Librarians Get Their Geek On

Yes, librarians geek, too. See what they are passionate about and why they think the public library is a vital community resource. Are you a librarian? Tell us what you geek.

Librarians care about you and your community. They help you explore what you geek and improve the place where you live. And this passion goes well beyond the library walls.


Middle grade is the time to make life-long readers! Most of the books in this level are interesting, multifaceted, and teach lessons for life. They're usually great for adults too.

Hannah is a librarian from Tennessee.


I'm a librarian in Austin, Texas. There's nothing more thrilling than traveling to a different country and expanding my view of the world around me.

Lela is a librarian from Texas.


I am a librarian in a new built university library. I love working there because it is always full of young students, young parents with their children, also people interested in reading. I love the atmosphere at my work, and my favourite part is the communication to the visitors, no matter if they are students or just visitors.

Lina is a librarian from Lithuania.


There are few things better than sharing books, songs, puppets and silliness with kids. I get to open up new worlds for toddlers, preschoolers, their parents and caregivers. It is a beautiful thing to see a room full of adults reading with their children before the program starts. I have the best job ever.

Ann is a librarian from Texas.


I am the Director of the Greenwood-Leflore Public Library System in Greenwood, Mississippi. Libraries have always been part of my life, even before I decided to become a library director. I am a passionate librarian who loves to help people find the information and resources they need.

Jenniffer is a librarian from Mississippi.


I love when a patron comes up with a research question and is amazed by how much cool material we find together. It feels great when a patron starts to realize how much we offer and how much easier and richer we can make their lives.

Christina is a librarian from California.


I love working with teenagers. They are some of the most underrepresented patrons in libraries. My teen group and I discuss everything from books to movies to politics to anime. The scope of what they are passionate about gives me great hope for the future. Especially since they are equally passionate about their library.

Jenelle is a librarian from Ohio.


I am a biking librarian who commutes by bike to my job at a community college in Nashville, Tennessee. I am trying to get Bicycool Bicycle Ride going in Nashville to all the public library branches. The movement started in Poland in 2007 to show that it is cool to read books and ride bikes. My passion is being a librarian.

Sally is a librarian in Tennessee.


There's nothing better than reading a great picture book to a group of children, and watching them experience the magic of a book I love for the very first time.

Lindsay is a librarian from Wisconsin.


Anytime I can go the extra mile for a patron it makes my day. It might be ordering a book for them rather than ILL, showing them some trick on their Smartphone or just giving them a free copy. It is amazing what a little one-on-one attention can do for connecting our community to the library and the library to the community!

Mindy is a librarian from California.


We love our work as librarians; our passions are Lego and technology. We try to join our passions by proposing programming courses for digital natives in our libraries.

Cristina and Debora are librarians from Italy.


I love finding that one piece of elusive information that a patron has been searching for.

Angella is a librarian from Pennsylvania.


I have so many passions: from dystopias to cookbooks! What I love most is helping visitors to my Library pursue their passions...I love to see someone come to the Library with enthusiasm, it makes my day!

Arielle is a librarian from Wisconsin.


There is no better feeling in the world than finding a book for that kid who "hates reading". When they come back to the library and say, "Miss G! I finished that book! Do you have anything else like it?" I want to jump up and down and throw a party.

Emily is a librarian from Iowa.


I love anything fantastical - unicorns, mermaids, dragons. I am an Adult Services Librarian and love exploring new avenues of fiction for my library!

Jess is a librarian from Michigan


I love nonfiction for kids of all ages. Nonfiction that is geared toward children is sometimes the best information out there. Easy to understand, larger print, better photos or illustrations. Most children's nonfiction is direct and to the point as it's purpose is often a teaching tool. What's not to love about easy to understand?

Cheryll is a librarian from Vermont.


I've been a huge Harry Potter fan for a little over a decade now. When I started working at my local library a year ago I made it my special mission to get as many kids or adults into Harry Potter as I could. So far I've been pretty successful!

Christine is a librarian from Connecticut.


I love eBook technology. It's an emerging field, full of undiscovered uses, and I love being on the frontier of technology and books, fighting for the rights of library users. Most of all, I love the look of wonder (not confusion!) and excitement that people get after learning how to access this expanding territory.

Curtis is a librarian from California.


I love that my library welcomes people from every demographic: the homeless, the elderly, babies, toddlers, children, rambunctious teens, the illiterate, the English language learner, the community organizer, the mayor, etc. How many other places in your area build community like your local public library?

Deborah is a librarian from Utah.


I love young adult literature! Who says I have to only read adult lit, when YA is just as exciting. Plus, I always have something to recommend to kids who are being forced to read or just aren't sure where to start!

Kelsey is a librarian from New Mexico.


When my husband was deployed, World of Warcraft was the easiest way for us to communicate. Little did I realize how much the game would suck me in! I was able to really connect with our teenage patrons that played the game or were interested in any MMORPG. This was an excellent way for me to communicate with other people and allow me to connect with another level of customers.

The library can help support the broadening of young minds by engaging with them on some level. World of Warcraft is much more than a computer game, it is a learning opportunity on a multitude of levels. I just wish I could have a few designated computers for customers to play at my library just so they could enjoy it is as much as I do.

Angie is a librarian from Maryland.


I love making connections—connecting patrons with the right book, activity, skill or piece of information; I love them connecting with me—hugs from my storytime toddlers, the 'you came to my school' exclamations from students who recognize me from my visits to their classrooms, the sincere grateful comments from the classroom teachers for providing the extra help with their units of study, the parents and patrons who return year after year to their library trusting that we will be here to answer their questions and fulfill their needs. I love connecting with books—those moments when the right word, phrase or book just speaks to the inner me. As E.M. Forester once wrote 'Only connect.'

Linda is a librarian from Michigan.


Our library has a startling lack of books dealing with mythology, and having a background in anthropology, I find that reading books on past gods and the people that worshipped them helps us understand our own current state of religion better. Get some scope, as it were. I'm only a circulation clerk, but I'm hoping to bring a little more mythology into this place.

Elizabeth is a librarian from Alabama.


Our public library serves two counties for a combined total of over 33,000 residents. Since our urban and rural communities are heavily populated with people seeking jobs, I have a blast watching them come in and saying 'I need help on the computer to search for a job!' Not only do I get to help them find the job they are looking for, but also get to teach them computer skills that they will need to know when they hit the work force full force with their head up high.

Joey is a librarian from Texas.


I'm the librarian for my tiny fishing town on a remote island in far southeast Alaska. I stalk my patrons and whack them with books I know they'll enjoy. I read to their little ones and sing songs and do finger-plays during story time. I help people with computer questions and reference questions; I hunt down books and resources they need. I also write seriously scary (I'm told) novels set in Alaska both past and present....and my patrons love them.

Amy is a librarian from Alaska.


Kdrama or Korean drama is addictive. It teaches you a lot about the culture of South Korea at the same time and gives you another place to want to travel to. I got my nine-year-old niece so hooked into it that she stayed over two nights! Painless learning—it's what librarians are about, right?

Deirdre is a librarian from Ohio.


I am a librarian in a small town. I immensely enjoy helping our patrons find whatever they are looking for as well as suggesting other books that they may also enjoy. If we don't have it, I'll find it for them at another library and make sure they get the chance to have any book they desire at their fingertips!

Annen is a librarian from Ohio.


I am a librarian in a small town, but even though we are small, we serve a lot of people! It always makes my day to have someone come in with a question or a need. The coolest thing? Librarians aren't just in your library: they are online, too! I love helping people through virtual reference and the chat systems we provide.

Heather is a librarian from Delaware.


I am a librarian in a small rural town near the coast. This Saturday a portion of the library courtyard will be yarn bombed with five of the characters from Alice in Wonderland, including Alice falling down the hole.

Linda is a librarian from South Carolina.


I am a small town library director and our school sports are what I geek because that is all I know. After all, I am in Indiana and it is basketball season. Having three boys means nothing but the hardwoods right now!

Julie is a librarian from Indiana.


I am a public library director in a small town. I am obsessed with Weimaraners (dogs). I've ordered all of William Wegman's children's books which feature this breed of dog. I love showing these books to children and their parents when they visit our children's department. The children's librarian and I both have Weimaraners, so we particularly love the books and the reaction on children's faces when they read them.

Morgan is a librarian from Alabama.


I am an assistant librarian (also in library school!) at a culinary school. Most of our students have been laid off of their jobs and are starting new careers. They have no computer training and have limited experience writing papers. It is very rewarding to see how much they grow in their first couple terms in school. They show in their presentations their passion for food and realize how being a chef is more than cooking. Our library has become a hub for activity and where students know they can ask any and all questions.

Misty is a librarian from Indiana.


I am not strictly a children's librarian, but I totally geek story time for kids at the library. It gets kids excited about reading and it's fun for them. Plus, the more animated you are in your storytelling, the more fun you have.

Jessica is a librarian from New York.


I am a high school librarian, so keeping up with what's new in young adult literature is a full-time job. Having an animated conversation about a novel with a teenager is such a joy, only second to being able to recommend a title that ignites a spark in a reluctant reader.

The saddest part of my job is when I have to tell a young reader that we won't be able to get that hot new novel for him/her because we have a budget of $0. Thank goodness for our local public library!

Theressa is a librarian from Washington.


I work at a small library that sits on the bluff of Lake Michigan. I geek helping the summer crowd of tourists learn about our town and utilize our resources. I also geek local history. Working in a small town library allows the opportunity for getting to know our older patrons and the past!

Claire is a librarian from Michigan.


I'm an archivist in a major historical society library and I want things to last for future generations. Libraries are the guardians of our collective memory and provide fuel for our cultural engines.

Shawna is a librarian from Oregon.


I'm a librarian, so everyone knows that I love books. However, films are another passion of mine, and without the library, I would not be able to watch as many amazing foreign, independent and classic films (all with no monthly access fee)!

Chirstie is a librarian from Virginia.


I am a teen librarian and recently we started doing a "Random Acts of Kindness" program that has taken off in popularity with the teens here. At first we were going out and helping the elderly, carrying groceries, etc...but it has quickly turned in to a community clean-up project. We have since planted trees, cleaned up parks and highways, and had a terrific time doing it. And my groups keep growing bigger with each program! Love it!

Annie is a librarian from Indiana.


I don't have my MLS, but I have worked in libraries for more than half my life and I geek crafts. I am self taught in two (almost three) crafts, using books from the public library! I love helping people use the library to embrace their inner geek!

Sharon is a librarian from Nebraska.


I'm not trained as a librarian, but as an art teacher and in nonprofit management, but working in the library totally suits me! I can always find books that fit my interests and I enjoy helping patrons find what fits theirs.

Michele is a librarian from Indiana.


Sublime brevity

with seventeen syllables

I paint a picture

Kim is a librarian from Victoria, Australia.


I am a Young Adult Librarian. I love challenging the public's stereotype of the 'typical' librarian. People see my tattoos (one dozen at last count) and would never assume that I am a librarian. Once people take a closer look, they see many of my tattoos are literary (including Don't Panic because I also geek Sci-Fi). I love using my tattoos to make book recommendations to teens.

Sandy is a librarian from Florida.


And ninjas. And maybe ninja cookies (how awesome would that be?). I've taught myself how to bake and decorate elaborate sugar cookies...all from books I got at the library. My obsession has taken on mythic proportions and I'll now be teaching a cookie decorating workshop at another library this fall. Who knows, there may even be geek cookies involved.

Christi is a librarian from Massachusetts.


Our need for library support is extremely crucial as we librarians strive to thoroughly promote the importance of constant curiosity and life-long learning. Learning does not end in the classroom and we need a place to retreat to freely explore and spark our curiosities as well as our needs for job searches, computer knowledge and free materials. The importance of libraries will never cease!

Hannah is a librarian from Indiana.


I manage a library that is also an environmental learning center. We check out science and nature books, teach children and adults about nature around our library which sits next to a 400-acre lake in a 1,500-acre park. Exploring nature is my geeky thing and learning more about nature through books is a great way for me to learn even more!

Craig is a librarian from Kansas.


The Batesville Memorial Public Library in Indiana is one of the original "40 Galileos" that received a grant for a telescope through the Cincinnati Observatory's 40 Galileos: Starry Messenger Project in 2009. We take our telescope to fairs, concerts, and other area events for the public to view the heavens for free.

Michael is a librarian from Indiana.


As a librarian at a university in Georgia, I collaborate with lots of people to make sure we have the information resources we need in our library...books, journals, databases, videos, etc. This is a challenge because of the level of state funding our institution receives. As enrollment grows, prices grow (lots of e-resources are priced according to enrollment), but our budget doesn't. Thankfully our administration does its best to supplement our budget with other revenues, but we still have to deal with canceling subscriptions to balance the budget, even while we're growing new doctoral programs.

Jonathan is a librarian from Georgia.


How important is massage therapy? How important is a library to massage therapy?

I took over a library in 2008 that was just a 4x8 box open a few days a week for half an hour. With zero budget and a whole lot of duct tape, that library is now in a 21x24 room with over 2,000 items listed in the online catalog; a library with more unique titles than the five University of Washington libraries, all King County libraries and the Seattle Public Library combined. Last year, the library obtained an agreement to offer the complete male/female data set of the National Library of Medicine's Visible Human Project. This year, the library's application was approved to be a member of the National Library of Medicine's network (5,000+ strong nationally).

But how important is a library to massage therapy? Did you know that massage therapists are the third most licensed healthcare professionals in Washington State? A profession without a repository of their great works can expect only a consolation prize—a museum exhibit next to other long dead historical figures.

That's their library in a nutshell. The Grotto Library of Cortiva Institute—Seattle.

Kenneth is a librarian from Washington.


I love trying new recipes and spending time in the kitchen. When the food is prepared, I also enjoy arranging it on a plate and laying it out for others to enjoy. Presentation is everything! Many of my new dishes come from cookbooks that I have checked out from my library ... when a new order of books comes in, it is so much fun to see all the new things, but I especially love the new cookbooks!

Danielle is a librarian from Michigan.


I geek small libraries! I've worked at two small libraries (Base Library in Wyoming and Village Library in Vandenberg Village in Lompoc, California) and don't want to go large. Working at a small library you get to try out every area of library work...if one task starts to feel monotonous there are plenty of other tasks to switch to and attack! I geek patrons' stories and enthusiasm for libraries.

I geek dogs ... I read all the dog-related books (except horror stories) in my library & place holds for new books along the Central Coast. I'm currently reading about shelter dogs, dog massage, Oogy, The Lost Dogs, First Lady of the Seeing Eye, and various Children's books including I Am the Dog. I fell in love with dogs and dog adoption after adopting my awesome dog Barkley who adores story time and being part of any library event.

I geek Christian fiction ... so nice to relax on a positive note. My favorite authors: Gilbert Morris, Terri Blackstock, Dee Henderson, Deeanne Gist, Janette Oke. It's exciting for me that my patrons keep asking for more Christian fiction as well!

Lara is a librarian from California.


I love to use the latest technology in the library, showing students and teachers what's out there, and how to use it in school. Wikis, tweets, blogs, podcasts, texts ... it's all useful for learning when you do it right!

Tara is a librarian from New York.


Being in an intermediate elementary school library, I love when I can help a student find that one book that turns out to be the perfect book. When they come back, they can't wait to tell me how great it was and will often inspire other students to also read it. The enthusiasm is contagious!

Meredith is a librarian from New York.


I love being a librarian because every day people teach me about what they know and then I teach them how to find out more.

Heather is a librarian from Canada.


I am a medical librarian and hospital archivist at work. When I volunteer, I am president of my daughter's synchronized swimming team and trustee at my local public library. I geek health information, nursing theory, performance improvement, review articles and evidence-based medicine at work. I geek synchronized swimming, theatre, baseball, lacrosse, literature, recipes, grants and anything that helps my volunteering at home and beyond.

Mary is a librarian from New York and Connecticut.


I'm director of a small town library where we try all we can to support our community and meet its needs. We provide daily afterschool programs including free tutoring. I love getting people excited about books and helping patrons figure out how to use computers.

Mary is a librarian from West Virginia.


Like most librarians I have met, I have a wide range of interests, and it doesn't bother me that they don't always seem to go together. In addition to my MLIS, I have a BA in English Literature as well as classical languages. While I love the classics, I also adore science fiction and fantasy. Growing up my library had the tiniest sci fi section, and I just read it all up. I always thought: 'If I ever work in a library, they will have a much bigger and better sci fi fantasy section'—and we do. I'm into TV and movies in the same genre, and someday I will go to one of the big sci fi fantasy conventions.

Stephanie is a librarian from New Jersey.


I have never thought I would find a job so perfectly suited for my geekness. I'm a youth services librarian in a small rural library. I get to read books to children, do fun crafts, sing songs, do silly rhymes, perform finger-plays, play with puppets, talk with kids of all ages, play video games, dress up, take the teens to lunch, watch movies, go to the swimming pool, recommend books, and just share my knowledge and gain knowledge from those around me. It's a geek-worthy job and when my Zoology knowledge comes in handy it makes me geek-happy! What more could this scientist geek turned librarian geek want?

Robin is a librarian from Colorado.


I've always loved stories of all kinds, but lately I've been drawn to those writers and artists who use language in new and inventive ways. The library allows me to explore language in so many ways, whether it's by reading a fantasy novel full of invented words or a history of the English tongue. Being surrounded by books all day is great, but it takes a lot of self-control not to spend all my time browsing and reading for pleasure!

Meagen is a librarian from Wisconsin.


My name is Laura and I geek civic engagement and writing. In addition to being a reference librarian I also have the task of providing programs for adults at our Central Library. As a member of Iowa Partners in Learning, a volunteer coalition which supports public deliberation in Iowa, I have had the opportunity to have National Issues Forums at the Central Library. One was on democracy and another on the healthcare system in which we partnered with the Hoover Presidential Library. In October 2008, I was a co-presenter at the NCDD (National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation) conference in Austin, Texas. Our presentation was on the importance of libraries in promoting civic engagement in our communities. This event generated interest from all over the United States.

Libraries are not just for books. They have become an important social aspect in our communities. When someone loses a job, they don’t have the money to pay for Internet service. The library is where many people are turning for job seeking online.

Not everyone is a reader. The library provides a wide variety of audio books. One of the programs I started at the library in collaboration with the Drake University Adult Literacy Center is called, “Literacy in a Different Way.” We bring readers and non-readers together to talk about books that may also be available as audio books. The idea is to encourage an interest in literature regardless of the format. One new reader was so excited she checked out the large print book and the unabridged audio book and followed along to help improve her reading skills. Working in a library is also a great atmosphere for someone who geeks learning. Another program that has attracted many people from the community is a free writers’ workshop which meets once a month. We average about 15-20 members each month. You could say I also geek being a librarian.

Laura is a librarian from Iowa.


Everything at just about every reading level ... there are so many different things to read in children's, young adult and adult. I will read anything once if the writing's good. It makes it easier to share with partons and suggest authors when I am asked 'What are you reading?'

Kamaria is a librarian from New York.


I geek just about everything from time to time and that's one of the many reasons I love working in a public library. Whether I feel like reading, listening to music, exploring local history, knitting and crafting, or just surfing the Internet for great blogs, my local library has everything I need to make it happen.

Amanda is a librarian from Massachusetts.


I've been obsessed with knitting for much longer than I've been a librarian, but now that I'm at a library every day, I have amazing knitting books right at my finger tips. Checking out books from my library has provided me with gorgeous patterns and I've learned lots of new techniques.

Anny is a librarian from Pennsylvania.


I read Bob Villa's book about how to purchase a house just before I purchased my home ten years ago. Today, my mortgage is paid off, thanks to some luck and good advice from a trusted source!

Caroline is a librarian from Georgia.


I geek trivial information. For instance, I learned this past summer that wombats poop square poop in drought conditions and that Madagascar hissing cockroaches hiss as a result of holes in their sides. When they get startled, they gasp and the air is forced out through the holes in their sides, thus producing the hissing sound.

Mary Louise is a librarian from New Jersey.




I absolutely love music...all kinds. It helps me unwind after a hectic day or get pumped up for a big event. I also love to listen to live music. It is a true art to be able to make that kind of music in my eyes.

Molly is a librarian from Indiana.


I'm a history major and I love it! I love learning about Asia and Medieval Europe the most. And recently I have taken an interest in American historical architecture.

Danielle is a librarian from Indiana.


It's a lot of fun looking for ancestors, my own, as well as helping others research theirs.

Charlene is a librarian from Indiana.



I love this campaign and the possibilities it brings. I love any new program and new ideas that come my way, so this is right up my alley!

Janet is a librarian from Indiana.


I geek a lot of things, but it can all be summed up by saying that I geek the hidden arts. gardens, cooking, fabrics and textiles, fashion history, theater, writing, music styles, architecture, travel, history, nature and health. The list could go on and on. I always love to learn new things and be creative in how I use them.

Katharine is a librarian from Indiana.


I love feasting on my fresh herbs from my herb garden. The herbs smell so good and really add to the flavor of any food I am preparing. Herbs are the spice of life.

Judy is a librarian from Indiana.


Art quilts are a wonderful combination of the technique and traditions of quilt making in the past for covers of warmth and beauty on family beds, and the inspiration of artists today who choose this form to create their art for display on gallery walls. I love looking at art quilts, reading about them and even my small attempts to make them.

Mary Lou is a librarian from Indiana.


I love collecting old hand-embroidered, appliqued, hand-embellished handkerchiefs. No one does this anymore and they are beautiful (and they store easily, as well).

Jeannette is a librarian from New Mexico.



I geek Montana and all things natural.

Jennie is a librarian from Montana.


I'm a youth and family librarian at Statesboro Regional Library. I love books and music. I think libraries rock!

Elaine is a librarian from Georgia.


Pets give us the kind of unconditional love that no one else is able. They depend on us, support us, and always forgive us. My pets make my home a home.

Malissa is a librarian from Indiana.


I love books and the worlds that they open. Every child that loves to read, is a blessed child!

Maike is a librarian from Georgia.


I geek book and paper art because books and paper are still the best way to preserve and carry accumulated knowledge and culture from age to age. Without books and paper, electronics and computers would never have been invented. I marvel constantly at the different way books can be made, marked and transformed.

Steve is a librarian from Indiana.


I love Louisiana cultural info (since I am not a native). It has such a rich and colorful history. I love a good mystery and stories about strong women. Like me. Anything that helps me learn more about this crazy world of ours. A library job is a dream come true! If I don't have at least four books going, I am lost!

Kate is a librarian from Louisiana.


Karla is a librarian from Iowa.


I read at least seven magazines each month...most of them about fishing. In fact, I think of fishing year round. Fishing, like reading, is sort of cerebral. It helps you visualize what you are doing or thinking.

Ron is a librarian from Iowa.


I have been an avid reader since I was a child and used to hide in my closet at night in order to stay up and finish reading my books. My mom learned to walk all the way into my room to see if my closet light was still on which meant that I was still up reading, at which point she would make me go to sleep. I still stay up all hours if there is a good book to finish, but now I am a children's librarian in Kent, Ohio and get paid to read!

My grandmother managed a bookstore while I was growing up, so she was my 'dealer' and kept me supplied with a steady stream of fiction. I was, naturally, an English major in college. I graduated from Kenyon College which is known for its English program—so more reading. I now read at least three books a week, mainly J and YA Fiction for work so I can recommend books to my patrons. I love that I get to talk about books all day at work and share my love of reading with others. So, as long as I have a stack of books beside my bed, life is good. I geek the library both personally and professionally and hope to someday be on an awards committee or review books for a journal. Nancy Pearl is my idol!

Sarah is a librarian from Ohio.


I love looking at tattoo books and magazines, trying to be sly while staring at other people's tattoos, and planning my next tattoo. I wish I was a better artist, so I could have two jobs: librarian by day, tattoo artist by night.

Erika is a librarian from North Carolina.


My name is Chris and I geek sand. I have dozens of samples from places I've been, and my friends also add to my collection. I keep them in old, pretty or unusual bottles, especially old perfume bottles which I also geek!

Christine is a librarian from Delaware.


I love to read. Anything. Books, magazines, Web sites, billboards, t-shirts, the ingredients labels on toothpaste, grafitti. Really. Anything. No wonder I became a librarian!

Amy is a librarian from Tennessee.


I geek when I am in the library stacks, whether it be shelving, searching, shifting, name it! Surrounded by all those books is, well, heaven.

Laura is a librarian from Massachusetts.


I love teaching, I love technology and I'm seldom so thrilled as when I can combine the two.

Maggie is a librarian from Pennsylvania.


Librarian by day, thespian by night, theatre is my lifeblood. I love the different facets and that you can never truly master every aspect—if you act well, chances are you have more to learn about being on a run crew, or making costumes or directing. Or if comedy is your forte, there are hundreds of other genres ready to knock you down. Find me in the library around the 822s.

Jamie is a librarian from Illinois.


Not to be a complete librarian stereotype, but despite the fact that my library provides our community with an ever-increasing (and challenging) array of services, sharing my love for books has always been one of my favorite parts of my job.

Richard is a librarian from Georgia.


I geek visiting cemeteries and looking at the headstones, then running over to the local library to find info on the 'residents.' Really. Met some nice people that way.

Jeff is a librarian from Iowa.


I geek the fact that it is impossible to frown while playing a ukulele! I geek the multitude of varieties, shapes, sizes, builders, players, etc. I geek ukes because you can learn to play one in a few minutes, but you can spend a lifetime trying to master it. Collecting ukuleles can be almost as much fun as playing them too!

Chuck is a librarian from Georgia.


If you've never crocheted a little yarn animal, you haven't lived.

Jen is a librarian from Arizona.


I geek writing code and solving complex problems. I've written code that has increased patron's access to materials, improved internal communication and saved the library money.

Matt is a librarian from Ohio.


I work in very rural libraries in the north east of Washington State for The Libraries of Stevens County. And I even got to play some gigs for The Libraries as part of our Summer Reading Program this year as the theme is Express Yourself.

Clifford is a librarian from Washington.


The school is the largest employer in this small rural town and the library is the business center. Economic trends have lately forced libraries into roles that before had never been considered. In addition to assisting people with resumes, job searches and filing for unemployment, we help connect people with small jobs needing to be done to people who need work. It was incredibly gratifying when one woman who recently found several small jobs through the library said, "I paid my overdue power bill. I think I'm going to make it now." Yes, I geek community building!

Leslie is a librarian from Oklahoma.


My butterfly garden attracts hundreds of butterflies and I enjoy watching them and identifying them. Butterflies like color and don't mind weeds, so my garden is colorful and weedy! Hummingbirds like it too.

Wendy is a librarian from Iowa.


We do our own puppet shows sometimes at our library. It is not unusual for us to use unusual objects as puppets...potatoes, broccoli, eggplant, bananas, to name a few. Not necessarily organic.

Ann is a librarian from California.


I am energized by spending time with kids and teens. The young people at the Mitchellville Public Library keep me going and make my job more fun. My grandkids range from eight months to 19 years, how lucky can I get! And, if at times, I do get a little stressed nothing tastes better than some wonderful European chocolate.

Gisela is a librarian from Iowa.


I derive tremendous satisfaction from fixing ordinary things and extending their usage. One look at my tool bench and all of the various glues, lubricants, clamps and other sundry equipment tells the story. My favorite pastime while watching the tube is mending by hand. I geek repairing books here at the Waukee Library. Remake it, reuse it, make-do with it or do without it. Only buy it if you have to!

Becky is a librarian from Iowa.


I geek learning new skills, from technology to textile arts. Through their collections, workshops, and other offerings, public libraries allow me to be a lifelong learner. These days, you can find me in the 005-006 range of the stacks: I'm geeking learning accessible Web design.

Melissa is a librarian from Alabama.


I am an audiobook addict—I listen when driving, working out, cooking, cleaning and walking the dog. Audiobooks give me another way to consume more great books and my public library card is the ticket to free downloads right from my home computer. Now I can feed my audiobook habit 24/7 right from my library’s Web site. Online reserves and automatic 'returns' allow me to receive e-mail notification of wanted titles and no overdue fines. Library users can download audiobooks to their computer, MP3 player, iPod or cell phone—it’s sound literature to go. As one of my teen patrons claimed, “It’s like Netflix for books—but free!"

Mary is a librarian from Ohio.


I geek words. Reading words–on a page, a street sign, a laptop, a cereal box, a scrap of paper. Writing words–a list, a letter, an e-mail, a story, a rant. Simple words like dog, sky and shoe. Complex words like life, love and purpose. All words. All the time.

Pam is a librarian from Oregon.


I love watching these bright little birds gather at my bird feeder outside my living room window.

Kay is a librarian from Iowa.


The library helps fulfill my geeky need to read as many scifi novels and watch as many scifi movies as possible. Truly geeky!

Mandy is a librarian from Ohio.


I geek tattoos, reading fantasy and, depending on the day, our patrons. But most of all, I geek small libraries. We rule. I never understand how we can provide so much to so many for so little. Way to go small libraries.

Dee is a librarian from Iowa.


I love learning new things that I can then share with other people. I feel like a jack-of-all trades.

Kristelle is a librarian from Iowa.


I live for all those random pieces of information that seem to stick in my brain! Did you know that China only has one time zone? I love finding out odd facts and storing them for use later.

Elaine is a librarian from Iowa.


My name is Lisa and I geek the Big Band and Swing Era. When I was in high school, our band director took our jazz band to see Count Basie.

Lisa is a librarian from Maine.


My name is Carolyn and I geek weather. Growing up in Iowa, home of more F5 tornadoes than anywhere else in the U.S., I was naturally drawn to the skyline. On the farm, I loved nothing more than watching the approaching storms while my favorite dog went in search of a place to hide. At night, I would watch the lightning and listen for the accompanying thunder.

As an adult, I have driven around the Midwest in search of bad weather. My car is a testament to the impact of hailstones. When I see people standing on the side of the road looking off into the distance, I don’t think accident; I check the horizon for the funnel cloud. The rush I feel could be the wind, but it’s definitely the adrenaline.

Storm chasing saves lives and expands what little scientists know about tornadoes, and it makes for a great ice breaker at parties—especially after they know I am a librarian.

Carolyn is a librarian from Iowa.


My name is Margaret and I geek rubber-stamping. It’s all my colleague’s fault. When I was working a rotation at his branch library about 10 years ago he showed me his catalogue of stamps and had me assist in a children’s program in which they made cards with stamps. The trap was set.

Present day I have, well, more than hundreds of stamps plus the accoutrements one may use in the hobby. You would not believe the variety of stuff you can put on a card. Pop can tabs come to mind. I’ve heavily used the library’s collection of stamping and paper crafting books and put the Interlibrary Loan system to good use. I love learning all the new techniques.

Now I make all my greeting cards and have more fun than I can hardly stand. I can personalize them and use my unique sense of humor on people who actually appreciate it. I don’t just geek rubber-stamping, I am buried in it. And it’s mighty comfy down here.

Margaret is a librarian from Iowa.


My name is Carla and I geek wildflowers. My interest in the outdoors started during family campouts when I was a kid. You wouldn’t believe the number of pinecones I’ve collected over the years.

In college, I needed an extra science credit and a course on Iowa botany fit the bill—and my interests. But I really got going on seeking out wildflowers after taking an introduction to prairies hike back in the 1980s with a county parks naturalist. Since then, it is a regular activity to check each year on previously spotted specimens. In fact, in the spring, I can hardly wait to get started looking for the earliest flowers.

I also like to find new places to search for flowers and the library helps me with guidebooks on parks and hikes. And by looking at the plant identification guides at the library I can decide which ones I may want to purchase for my personal collection—since I’m always finding some plant I’ve never seen before.

When I was planning a vacation to Rocky Mountain National Park last summer, one of the first things I did was check the library for wildlife and hiking guides to the area. It was great to know what I should be looking for and where it might be found.

Carla is a librarian from Iowa.


My name is Sharen and I geek genealogy. It began when I was a child listening to my grandparent’s stories. By age 10, I was really interested in learning more about my family, but did not know how to go about doing it. My grandparents gave me an old family history published in 1931.

Later, I met a wonderful woman named Hallie at the library. She taught me many techniques for finding the facts about my family. Also, I attended many genealogy workshops, often at libraries. About 50 years after I first asked by other grandmother about her father, I found my elusive great grandfather at the library on a computer Web site. I was so excited. I floated on air for three days.

Sharen is a librarian in Georgia.