a part of the 'Divine' from which we came, but have forgotten. As I once heard a man say, “I am not a guru or anything of the kind, just an old friend that you have forgotten about''.

I am also interested in the food and restaurant business because I love to cook with my whole heart. I also happen to love learning about conducting business and treating staff. And that brings me to the subject of life-coaching, a daydream of mine because when asked to do so, I seem to channel some sort of wisdom that I had not even known about prior to these requests. I do enjoy long periods of solitude, although I live with family members. I am unconcerned with financial wealth, but I would be delighted to attract more of an income because I could be of much more assistance on many different levels.

Travel is another one of my geeks, although this is only because of my cultural motivations and my desires either to live by the ocean, or in the mountains, but of course very far away from the United States. My geek is also in gardening and the laws that govern the universe, such as those found in The Hermetic Principles. This is all I wish to disclose, I do so hope this is helpful.


I have been playing basketball for as long as I can remeber. It is a big part of my life. I love to compete against other teams to win or lose, but that doesn't matter to me, I just love playing this awesome sport!


I've been fascinated by the 1920's for years. I am drawn to that era and all it's ups and downs. It was modern with a wild side yet it was a simpler time with fewer automobiles and horses still made deliveries.


I geek Game of Thrones...just one of the best stories...ever!


Summer camp has been in my blood for 15 years, and this summer I've been blessed with a job as a Camp Director. It's the most exciting thing I've ever come upon and I'm so excited!


I love sport cars of all kind, they can be all makes, used or old. I love the sound of the engine rubbing and the smell of the burning tires. Driving and testing sports cars is my passion.


Traveling is the best way for me relax. Every week I go to school for two days, go to work for four days and one day at home do my homework. I think that routine is boring and makes me hard and tired, so I like to travel when I have a vacation because I can forget about everything. There is no homework, no exam, no stress, no worries and I can enjoy every moment. Therefore, I geek travel.


National Novel Writing Month gives me a chance to fully express myself and push myself to the max! I love writing and this gives me a chance to write a novel in a month, when otherwise, I know I couldn't do it.


The native honey bee population is facing rapid decline due to Colony Collapse Disorder. Bees are hugely important pollinators for farms and orchards everywhere. I like to do what I can to help sustain the bee population in my area. I plant a bee garden every year full of plants that bees love. No effort is too small to help the bees!


I love my family. I am so thankful that God picked my husband and I to raise our kids. My husband is awesome and we are a team. I would not change my love for this family for anything in the world.


I have lived in Rio Grande City most of my life and love my town and everyone in it!


I love crafting and all things DIY! If I could craft all day I would.


I started writing lyrics at the age of 10. By the time I was 13 I had done numerous amounts of showcases and talent shows. I write lyrics to express myself, what I see, how I live and as inspiration to the people who feel the same way I do. Writing music takes me out of this world and into my own. Performing makes me feel like a whole new person and that I’m free of my past life. All of my songs are a timeline through a journey, from a girl searching for the answers of life. I have met a lot of industry representatives and even performed opening act for some of today’s top selling artist. Music makes everyone feel something. I just want you to feel good when you hear my music.


Comic books delight me. I'm specifically fond of the characters in the Tales of Riverdale. I love colorful pages and the stories they tell. The shortness of each adventure makes them enjoyable at anytime!


I wasn't supposed to get out of high school as a youth, and had 2 disabilities; asthma and ADD, and had limited support as to what I would be able to do with my future. I was very blessed to have been able to get two doctorates and realize that i could pursue my passion; writing. I have now published two books and am working on the third.


I needed a new hobby and realized I have a passion for photography. I am a beginner photographer and I love learning as much as possible about my new found hobby.


Libraries are where I go to get away from everyone! I go to read and I love exploring new worlds through books. XD go libraries!


I recently took a cake decorating class at the technology center near me. I learned that I love all things related to cake decorating and it’s so fun to make something amazing out of icing.


I have been obsessed with books every since I learned to read. I used to stay up at night with my flashlight just so I could finish another chapter. It was my favorite weekend activity. And now as an adult, I always have a book or my nook in my purse.


I am a book addict. I enjoy all sorts of reading material, but I treasure reading fantasy/paranormal fiction the most. It is my most favorite book genre to read. My summer mainly consists of me sitting down with at least ten books and completing them cover to cover before the end of the summer. I am a book addict and I geek books.


I used to live in Traverse City, Michigan, and have always loved being on the water. Swimming, skiing and tubing have all been great enjoyments of mine. Nothing beats a hot summer day on the boat with a good group of friends. Good beer never hurts, either.

ebony geekssinging

I am not the best singer, but I love to sing. Whenever I hear songs that I know the lyrics to, it puts me in a really good mood. I sing in the car, shower, work or in any public place. Singing brings out many emotions; it makes me happy and warms my soul. Singing has become one of my favorite hobbies.


I am infatuated with geeks. Who wants the girl dancing on top of the bar when you could be with the mysterious librarian. Geeks have interests that geek my interest.


I started taking a salsa dance class two months ago and it helps to manage stress and build confidence. I wasn't sure how I would feel starting this dance class since I don't really come out of my shell, but I look forward to the class each week!


Writing is something I am incredibly passionate about. The ability to create a world with nothing but my own words and thoughts is extremely enticing and powerful. Eventually the characters almost become real! I hope to become a professional writer someday, and totally change people through my stories.


Anime is something I've grown up watching ever since I was little. There are so many types of anime, whether it is for kids or adults, if it is action or romance, there is always a type of anime for someone. I will still love it even when I'm old and wrinkly.


I love young adult literature! I'm following my dream of becoming a YA librarian because when I was a teen, my YA librarian made a huge impact on me. She kept me supplied with great YA lit and inspired me in many ways. If I can make an impact on just one young adult, I'd be happy!


Whether it is through playing it or listening to it, music brightens my day. I've played the flute for five years, and I'm learning the guitar and piano. I have Pandora playing constantly, and anytime spent outside of class I can be found with my headphones in. I couldn't do without music.


My passion is learning about my family's history, and helping others to discover the stories of their ancestors. Libraries are the place to start the search, take classes, learn new techniques and sources, and network with others searching their genealogy! My library provides access to genealogical databases I couldn't begin to afford on my own. Thanks to libraries, my family tree keeps growing!


I am in love with ebooks. For a voracious reader it has made me a very happy camper. I am thankful the Miami Dade Public Library invests in all kinds of "books". As a business traveler my format of choice is the ebook.


I really enjoy taking a piece of wood and bring it to life. I make anything from grandfather clocks to little crafty things.


I like finding new authors to read and there are so many of them. Sometimes they will only have one book and mostly what they've written is really good. Makes you wonder why they don't write more.


I absolutely love to bake! And I've been told I'm very good at it too. I bake sweets like cakes, breads and cookies. My family loves them. I'm even thinking about going to culinary school.


I started gaming when I was 4 years old and played San an Dreads and Sims. I never stopped gaming online and on console.


Books are so fun to read. Authors can make you feel like you are in a different world, it's amazing.


I love theater and drama! It is so amazing, when I act I feel like I can do anything.


I strongly believe everyone should love themselves and everyone around them without expecting anything in return. Love even if people hate because love is the only thing that can overcome the hatred.


Ever since I was young, I was into the series Yu-Gi-Oh. After collecting the series, I started to explore more with other graphic novels and manga. Six years later, I now have over three hundred books and the collection still grows today.

jesse geeksblackandwhitemovies

There is just something with the old black and white movies that today's movies don't have. The music was made for the movie, there is little violence and no swearing.


Most people dread school, but I LOVE it! I like all my subjects, English, history, math, etc. I especially like art and music; math is not exactly fun, but it's not too bad!


I've been reading since before my third birthday. If it weren't for public libraries located within walking distance of my home, I would have driven my parents either to the poorhouse or the madhouse with my need for new reading materials.


I love my baby brother, Isaac. He's not yet two, but is really smart and is always doing brilliant stuff. For example, we were at my step-brother's baseball game, Isaac was playing around in the dirt and he picked something up and brought it to me. It was a large blue bead, he wanted me to put it on my necklace chain with my one ring, so I did. I still wear it and he loves playing with that necklace. I love my little brother!


By the time I was 7 years old, I never left the house without a pile of books, even if I was just going to the hardware store with my Dad. He always told me I would be smarter than him if I read that many books. Luckily, my Kindle can hold piles of books for me...though I still prefer the "real thing"!


I love to listen and feel music. It's my lifeline.


I live for going to concerts. My passion is photographing the show and sharing the images with friends, family and the world.


As a young teen I am a proud Whovian. I watch seasons in days which is unhealthy for one human. I recite lines word for word too!


I love Jim Butcher's Dresden Files, Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson series, Carrie Vaughn's Kitty Norville books, Simon R Green's Nightside series and anything by Richelle Mead.


I geek myself because I believe in myself.


I'm here to help resolve your computer problems and get you rolling.


My retirement job is library assistant at my local library. It is the most wonderful job. I can always put my hands on a book to read, I work with amazing people, I meet all kinds of people at the desk and there is always something new and exciting happening in the library world. What could be better!


Weird for a librarian to love roller coasters, but I do, especially the suspended ones where your feet hang down.

Lisa, a librarian from Pennsylvania


I love seeing justice done and police procedurals, but I like some romance with my standoffs and shootouts!


There are many outdoor activities I GEEK, but horseback riding takes precedence. I have the most lovable Palomino Quarter horse named Trigger. He takes my cares away with his many kisses. Life would not be the same without him.


Metal music saved my life. I know it sounds cliché, but it's completely true. My depression had come back again and honestly I didn't feel anything; not happiness, not sadness, not anger. And this time it seemed like depression might win. I had heard a lot of people that listened to metal music say that it had saved their lives, so I decided to give metal music a listen. I went on Pandora radio and created a new radio called "Suicide Silence Radio" and the first song I heard by Suicide Silence made me feel something I hadn't felt in a long time: alive.


I geek something new every day, every week. Origami, rocks and minerals, ecology, spring blooms, dinosaurs, philosophy, trees, literacy, poetry, illusions, community activism, grammar, ethics, fossils, geography, space exploration, computers, psychology, skydiving... it's endless, really. I need several more lifetimes to take it all in.


I love playing the sax any and every chance I get to blow my own horn. I even play two at a time just because I love the sound of my horns when I play. When I am not listening or playing the sax, I can be found reading comic books. I have been an avid collector since I was 7 years old. I like superheroes as much as like the funny characters. Saxophones and comic books. Ya gotta love it! That's what I geek!


Because we're still exploring!


A dear friend started my passion for quilting 15 years ago. It is a pastime that always offers something new to learn and new challenges. I have made many special friends through quilting. Of course, I rely on the library to help me find ways to meet challenges and learn new skills.


I have always wanted to see the world. Since I don't have a the funds to travel all over the world, books have always taken me to other places.


I read and watch everything and anything sci-fi! Where do I get all my books and movies? I get them at my library, of course!


I love the library. I can't live without my library.


I can't put them down. I read books above my reading level and can read them in two days.


I like the FBI because I like to research a problem.


I can’t put them down. I’ll read 13 chapters or more in two days and it’s gotten to the point where I'm running out of books and I have to drive to the library to get more. If I don’t have anything to read I get antsy and bored. I LOVE books, I eat them like candy and I just can’t get enough!!


The moment I sat down in front of that wheel, I knew, I was home.


I reenact battles as a Civil War Union Army soldier and World War II infantryman. I have ancestors who served in the military and want to preserve the heritage of the country they fought for by educating the public and encouraging the study of history in local libraries and historical preservation trusts.


I love the weather! I do so much research on it and know practically everything about it. I also love learning about edible and medicinal wild plants. That way if i ever get hurt I can just find some plants to help myself!


I love my local library and can't always afford the books I love to read. My friends at our library help find these books for me and we can get them locally or from another library.


I love to read manga and the library is the only place I can get it.


It all started when I got a dog named Daisy. Now I have two dogs, named Barney and Clyde, and they are beagle brothers. I love dogs!


I help people think bigger, encourage them to go the extra mile and how to turn what they may see as a negative into a positive. I help them to develop the power that they already have within themselves and to help take the next step toward their goal. I will show them a roadmap to their destination.


My favorite things are people! I have many fond memories of taking my children to the library. Now I work at one and life doesn't get much better than family and books!


I have been playing video games for 18 years. I love being immersed in a game where I am invested in the story, the characters, and the world where it takes place. I also met my best friend because of our shared love of video games.


I have loved dancing since I was a little girl. I gained weight over the years, but still would dance my heart out. I started leading a dance fitness class with some friends, and through exercise and eating well I lost 127 pounds and now find dancing so much more fun and freeing! I'm still leading dance fitness classes and having a blast! No matter what your size, shape or ability, everyone can find something to do at dance. Even if it's just swinging your arms from your chair!!


As a lesbian in a small town, it's hard to get equal rights and respect. My library is amazing in giving me support and provides the option to check out books on GLBT rights and issues. I'm very, very thankful.


I love to read Star Trek novels!


I love most reality TV shows. I don't know why, I just do.


I love to put on my bustle, corset, and fancy hat and hang out with other creative people! And reading all this great steampunk fiction and nonfiction between events keeps me going!


I have been playing flute for about eight years. I was in choir for four years. Music is my life! I can't imagine being who I am without it; it has shaped me into the person I am today.


I have been dancing since I was three years old. It's tons of fun and I love it!!


There is really no other way to explain this unless you have ever met me. I just geek math.


I love to look for genealogy connections.


I just love Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. My favorites are Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, Diary of a Wimpy Kid:The third Wheel and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw.


I love reading and watching the Harry Potter Series! I have read all the books ten times and it makes me feel happy that people still say Harry Potter is never going to end!


I love board games. Not our grandparents' games of 'roll the dice and move your mice', but the current crop of intelligent board games. Titles such as the 'Gric, T2R, SoC, Carc, and the 'Grid. These games get us back to the dining room table (that big wooden thing in that under-used room), and allows us to engage each other in friendly competition.

The goal of any game may be to win, but the *reward* of the game is the fellowship of getting together with your friends and enjoying each other. THAT'S why I love board games.


My friends introduced me to anime and I love it.


I learned about composting using red wiggler worms through my public library and now have my own bin of worms at home. They are awesome pets that work for me too!!


I really geek anything having to do with anything medical. Everyone says that I should have been a nurse or a doctor. I like to read medical, watch medical or see anything (real life) medical. I am now thinking about running for county coroner.


I've been growing heirloom tomatoes for over ten years. They have the best flavor and it's fun to try new varieties each year.


I started playing piano about ten years ago, and have not been able to stop! Music is my passion and I love to get new songs to play!


Boys from age 1-19 are the best!


I love the thought of being able to speak to someone without ever opening your mouth. Reading is something that should be the building blocks of every generation, but people have forgotten about it so I like to remind them.


I love football and the Green Bay Packers have always been my team.


I love April because it is poetry month! I read a poem a day to all of my students where I teach elementary school. Poems have this amazing ability to make you think, change your mood, make you laugh, and inspire some of your very own creativity.


Knowledge is power. I love to learn about any subject. If you don't understand something don't run away, hate or make fun of it. Look it up, 'Google' it or read about it.


I love movies, but I love silent movies the most. They rely 90% of the time on the composition of the image on the screen to tell a story. Actors use gestures and glances and maybe an intertitle or two to fill in the blanks. That is the grammar of film and it allows the viewer to make it their own world. Comedies, dramas, westerns, you name it, silent movies are still the bomb to me.


I had no idea I was ignorant of Japanese/Chinese culture until I started reading manga. The amount of knowledge I have gathered over the last two years is awesome. I love the stories they create (very different from most of our own) and I love learning and appreciating the difference while enjoying it.


One of my favorite things to do is get comfortable and try to solve a murder mystery before the sleuth in the book manages to figure out 'who done it'. I geek mysteries.


The Renaissance is my absolute favorite time period. It’s the time of the Medici, Michelangelo, da Vinci and so many other fantastic people. I absolutely love the Renaissance time period and I enjoy reading anything I can about it.


Of all the arts comedy is the one that everybody agrees; we all like to laugh. It's good for our heart, mind and the aging process. Funny kids make quick friends at the new school. Funny salespeople make more sales. Funny guys get the girl. I'm a stand up comedian and I geek comedy.


Fantasy is different for everyone, it is whatever you can imagine. Fantasy is a place where you can escape through books, music or your mind. Fantasy is incredible and it will always be there for everyone.


Knitting is a great creative outlet that often results in fabulous items to share, which then benefits others! Knitted helmet liners for soldiers in Afghanistan, scarves for our local Special Olympics athletes, blankets for shelter animals - these are all projects my co-workers and fellow knitters have been involved in. Attend any library conference and there are usually knitters around. Spread the warmth!


I love using photography as a way to capture an event, a moment or a memory. Photos can help share with others and can also enlighten or inspire the person viewing the photo. I am a librarian and I geek photography.


Sunflowers are not only beautiful, they are incredibly useful. The valuable edible oil has more vitamin E than any other vegetable oil, the flowers yield a yellow dye, and the seeds are eaten dried or roasted. How more lovely is this flower, with it's bright golden beauty. I am a librarian and I geek sunflowers.


Joe, Jennifer, and I (Jessica) all work at our community library as pages. We love our job and doing what we do as pages. We all share the same love for music and get along like peanut butter and jelly. Thanks to all the wonderful staff at the Hillsdale Community Library!


I am a self-proclaimed fan girl who loves many different fandoms. I like to discuss my love of these various fandoms in many different ways. I recently started my own blog as a platform to discuss all these different fandoms and how much of a fan girl I really am.


I love helping to connect patrons with the world of information and ideas. When I help someone find a new author, show them how to access the databases our library offers, or teach them to use their e-reader, it makes me feel like I am where I'm supposed to be.


Music has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. I love to listen to music and enjoy going to concerts any chance I get.


I love reading novels about time travel in all of its science-fictional-but-not-magical forms. I also like to read nonfiction books about the nature of time and its conquest.


Catholicism is my favorite religion to study with a variety of subjects to choose from. One can study about clergy to prayers. Catholicism is always full of mystery to me and because of that I could not be more willing to learn.


One of my favorite things to do, when not reading, is to browse through podcast listings and find discussions on topics I love or ones that are completely new to me. Hearing people passionately enthuse about the things they geek - what could be better or more inspiring?


It’s treasure hunting for real. You would not believe that around a corner someone has hidden a little something for you to find. You use the internet and a GPS unit to find them. They are everywhere.


My name is Ambarina and I geek spring weather. I love when the birds come back from their winter homes and start singing to let us know spring is in the air. I love it when the trees dress in green leaves and the flowers bloom in all shades of beautiful colors.


I was really interested in mythology when I started reading the Percy Jackson series. So then I started reading books about the Greek gods and myths. My favorite Greek gods are Poseidon and Artemis.


It is so helpful to have a selection of print books to browse through and take home, even though I also get ideas on the internet.


I enjoy reading so much and can read almost anything fiction, but mysteries are really my choice.


A good friend got me started in scrapping 15 years ago. Over the years I have found it to be a great way to preserve memories, make new friends and be creative. The library carries books about scrapbooking and journaling to help me when I get stuck.


I have been doing genealogy for about ten years, and have found the public library is always a good place to start. No matter where your research takes you, the library is always a big help.


Judson Center is a non-profit, human service agency located in Southeastern Michigan, that helps children, adults and families improve their lives. Our goal is to find foster parents to provide loving and secure homes for our vulnerable children. Remember, you don't need to be a superhero -- just be you!

Give Hope. Become a Foster Parent.


I play softball every year and I still love it!


I would wait in school for the other kids because I finished my work first. I liked to read at my desk while I would wait!


I geek a healthy lifestyle. Think about it, walking in a park, laughing with friends, dancing to music and signing a song, is more beneficial if you work towards a healthier lifestyle. Eat well, exercise, drink plenty of water and enjoy life.


Everything from music to the historical events that helped shape us!


MPG (miles per gallon) is like horsepower to me, except that it is the opposite. I like the technology that goes into making cars go farther on a gallon of gas.


I'm a total bookworm. I spend most of my time reading, reading and reading. I love books in the fantasy genre the most!


Whether it is music, literature, or the telly; I love British culture. I was raise on the music from the 60s, so I often listened to the Beatles and it wasn't until recently that I really got into them. I realize how much they influenced music. I've also discovered Pink Floyd, and enjoy how much their albums tell stories. For example, "The Dark Side of the Moon" is about a mental hospital. I've found that I love Shakespeare. I read Othello in freshman English and loved it, the story telling is amazing. So far I've read Othello, Romeo and Juliet, Titus Andronicus, Macbeth, The Merchant of Venice, King Lear and Hamlet. Also, modern day culture is basically revolving around British TV shows, such as Doctor Who and Sherlock. I love Doctor Who, it is the longest running SyFy show, and has some of the most recognizable characters (The DALEKS). The show makes you think, is action filled and has you wanting more.


Being a mother is the best feeling in the world. My daughter just turned one and she is the most precious and important person to me.


I love to go to flea markets, garage sales, open air markets and any other little hole in the wall places! I collect the old white based glass cookware that was so popular in the 40s and 50s! As the saying goes, "they sure don't make ‘em like they used to!” This is so true with these older dishes. They cook better than any new cookware out there!


I learned to crochet when I was young and thought that I would never use my talent. Now I crochet all the time! It's how I unwind and keep my hands busy while watching TV. It keeps me from over snacking too!


I love vampires, witches, psychic abilities, etc. I love the thought that there is more in this world than just the mundane of the everyday. The supernatural makes me believe that we can all be more than what we appear to be.


I love materials science and condensed matter physics. I’m passionate about magnetism, magnetic materials and spintronics. Without materials we cannot imagine the world, they are the driving force behind this materialistic world.


I love to travel and experience different cultures, even in my own backyard. Culture can be experienced through people, events, books, etc. It is an eye opening experience to see how other people live and adapt.


Knitting is what I do to relax and unwind after a long day at work.


When I was younger I was introduced to an anime called Zoids, it’s about robotic animals doing battle. I fell in love and have collected so much to do with them and started researching ways to build a real Zoid.


I have grown up with numerous kinds of animals. I love cats and dogs best. My neighbor and I can't get enough of the animal shows. Too cute and bad dog.


A town that has problems and soul. I could not live any place else. Living in Detroit is tough, but it's real.


I have four pet Belted Galloway steers, ranging in age from 10 to 12 years. If my husband and I had not adopted them, they would be hamburger meat.


I go either with my girlfriend or my husband on two overseas trips a year. Last year we went to the Ukraine and the magnificent cities of Eastern Europe. Next year I am already booked for Cuba.


I've been sewing for 45 years. Costumes, dolls, teddy bears, quilts, name it, I've probably made it. The library is a fabulous source for sewing inspiration!


I love to read, and why not learn while you are reading?! I recently started reading novels by Phillipa Gregory set in the Tudor era in England. I found myself turning to the internet to look into the real life characters in her books to see what I could learn about the true history. After that I read a fictional novel loosely based on Dante's Divine Comedy, now I am trying to get through the English and Italian versions of the real story! It seems I can't stop reading!


I'm just a typical teenager in high school.


You're never too old to pick up a young adult book! Most of the time I find myself enjoying them more than my adult fiction.


I love puzzles and complicated problems that make me think outside the box.




Mother earth is upset and has no voice.


Ever since I was little my family and I would always play video games together. I love playing all types of video games and play them as often as I can. As for music, I sing as well as play a few instruments; I've always loved singing and making my own music.


Various woods and their grains' natural designs have always gotten my attention. I eventually became fascinated by the various musical tones wood can produce based on their type, size and treatment, eventually inspiring me to build marimbas (wooden xylophones) in a way that would be an easy enough craft that children could build and enjoy, eventually inspiring the WOOD Makes Music! program that found its way as part of a national exhibit at a science museum in Philadelphia.


I geek painting and checking out art books from my local library. The library saves me a lot of money from having to buy art books myself. You can find the works of many famous artists if you browse the art books at the library. Also, you can get books and DVDs that teach you exactly how to paint a certain landscape or portrait.


Libraries have always held a fascination for me. I learned about world travel and climates associated with different states and countries. It was always an adventure to discover places I wanted to live someday. I said when I was 15 that I wanted to live in the Puget Sound area. At 23 I left the deserts of Arizona and today I live in Seattle, Washington.


I love to imagine the 'history that never was'. The idea of combining the whimsical, aesthetically pleasing and mechanically functional to reinvent the past appeals to me.


My start in earnest began with striking up an acquaintance with Glenna Bell Orman, an organist living in Burnet, Texas. She gave me a Hal Leonard Ez Play Today book of gospel tunes and I began to learn on a 1907 Beckwith reed organ. Up to that point, I hadn’t played an instrument, in this case a B flat clarinet, in over 40 years. When I obtained a Hammond spinet organ, one of the genuine tone-wheel models, organ playing turned into a way of trying to keep the fine motor skills going as I jumped in not only with both hands, one on each keyboard, but on the pedal board with the left foot. This quickly led to an interest in how the instruments worked. Even during an expensive and abortive foray into virtual pipe organs, I had started research into my current passion, pipe organs. I now own an organetto alternately known as a portative organ or, in 21st century terms, a lap top pipe organ. Also as this is written I am awaiting delivery of the first of four sets of pipes for my first pipe organ design. As to two of my favorite quotes concerning the instrument, “Organs don’t intimidate me, I just don’t play them very well.” (Donald Newsom) and “Pipe organs have this bad rap as being about funerals, weddings, churches, churchiness, dirges and a Dracula.” [Vic Ferrer YouTube “Organ” (February 2012)]. To dispel this notion I invite a look at, on YouTube, Pirates of the Caribbean Medley (on Organ), Europe – The Final Countdown (orgue freestyle), Queen – We are the champions on church organ, “Star Wars/Raiders of the Lost Ark”, Dave Calendine performs Chatanooga Choo Choo and Organ Stop Pizza…Mamma Mia. As to other sounds you may have heard on the last three, yes those are capable of being controlled from those respective organ consoles as well as being mechanically reproduced not synthesized. They didn’t call these particular instruments unit orchestras for nothing. To look at some of the “toys” check out Charlie Balough plays ‘The Entertainer’ on the Organ Stop Mighty Wurlitzer.


I have collected antiques for years. So much so that I have to let some go. Now I am using the library to research values so I can offer them up for sale on the internet.


I keep collecting facts about slugs (The Slug Book, Field Guide to the Slug) as well as collecting the sub-group of children's books featuring slug characters (Slugs are Yummy, Slugs in Love)because I have created the largest slug figurine collection on the east coast at my tiny shop!


It's one the best YA series I've read in a long time. It drew me in from the first chapter and held me there until book three was released. And there are side stories that you can get for your e-reader that are even better. That is why I geek this wonderful series and recommend it to one and all.


Without books to read, I think I would fade away!


Psychology helped me in becoming the person I am today and understand the people that surround me.


I love mysteries.


A chance encounter at the age of 13 with Jean Plaidy's novels in the library has lead to a lifetime fascination with the Tudor period. Even led me to get a MA in art history specializing in Renaissance carpets! You never know where your library will take you, just like a magic carpet.


Simply put: if I find a subject that even remotely interests me, I immediately start trying to learn everything about it.


From the streets of Glasgow to the clubs of Tokyo and the plazas of Mexico City, fashion surrounds us all. I love seeing how people use clothing to define themselves and set trends for the world to follow.


Whether it is the history, the process, the taste, the variety; I will read, drink and try beer. Belgium Trappist Ales, Irish Stouts, Canadian Lagers, English Porters, German Weissbiers, American IPA's - they are all unique and all have their own history. Cheers!


I have always loved books, but I was born with dyslexia and it was hard for me to learn how to read. It took a long time to be able to read out aloud without stumbling over every word. And to not underline ever sentences with a piece of paper so that the words did not jump round or turn upside down across the page. It’s still hard but I love the joy that reading gives me, to be carried into the story and feel like I am part of the story. My grandmother once told me that she heard me laugh so freely and joyously while reading my book. So igeekreading and I am very proud of it.


My grandma has always loved reading mysteries, her favorite being the Sherlock Holmes novels. I grew up loving mysteries because of her.


I have always loved learning the beliefs of others and expanding my own. There is so much mystery in this world that has yet to be discovered. I enjoy going to my local library and reading their collection of philosophy. It helps me grow as a person.


I have strived for my entire life to be different than everyone else. I think that society should be a place full of difference. Accept people for who they are, not their skin color, their background, or what they're like. Being different is pure awesomeness. Nuff said.


I might be over 30 but I still love to skate! I daydream of a future where the skatepark is constructed right next to the public library. My lunch hours would be the best time of the day.


My local library has been valuable to me since I was a child. I loved most all literature but historical fiction and nonfiction history books became my favorite. Recently after being laid off the library became a great resource in my job search. My local library is a great resource and place to relax.


My mom use to read us fairy tales at bedtime. I've been fascinated with them since.


I love bats, they are my favorite animal. I think bats are adorable and mysterious.


I geek black and white. It’s more than just the colors, but the people coming together as one, being friends, having conversations, working together, singing together and just being together.


I love nature for many different reasons. I hunt and it is peaceful to sit in the woods before daylight and watch the sun come up. To live in the woods has always been my dream; it is a relaxing way of life. Nebraska is a beautiful state; I have had a chance to visit and hunt there too. I love to walk in the woods and always have, especially in Nebraska. Nature is a gift from God and is new every day and different in all places and I hope to visit many more places. I’m blessed that I can hunt; go for walks, ride dirt bikes and snowmobiles. You name it and that is why I wanted to live in the woods. My family and I are very active and enjoy the outdoors. To play and feel free to use my imagination is fun! Every plant and tree is fun to learn about and the library is a wonderful place to learn more about nature.


Every quilt is a work of art to be appreciated, preserved, and most importantly, cuddled in. Whether you are making the quilt, receiving it as a gift, or simply enjoying it's warmth and comfort, quilts can see us through the difficult times and bring much joy. The library is a wonderful resource for learning about the heritage of quilting.


I have been hooked on dystopian novels and the genre ever since I read Fahrenheit 451 my freshman year of high school. My favorite novel still remains 1984, and my love for the Bioshock games grew out of this infatuation with dystopias. In the future, I'd like to write my own dystopian novel and I'm crazy excited for the Fahrenheit 451 remake.


I never read until my third grade teacher forced us to read or we didn't get recess. When I first started reading I became fascinated by books. I always have a book with me wherever I go.


I have been fascinated with sharks since I was a little kid. It started with my dad telling me the names of all my toy sharks; soon I knew the names of all the species. I have a lot of shark books in my closet and someday I would like to be a shark biologist.


That's Role Playing Games. Ever since I laid eyes on the Final Fantasy series, I have been hooked. Role playing games have always been a great way to escape the humdrum and stress of everyday life and lose yourself in worlds of mystery, fantasy, dark peril, and magic.


I love learning about the past. The people and where they lived, where they came from and why they changed and how it affects the world today. There is always some new fact to learn about or old fact that is disapproved...


When I was in middle school, my Sunday school teacher did not approve of the romance novels I was reading. So, she gave me a set of Eugenia Price novels that were historical fiction set on St. Simon's Island, Georgia. When my parents saw my interest in those books, they took me to St. Simon’s Island on a vacation trip. There, I visited the historical sites featured in the books including Christ Church Cemetery and realized that the stories and people were real.

Up until that time, I hated history because it was a boring set of dates and facts. After realizing that history could be interesting if told as a story, I decided to become a historian so I could share my discovery with others. I have been a public historian for 28 years now and love my job.


I want my own geek site, so I can talk to my friends and make my own video. And play games.


My Uncle John got me started over 15 years ago researching my dad's side of the family and that ignited a love of genealogy that grew naturally out of my love for history. It has been wonderful to research my family and to meet cousins all over the U.S., and then to help others in their research!


I pride myself on the fact that I can find online information faster than my computer geek husband. I know the right search terms and how to find the best websites. I know which print and online resources to use for finding answers to trivia, legal documents or a good read.


I am a mentor/adviser for the Chelsea High School FIRST (For Inspiration & Recognition of Science and Technology) Team 1502 ‘Technical Difficulties’. High school students get six weeks to design, engineer and build a robot to compete in a different game every year. This year, it is a 120 pound machine that will play on a full-size basketball court. Sounds cool? See more at www.


Anything and everything to do with the biology, the science of living things. From protists and insects to big cats and ungulates. I love it all!


In an attempt to embrace my birth right and reject the negative stigma assigned to my hybrid coils. I have made it a journey to empower women to embrace the beauty of their crown through books, workshops and classes designed to educate myself and others on chemical free hair.


I'm not Irish, just decided to attempt to learn it. Signed up for online distance learning, met my múinteoir and eventually married him! I’ve been studying the language for six years. Go raibh maith agat!


I geek programming, but I’m not very good at it. Ever since I was a little boy I have enjoyed making small computer programs. I started in COMAL 80 on my dad’s Commodore 128D in the late 80s. I got a rabbit to move around the TV screen with my joystick. I was ecstatic. Later I created a webpage for a firm and found that I don’t have enough patience to be a programmer. Now it’s a hobby and I love making small programs just for fun.


I learned to knit in 2010. It was part of my 'I'm going to do this list' that year and it has become something I am borderline obsessed with (but I think 'geek' is a better word, lol). I use our OPAC to order books regularly to learn more about my newfound craft.


I love writing. I can't draw, so I write instead. I hated writing before the 7th grade. It was something that I dreaded because of the checkpoint assessments. I figured I had to write about the truth and only the truth. My 7th grade English teacher taught us that if you could make it interesting; it didn't have to be exactly what happened. When I realized that, I went from basically failing the writing portion to basically acing it. In 8th grade, I actually did ace it! So now, whenever somebody says something memorable, it's suddenly in the back of my mind. You can bet it'll make it into one of my stories. One day, you might be searching for my books on the shelves of libraries across the world because you can never aim to high.


I somehow did not see the LOTR movies until 2005 when they were all released on DVD. It was not until late 2009 that I first experienced Tolkien on the page. Following reading The Hobbit and LOTR I read the Silmarillion. Then I began collecting and reading all I could about Middle-earth. My rather innocuous purchase of cheap versions of those books in 2009 eventually led to my owning 29 Tolkien books, both literature and academic, by the fall of 2012. It was J.R.R. Tolkien that got me reading again, and now I am about to finish my MA in English Literature.


The foundation was founded and organized by Valencia Pease a Columbus, Georgia native. At the age of 25 she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma disease. At that time she had one daughter, Vanescia and was told that the chances of her having more children was not likely after such strong chemotherapy. Three years after chemo, Valencia had her second child, Anderon. While he was a miracle, two years later, she gave birth to a third child, Andarrius. God was not finished and in 2004 she gave birth to her fourth child, Andovan. Knowing all the time the modern day miracles that God was and is performing were and are real. In 2007, after ten years of being cancer free she found a lump while doing a self breast examination which was diagnosed as breast cancer. What a way to celebrate a cancer free anniversary! Valencia underwent a single mastectomy, chemotherapy and cosmetic surgery for breast reconstruction. While doing well now and celebrating five years breast cancer free she feels it is time to begin this crusade! Her belief is ‘It is not about me but about the people who this foundation can touch and make an impact in a way that lasts a lifetime!’


I'm a huge gamer. Gaming is one of my favorite hobbies. To me gaming and I go together like nachos and cheese, which is a good gamer snack. My favorite games to play are The Legend of Zelda series, any Mario games and the Need for Speed series.


I would like to thank my parents for instilling in me a love of reading. As a student, I would be so enthralled with whatever story I happened to be reading at the time, that my teachers would have to call me out of my reverie to pay attention. Now as a young woman, I have translated that love of books into a career by working in a small town library. I still love reading just as much as when I was a child and the best part is that I get to help others geek the things that they love.


While serving detention in the library, during the 10th grade I picked up a biography about Lucrezia Borgia. I took it home, read it and was instantly hooked. I ended up with a BA and MA in European History and an MLIS specializing in public libraries. Igeekhistory!


Star Wars rules!


I studied neurobiology and now I am a statistician, analyzing data collected by scientists like my former self. I enjoyed the hands-on part of science and now equally love pattern-searching and hypothesis-testing data. Sometimes I feel I am a data detective doing forensics work as part of the analysis, sometimes I feel I am Alice in Wonderland, finding unexpected correlations or the lack of them between phenomena or things we think are related to one another. I also see how a statistician approaches analysis, (selecting a few techniques that she believes are the most appropriate,) is strikingly similar to how we come to formulate our worldviews and make decisions that are irrelevant to math and numbers. In essence, for example, one's autobiography is his/her attempt to observe himself/herself, record his/her life, and reflect upon/analyze his/her experiences. Igeekstatistics!


I've always been a passionate fan of baseball - America's pastime. My favorite baseball book is "Moneyball" by Michael Lewis. I've even been to the library at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.


I've always felt at home in a library. I assisted in my high school's library for years and through that I discovered what I wanted to do when I grew up. I want to be a librarian! I'm currently attending college and my goal is to earn my MLIS so that I can share my love of books, research, and every kind of geek there is with others.


I have loved Harry Potter ever since I can remember. I can remember going to the bookstore just so my mom could get the new Harry Potter book. When I was two or three, I was Harry Potter for Halloween and my baby brother was Hedwig (my little brothers still play with the cloak my mom made me). The point is I grew up loving Harry Potter and I still do. My teacher wouldn’t let me read the Harry Potter in public school with the A.R. tests, which I absolutely hate. So, the first big book I read was the Invention of Hugo Cabret, and gained more confidence, so I started the Narnia series and I read the first three books. Then my teacher told me she didn't believe I read the third book so she told me to read it again and I wasn't going to read it again, so I just quit and started reading the Harry Potter books. The next year my family decided to have me homeschooled. My mom encouraged reading and I was excited to read whatever I wanted. Now I read every book that I can get my hands on that sounds and looks like a good book, (that is why I love the library so much) and watch the Harry Potter movies over and over again while holding my homemade wand.


I am a 58 year old factory worker, a city councilman, an old hippy, and a dyslexic person. Although I will never be a fast reader I have taught myself to love and enjoy reading.


I've always thought pandas were cute.


I am a mother of two who loves to travel, and instill the joy of traveling in my children.


I am a 10 year old girl and I love libraries. I also love to read!


Ever since I read Percy Jackson & the Olympians, I have been obsessed with books on Greek and Roman mythology. I have a book that has a family tree of the Roman gods in the front cover.


I have no problem with light reading, but I love a nice thick book that keeps the tension in my blood boiling for over 400 hundred pages. And if there are three other books in the series, all the better! Here's to long, long, long, long, long chapters that keep you up all night! Also, here's to my library, Homer Township Public Library in Homer Glen, IL. If they don't have my book, they make sure I can get it from a nice neighbor library somewhere in the state, because a college student is not made of money.


I've always loved Superman. My dad looked like Christopher Reeve. So I started to really look at Superman and all he stood for...truth, justice, and everything good in the world. He is a symbol of hope to everyone. And the fact that he looked like superman made me look at him and his actions.

My dad showed me that no matter what a person does, it's the good choices he makes that bring out the best in people. He died when I was nine of liver failure from alcohol poisoning. The day of his funeral people showed up that I didn't know knew him. Knowing that that many people loved my dad made me want to be just like him....except for the liver failure and alcohol poisoning.

He made more of an impact in my life than most of the people that are still in my life today. He was the most kind hearted, caring, love you no matter what, kind of person I've ever known and I want to be just like him. A superhero.


I never learned to swim, but the concept of swimming is awesome. I also wish that I had about a million dollars or so to buy myself some new clothes and other stuff.


The only reason is that my ex still likes me and we kissed a while back. The lions are different, I like their eyes and the way they kill their prey.


Dream big and do big things is what I consider on my path to becoming a prominent engineer. The road is full of challenges, yet the benefits are life changing. By taking advantage of my opportunities, I can reach my goal and help design a better and more efficient future.


Ever since I was a little boy, I would gravitate to the geography, history and ancient cultures sections of the library. It started with a curiosity of Mayans and Aztecs, to my current fascination of Islamic and Arabic history.


I have always loved to fix computers and have always been fascinated by technology. I love it. It’s my passion and I will always be involved in a tangled affair with IT.


I have loved drama since the day I read Dork Dairies. Now I only read drama.


I absolutely love being a mother. When I found out I was pregnant I ran to the library to do all kinds of research. I know for a fact that I am a great mother because I geek motherhood!


I love to cook and bake, so I make sure my library has lots of cookbooks. If we had the space, I'd definitely have cooking classes and demos!


So many things were boiling just under the surface, ready to erupt. It is interesting to read about everything that was happening in the twenties. How awesome it would have been to be a flapper!


We are a living dynamic library, a library without walls. Yes we are brick and mortar and have 70,000 books, CDs, and e-books. But we have a spectacular array of learning databases. From your home computer you can take one of 76 languages, take one of 550 college level courses and perform any legal actions on state paper from our Legal Library.

Additionally, we have 150 databases covering art, Chilton automotive services and a medical database. You don't need to leave your home to access all of the above. You can peruse our catalog; look up book reviews and reserve on-line. Everything is based on customer service. We love our patrons.


I love music! I can listen to it all the time. Songs play in my head every minute of the day. I love the music in the movie Tangled!


I grew up with my grandmother painting big beautiful pictures of any and everything. She would often hand me the paintbrush and let me express myself through painting. I love to go to museums and look at paintings. Now that I have children we spend a lot of time painting.


God is amazing and very truthful. He is my best friend!


I geek gymnastics because it is an amazing and skillful sport and takes a lot of work to do this. I think that if you want to do this sport, you have to geek it!


I'm 13 and my dream is to join the Air Force to become a pilot. I've done countless researches on high schools that have AFJROTC. I won't give up until my dream is fulfilled.


I have always loved picture books and shared them as a mother and an educator. For the past 12 years, I have been a reviewer of children's books and as I have researched, learned about and read children's books, I have found the library to be incredibly important to my work.


I`ve always loved reading, and its lead up to so many other things I also geek, like writing (journaling, poetry, songs). I`m addicted to learning and I haven`t traveled much at all, but with reading it`s like I have. Stories pretty much mean everything to me.


As a 23-year-old full-time student and full-timed employed gay male, I want my rights and I will do anything to attain my equal rights as an American citizen. My studies in history and art history are to educate me not only over my plight but the many other plights throughout history. My local library does so much for my studies.


I love getting online and getting involved. It's amazing and exciting to talk about what you love and extend that experience, but even more important for me is the way you are embraced by and involved in a community you might never have access to otherwise.


I absolutely love Twilight. After I saw the first movie, I fell in love. I love the story line, the whole werewolf vs. vampire hatred. It's a fun book and an awesome movie. I can't wait until the last movie comes out! Next stop, Hunger Games!


I make baby quilts, bed size quilts and art quilts. I find it relaxing and creative and it keeps me oout of trouble, except when I go to the fabric store to shop.


I love writing poems.


You never know what new and exciting things tech and software will enable you to do. I like to figure out different ways to use tech in libraries in my career and my personal life.


I've loved to read ever since I was little. When I was in pre-k, I learned to spell words. (I actually was not in pre-k because I was too smart for that.) In first grade, I learned to read kid books. It was easy for me. I taught myself to read cursive in that grade. In second grade, we learned to read chapter books and to write cursive. And now since I am in third grade, I am a good reader. I am the fastest reader in my class, so that proves I am a great reader.


I love technology, photography and old movie musicals (i.e. 'Singing in the Rain').


I love to learn about our worlds past. In essence, since I wasn't there I want to know the truth why these things happened and what was on folk's minds. I am a 12-year-old girl who loves to read. I think I've checked out half of the young adult library and I want more. I love to explore the world of reading and let people know that I love it. Not all people understand me and why I have such a love for words and reading about true to life experience.


I'm a very loving person and I love Jesus and all His people. and we all need love in every way, so I geek love!


I taught myself how to knit with the help of books and videos. Now I make baby blankets, pot holders and scarfs. I enjoy every moment of this hobby, and the joy it brings to others when they get a new blanket or scarf from me.


I love sitting in class and finding out about stuff I didn't know before!


I love comic books of all kinds. Superheroes, horror, comedy. What's not to love about brilliant stories and beautiful art?


All my life I have been fascinated by witches. I love to read books about witches (Terry Pratchett are my favorite) and I collect positive images of witches—not an easy task. It's ingrained—I don't know if it's a past life thing or what, but I geek witches!


I work in a small, private school library. As we continue to justify our existance and work to reconfigure our beautiful space, I find release from frustration in my studio at home. Throwing on my potter's wheel is my therapy.


I love shape note hymnals like the Sacred Harp and the Mennonite Hymnal.


Going for my Masters in History and Museum Studies. I could have picked either topic to geek out about! However, the museum field really is where my heart is. I just love being in a well put together museum. I enjoy being with people while they experience a museum or exhibit for the first time. Museums=my passion! Hands down.


I have only been taking gymnastics for four months. But I love it! Gymnastics lets you express a lot of energy. But it also helps you to learn to not give up. When you first start gymnastics it is hard, really hard. Then, the more you mess up it makes you want to keep on trying. After a while, you get better, and gymnastics is more fun. That is why I geek gymnastics.


I read books about history, love period films, have put many hours into historical strategy games. From Matilda of Flanders to the Pax Mongolia, I enjoy experiencing and learning about as much history as I can, as well as creating alternate timelines and fictional nations. I geek history, and the library is the best place to find it!


Growing up, I was considered 'slow.' So, my mom enrolled me into Shotokan Karate at five. And since then, I just really, really loved martial arts. Bruce Lee films aside, when I got to graduate school, I had a chance to learn Kung Fu. And since then, I've been on a 20 year love and obsession. Hiiiiyaaaahh!!!


I love inventing and completing craft projects!


I am a book fanatic. I am a library fanatic.


Through all of life's, joys, pain and sorrows reading the Bible gave me clear understanding of all the why's and why nots. Helping others is what God wants you to do!


I am a volunteer at the local library. I so love it and hope soon to be on as a part time worker. Shelving books, book spine checking, putting misplaced things back where they belong. So, that's why I geek organization!


The fall colors, the cooler weather, cider and donuts, a bright Saturday afternoon and the ability to enjoy a U of M Football game either at home or in person with my 'Sparty' daughter and 113,000 of my closest friends. PRICELESS - GOBLUE!


I love that my library encourages patrons to interact with new devices and new ideas. I just took a class taught by a 14 year-old artist and I learned to paint using my electronic tablet. Right there in my library!


I love reading. Library books provide a source for reading for everyone.


I love to read more than anything in the world. My closet has approximately 300 books in it, nearly all of which I've read. Doesn't matter what it is. Horror. Sci-fi. Fantasy. Manga. Comics. Biographies. Classics. Video game guidebooks. I read 'em all!


I love going to the library so much that I walk two miles to and back, mostly for the computer anymore, but I do check out books as well. Sometimes I feel like a modern day belle from Beauty and the Beast.


I'm a songwriter. I study songwriting. I teach songwriting. I blog about songwriting. I've put thousands of hours into learning how to write great songs. I pay special attention to well-crafted lyrics. I get frustrated when I hear songs that fall short of their potential by ineffectively breaking the rules, especially in my own genre, which is children's music. Am I the only one who cares? I'm such a songwriting geek!


I love the library! So many choices, so little time. Fiction, fantasy, mystery, love stories and more! There is nothing better than browsing the shelves for a good book to read.


I am five years old and I want to be a princess when I grow up.


Every since I was a toddler and the basketball was placed in my hands, the passion for the sport as well as the history has been apart of me. I love basketball! It's my life outside of my life.


I have always loved horses since I was little. Growing up with them was always a plus. One day soon in the future, I hope to own a couple and set up a place that I can allow children with autism come out and ride.


The Bible is the greatest love story ever! It is a codex of 66 Books that contain the Word of God. It enables us to have an initmate relationship with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. It lets us 'know' God. It reveals the will of God; it shows us how to live; it teaches us how to be ensured of our eternal destimy. It is clear on our choices and tells us the path to follow.

Through the Bible, I have come to love, because I am loved, God and Jesus. I have learned to rely on the Holy Spirit for guidamce, direction, wisdom, discernment. I have learned how to live a Christ-like life. The Bible is my sword and I do battle with it. Not violent battle, I battle for souls to come to know God. Jesus Christ was never violent. And true Christianity is the only relationship that exists (not a religion) in which God Himself came and died for sinners. No other 'religion' can claim that. God dwelt with us and seeks to do so again in eternity. I know my choice. How about you?


I love reading about action of any kind. I also enjoy art, so yeah, I enjoy a good graphic novel. I also love a great mystery, but there are weeks I could read 15 without blinking an eye, so without the library I would be broker than a joker.


I grew a birdhouse gourd from seed a couple of years ago, which has since led me down the road into a fully-fledged obsession for painting gourds to make birdhouses, candle holders, vases, bowls...our living room is a plethora of bright colours, tools waiting to be put away, gourds lining the back of the sofa. My hubby says it serves him right for not buying me a television.


I am a self taught drummer and love learning about drums and percussion instruments from different cultures and times from all over this big blue rock we call home.


I'm a bookworm. I love books! But I really geek out when it comes to historical fiction. My library supports my geek!


Some books are hard to find in stores. Books that very few people still read, books from a time when people were still figuring out what a novel was, when they were still arguing about whether novels could be a respectable art form. Told from multiple points of view, overlapping with alternate voices and blending together to tell a story. The stories remind me of the way we share our lives today online in posts and comments and the context reminds me of where TV is today.


Three years ago our family went to a local art show. K9 Stray Rescue League had a small pen with three puppies available for adoption. After 4-5 passes of this kennel and we came home with a little black dog who we promptly name Pablo Picasso. Pablo has been a joy and is part of family! Thank you K9 Rescue!


My first job was at a public library, but even before then, I was a geek about the library. One of my first memories is of my dad and I going to the library together. I thank him for instilling in me my love of reading.


If I can dream it, I will make it. That's anything from do it yourself furniture to creating my own spin on a recipe I have seen before. Arts, crafts and food are my passions, and they are truly blank canvases that I can create the world on!


I geek basketball


I made a change in my life about three months ago to get fit and healthy. I decided to take a vegan lifestyle from a friends challenge to try it for 21 days. I have found I have more energy and overall feel good. I have fun with new recipes and foods. Cooking at home is fun and my wife has fun with cooking vegan dishes for me even though she hasn’t embraced the lifestyle, but occasionally eats a meal with me.


I grew up on a farm picking tomatoes warm from the vine, and I never realized that not everyone had the luxury of home grown produce. After reading a few of the Locavore books, I really began to think about were my food came from. I now buy fruits and vegetables in season. I spend weekends canning and freezing with my family and have enjoyed rediscovering my country roots.


I love the happy ever after endings of love novels!


I discovered archery. It was just so mentally calming and physically active that it amazed me. With a bow in my hands, my arms are strained to keep my aim steady, my eyes and mind are so fixated on the target that all other thoughts just quiet and stop. I just breathe and everything is released on the bulls-eye.


I LOVE the Redwall series! Brian Jacques is an absolute artist with his novels. I'm currently on Loamhedge, and I hope to read them all! It saddens me to think that there won't be any future Redwall books.


I have worked exclusively for libraries since graduating college. There is nothing better than helping patrons let their geek flags fly! I personally geek downloadable audiobooks. They make commutes, waiting rooms and even scrubbing the bathtub something to look forward to!


When I was in elementary school, my second grade teacher read a fiction book based on the life of Clara Barton and I was hooked. I love history and any story connected with history.


I decided to write a book. I've been at it for a year now, but the library is the best place to go to find what I need to make the story I am writing come alive.


I love old classic Hollywood movies. This started from going to the library and renting classic movies on a weekly basis. This love expanded by going to the library and reading about the history of Hollywood and biographies of my favorite actors. No matter where I am in my life, I can always take comfort in my favorite golden-age of Hollywood movies.


A good book and a cup of tea are the perfect way to take a break or end my day. My library feeds my need to read and keeps my imagination going.


My love of mysteries started innocently enough, with The Bobbsey Twins and Nancy Drew. Soon I graduated to Agatha Christie.


I read Pride & Prejudice every year. And then I re-read Emma every couple years. And then Mansfield Park.... Every time I get through a Jane Austen book, I am so incredibly pleased about the happy ending, it makes my life seem better than it is.


My grandmother tatted, but didn't pass on the craft. With the help of my library, I've learned to tat and found uses for the tatting that grandma never thought of.


The scenery just takes your breath away! State parks have awesome trails, cabins and campsites and national parks are like the Holy Grail. Thank goodness they are there for our enjoyment! If you haven't been....give yourself a gift and go enjoy the day!


Coaching quiz bowl is what I geek the most. I can find all I need using the library services—books, research staff and the Internet.


Reading a fantasy book was my doorway to another world. It felt like I was leaving this life for another. I wish I really could do that!


Perhaps it started when I was a baby, or maybe when I was three, but I've always had a passion for reading, the printed word. My dad would read to me every night, give me books, try to expand my knowledge. There was no expense too high for a new book.

I don't know exactly when I fell in love with writing; in fact, I used to be terrible at it. But I guess it was just in God's will. I have no doubt this is what He's called me to do, and I praise and thank Him for it every day. He has blessed me tremendously. My love for movies has been emanate since I was little, and it has grown into a passion I could never replace. Movies are captured dreams, as pointed out in The Invention of Hugo Cabret and the movie Hugo. They have a special, irreplaceable space in my heart. I'm Hannah, and this is what I GEEK.


I've also wanted to design a house and the make the space seem realer than real with color and patterns.


When I was a teenager, I remember my best friends were really good at drawing, and I thought they drew fantastic pictures. Their styles were leaning more towards the Japanese comic book styles of manga and when I think of Japan. I think of my friends, even now, while I am learning the language through self teaching. My motivation to geeking Japan will always start with their art, the gateway to their culture, which led to me knowing how much I love learning about their customs and religion. I also enjoy their food, always a big one. I geek japan.


I don't know if it was laying on the lawn with my dad and looking at airplanes in the night sky or counting shooting stars with a cousin at a camp out, but the far reaches of the galaxy have always fascinated me. I love the nebulae, the messier galaxies, the strange and beautiful retina-like explosion of a dying star. Libraries gave me my first insight into the science of space—their magazine racks fed my obsession and fueled my learning.


Ever since I was little, I've loved to do art. Someday I hope to be an artist.


There is so much to learn! I'm not just talking about knowledge. I am speaking of learning the joys of old British television, the problem solving challenge of popular fiction law, the emotional awakening of a new independent film, the diet changes involved in living naturally, and the wisdom of old philosophers. Learning is joy.


Traveling introduces you to different people, places and things! Exposure is the most valuable education you can get.


Four years ago, a fellow librarian dragged me (kicking and screaming) to a workshop for librarians. The workshop provided information about developing after school programs based on space science. We've been providing programs at our library each year since that first reluctant encounter four years ago. Now I love it. It does my geeky heart good to hear one of our participants tell someone "That's the library lady and she lets us set off ROCKETS at the library!"


I don't know what I'd do without Manga and Anime. They're the only things that I love and am truly passionate about. I don't have much money to buy Manga, but thanks to the library, I can still read it.


When I was six years old, I took a book, crawled under a chair in the living room and read that book cover to cover without interruption. When I finished, I looked up at the big clock on the wall and saw I finished Charlotte's Web in less than an hour. I was hooked. From then on, I would devour books. Even now, decades letter, I sometimes forego everything else —dishes, laundry, phone calls—to finish a book.

Reading has always been a huge part of my life and I cannot imagine a day without a book or a story. Growing up, the public library was my source for books and I checked them out in multiples. Without that incredible resource, I never would have discovered Stephen King, Jane Austin or Judy Blume, to name only a few. I still feel safe and secure in the library, surrounded by so many familiar and new authors. The library is such a great place!


For as long as I can remember, going back into early childhood, I've been a hopeless History Geeker. My father had a set of Time Life books on WWII that contained many pictures. I can remember looking through them around the age of eight. Since then, my interest has only grown, even majoring in it at LSU.

I devour books on history, from the crowning of Charlemagne to China's Cultural Revolution; from Herodotus to Ambrose. My personal library grows almost weekly while the EBR Library is my go to stop to discover the value of a book before adding to my collection. Often, I'll read a book from the EBR Library cover to cover and then buy the book to add to my own library. 'm a proud and unrepentant HISTORY GEEKER!


Because everybody needs a little adventure in their life.


Puppets have a magic way of connecting to children (and adults) of all ages. I began collecting them in 1980 to use with stories and library activities. I been geeking them ever since. A friend just gave me the best 'there was an old lady' puppet that I have ever seen! She found it at a garage sale for $2.00—wow! Puppets rock my world!


I love to read cookbooks, especially cookbooks about international cuisine or historic cookbooks—sod house cooking, German cuisine, Indian-fusion. It's a fascinating snapshot into a particular time and place, into the lives of real people.


I enjoy collecting a variety of different figurines and models. Also, I enjoy a variety of media entertainment.


My freshman year at Chattahoochee County High School I joined the soccer team, not thinking that I could make it. At the end of the soccer season, I left making history as the first freshman to make a goal ever at the first game. I TRULY GEEK SOCCER!


I geek Edward Gorey. He inspired Tim Burton's dark macabre style. He is a rocking philosopher to boot!


I read books on how it's made, how it's affected history, those who make it and those who drink it. I read books of recipes, and books about the individual parts that make the beer, books on the hops, grain and machinery used to make it. If it has to do with beer, I read it. Respect beer. Drink responsibly.


Ever since I was small, I loved stories about transformation of the human to animal or animal to human in either body or spirit. My first introduction was through Native American and Greek text. Libraries opened a whole new world for me back then. Now that I work in a library, I can ILL its literature, poetry and art if we don't carry it.


I am retired and have read over 1,000 fiction books since March 2009 (on Kindle).


I cannot tell you how many times the public library has helped me provide enough books for my new readers to use. If I am teaching a certain theme, I search, choose and gather numerous books to be used by my students for independent reading. I LOVE my public libraries!


I am a new children's librarian. I read a wide variety of both children's and YA literature. I love helping children and teens who don't like to read to find the one book that opens the door to reading for them.


As a self empowerment coach, I love helping people remember their inner strength. Helping them understand the concepts of positive and negative energies which they actually make use of every day of their lives, thereby effecting what they attract into their daily experiences.


Working wit the Virginia Employment Commission, out of the Alexandria local office, I am just one of the re-employment specialists who enjoys working with job seekers to help them get back to work. We do so by assisting with their resume, interviews skills and job search methods.


I'm a somewhat nerdy writer with a love of great stories of science-fiction and fantasy.


As a humane educator and therapy dog handler, I love everything dog-related. Reading about dogs offers an infinite number of great texts across the disciplines and in variety of categories--cognitive science, physiology and biology, anthropology, sociology, fiction, nonfiction and humor. From James Thurber to Alexandra Horowitz, there is something canine-related for every type of reader.


I am a recently retired librarian and I love reading stories about people who are involved with books.


I'm a popular science geek, and my library provides all the books and documentaries I can consume. Thanks to my library, I've been inspired to study science.


As a young adult, I find that it's important to understand what goes on around you and help shape the kind of world you want to live in.


I am a natural geek, meaning I geek out over all topics I find interesting! Technology, fashion, reading, science and TV shows are just a few things I obsessively geek about.


I recently recommitted myself to getting in shape. I've lost 25 pounds in the last two months, 55 since my heaviest, and I'm feeling better overall and better about myself every day.


My boyfriend introduced me to anime and manga—and now I geek them! My library is a great source of manga, comics and DVDs, etc. I love to borrow from the library—otherwise it would be an expensive hobby with all the manga titles out there!


I'm 11, but I still love it. It changed my life, literally. It has been my fav book forever and always will be. Go Harry Potter!


I'm the young adult librarian at The Emmet O'Neal LIbrary in Mountain Brook, Alabama.


I have been dancing since 1988! I love the music, movement, jingly belts, and fun with friends!


I'm one of the biggest RTS geeks out there. I play, learn, compete and review (even if only for friends and family) most major RTS games that come out, and many of the minor ones as well. I watch pro SC2 (and DOW2) religiously, and write a regular column for RTS news site


Pas de change and pirouette!


I have always loved fashion. Fashion in itself is timeless and fluid. The clothes we wear express not only our status, but also our individualism. The clothes we wear tell the whole world who you are and what YOU want in life. I'm taking my love of fashion and the industry with me through college and into my adult life, being an Apparel Textile Merchandising major at EMU. Remember, fashion is a lifestyle. How you live it is your choice.


I love vamps. Can you keep a secret? I'm a vampire.


I grew up watching movies about witches, vampires, werewolves and other things along those lines, so when I was old enough, I started to read about them and writing about them. In time, I plan to get my stories published.


I have always loved taking things apart as a kid. I learned quickly they are much more difficult to put back together with all of the parts. I'm 18, still in high school, and my dream job is to become an engineer that designs cars. I'm starting by job shadowing at MEC.


When I was a little kid (2-6 yrs), I was put in time-out A LOT. So to keep myself interested, I read. And my parents agreed not to take books from me. I got over-smart. I corrected my kindergarten teacher, and by the time I was seven, I was reading Harry Potter and Eragon. Recently, I've been trying to write as much as possible and I think I'm getting good!


Tattoos are awesome.


I have been playing soccer for 12 years and I don't know what I would do without it. It's my passion and I hope to play in college and in my adult life.